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by Jahanshah Javid
Following the example of other anniversaries in the past seven months, people are now reinterpreting and reclaiming 22 Bahman. Send in your designs to jj@iranian.com to be included in this album. Also see special page created on Facebook.

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Great Examples Of Democratic Government

by AlexInFlorida on


South Africa



Sri Lanka

I wonder how long a Democratic Government would last in Iran if it achieved the same level of results as any of these countries?

How many days before Iranians got on their hands and Knees begging for a Shah again?

Moral of story for those who know Iranians, Persians.

A King will be back in Iran one way or another,

either the nice way with a people who developed wisdom and a heart felt approach to life due to mollahs...

or the harsh way with a people who developed wisdom and a heart felt approach to life due to mollahs and even more democracy.


An Iranians Point Of View (explanation)

by AlexInFlorida on

What I meant, by the song is.. it may look as is the world moves slowly, but it moves very very fast... things are not as they seem, democracy and special interests that pay for 98% of all the money to elect candidates do NOT serve Human Rights. 

What democracies do best is lie and fool masses by taking advantage of their inexperience and naivete. Democratic Supporters are the most naive of all. 

They forget all the propaganda created by USA Democrats that the shah was a Megalomaniac, Tyrant, Dictator and the worst violator of human rights (and how that fooled a large part of Iranians/Naivete) to the point of inventing stories about shahs secret police... the Savaks activities...and what did these hypocrits do in vietnam in 1970's, afghanistan in the 1980's, in Rwanda in the 1990's, In Iraq/Abu Gharib in 2000. They showed us the inner workings of their Machievelli philosophy within democracy.

I asked one Democrat what they think improves human rights in the world and their answer was Democracy.  What a pity that this is the type of educated persons America creates.

By the way I also meant Alexander the great was a KING .. not kind.  oops

Long Live Idealism and Principals,

Long Live The Immortal Iranian Monarchy.


Point Of View

by AlexInFlorida on

I just saw the Reza Pahlavi poster I loved it.

I am 35 years old, a young child after the revolution and believe that Iranians would be able to serve themselves better with a Monarch, like the last Shah.

I prefer using Iranian peoples
Tax-Money to fill the pockets of one family, who never had to make speeches and promises to get his position, versus the pockets of many families playing politics and making speeches all the way to the bank.

Democracy as we can see in the USA is Changing one corrupt greedy
cog for another.  The average cost of being elected to a senate position is more than $25 million (multiply by 100) and for the presidency over $500 million per candidate (all this every 4 years).

Monarchy saves all these wasteful expenses, which all amount to one thing.  Elections in Deomcracies are bought, by those that are benefitting within them the most and its not the people. Yes you guessed it 98% of all US Campaign contributions were made by corporations that represent less than 0.01% of the USA population. 

Ray eh Mardomi is great for mullahs (bible belts), tudeh's (unions) and for a mafia thugs (wall street/organized crime/vegas) which is why it is working well in USA.  Which is why all these groups that truly respect corruption and personal greed promote it.  But tell me why support democracy when its real color is GREEN (money). 

I love the song "I like to believe things are as they seem, that planet earth moves slowy."

But they are not "thngs are never as they seem. Democracy is the Height of Man made Corruption.   

Iranians have learned so much from history.  After Defeating the "some what democratic" Roman Empire more than 9 times out of 12 wars we realzed our Monarchy can keep us safe against the strongest powers of the day.  Romes greatest achievement was 3 ties to Iran and even Alexander the greats victory over Iran "considering he was The Kind Alexander" serves to prove our point.  Monarchy is good.

Pahlavi's would easily win a free and open election in Iran.  Which is what democrats should want too, because they should accept the will of the people, but if they think they can create a republic without giving people a chance to vote in an open election without coercion or deceit overseen by the UN they are kidding themselves.  Iranians won't allow it. 

Iranians want every tax rial to be invested in the nation ! -- Not to the
pockets of some beverly hills demoocrat who feels as "President Elect" he is entitled to buy another bentley because he got the most votes and had the most corporations back him financially !!!!!!



by tabar on

I know what I want, so do you and other Iranians: a secular democracy.

Unfortunately monarchists will continue to come and say "that's just my opinion, we can discuss it later". You have your opinion but Iranians are fighting for a secular democracy.

However I agree with MM that if all human rights are protected then it doesn't matter what government we have, even Islamic gov or Monarchy. Of course we know that can't happen.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


We know what we want at least I know. It is written in the interim constitution. You have discussed it  and commented on it. That is one reason we needed it. Now nobody is able to say we don't know what we want. It may not be perfect but it is a hell of a lot better than IRR. 


demand implementation of human rights declaration, at minimum

by MM on

Iran is at historic cross-roads to morph into a different political system in the coming weeks/months.  The last time this happened, the people blindly gave the helms to the Mullahs which gave us the Islamic Republic constitution, a suppressive theocracy.  This time around, it is important to tell everyone what the people want and spread it as much as we can.

In my opinion, whether the people of Iran decide on a jomhoori, a republic, a secular democracy or a monarchy, the minimum we should demand is adherence of any new government to the human rights declaration.  Our King Cyrus was the first person in history to initiate a declaration of human rights and rights of nations, and after 2500 years, we are still waiting for full implementation of these laws in Iran. 

Such a shame.



by tabar on

In order for us to have a revolution we need to know what we WANT, not what we're against. We're all against the Islamic Republic obviously but what do we want after it?? Do we really want to make the same mistake as 30 years ago? I think that Iranians have already learnt from their mistakes and do not buy this monarchist propaganda.

Darius Kadivar

I'm worried people won't show up because of the Arrests

by Darius Kadivar on

Something makes me pessimistic. I hope that People will show up in great numbers for the World is looking at them right now.

If they chicken out ( understandibly) because of the level of violence, arrests and repression such as the executions, I am worried people won't show up as expected.

I hope I am wrong. All the more that it is probably the most important pretext for a public gathering.

Keeping my fingers crossed !


take down the regime then worry about jomhuri vs monarch

by seannewyork on

no one is talking about which type of regime and If you have read anything of Mr. Pahlavi he stands for a secular democracy and freedom for all.  even mr sazegara and him are on the same page.

I want a jomhuri but i 98% agree with what mr pahlavi says and I am 28 in Iran.

Dont be brainwashed by the regime and leftists who ruined this country about the past.  there was good and bad which every country has now its bad and bad.

See you on the st tomorrow 22 bahman totake these regime down.

gitdoun ver.2.0

Monarchy Poster ????

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

I just saw the Reza Pahlavi poster and trust me iranians my generation 24yrs old DO NOT WANT A MONARCHY. And yes we reject even the British form of Monarchy. Are we to use Iranian Tax-Money to fill the pockets of supposed royalty with another Pahlavi Foundation after we kick out the Mullahs?? Change one corrupt greedy cog for another ?? Haven't iranians learned annnything from history ????  This hope of pahlavi having a role in iranian government even if it's figure head role is a dream of Fossils !!! He may have had a chance back in the 90's but most of his constituents are Dead now or have 1 foot in the grave !!!  The youth (my generation)want Democracy without any prefix or suffix and this will be Iran's permanent solution.  Every tax rial to be invested in the nation ! -- Not to the pockets of some beverly hills aristocrat who feels as "royal figure head" he is entitled to buy another bentley !!!


Yes we can! Not now! US doesn't support democracy! Mubarak!

by obama on

Who is upporting this dictator? AMERICA! They would want to have dictators who are working for them. They don't like vilans like IRI. Don't worry if they get rid of this one, they'll bring their own to rule us!

Be real, we are like a fire that before it engulfs the house, they put it down each time! The day after, it looks as if there was no fire! The cycle repeats itself. For us to win, we need much more courage to stand up to them every day, not every couple of months!

IRI people who are hundreds of thousands have vested interest in saving the regime and they will fight to death! Are you?


Iranians Live in Denial

by AlexInFlorida on

Monarchy is the worst form of government for Iranians, except for all others. 

Since in Iran it has been proven that monarchy approaches both
freedom and the democratic ideal far better than democracies... as we
see in Iran under the shah vs islamic republic.

This is a Painful Truth for pro-democrats, to accept that the
islamic republic is a democratic reality that the majority wanted and
brought it about.

Democratic governments do not guarantee freedom, in fact it is a
false belief that democracy and freedom go hand in hand and can only
come about by looking at selective evidence and not the entirity of
data across the pages of history.

Islamic Republic as most people know is more democratic than even
the state of Israel.  Unlike Iran, Israel was brought about by only
considering the views of the jews and not all the people living in the

At least Islamic republic was created by the democratic principal of
majority rule while allowing all the various views to be represented. 
The democratic Islamic Republic is however a tyranny since it's
inception until today, unlike Israel which does provide Freedom for

What the Green movement does not address, because most Iranians are
not conscious of, is that Iranians want Freedom more than democracy,
the kind of freedom they enjoyed for the first time from the Shahs
era.  Iranians tell their children how much better life was in the
hands of the shah and his team and they miss this very much within

And in a perfect world Iranians would want both freedom and
democratic government, but at a gradual pace that is relavent to the
possiblities of the iranian people, while not sacrificing their
Freedom. Today they don't even have freedom to go to the next step.

And that is what they are lacking, Freedom, the ability to have
choices without coercion, manipulation and deceit.  Real choices
however unappealing that will enhance ones life, not undermine it.

To think that Iranians blew away the Shah that worked his entire
life to bring them Freedom that they had not enjoyed before, to the
point where unlike 95% of the world in 1983 Iranians would have enjoyed
guaranteed health care, education and employment or government
assistance if no work could be found is shocking.  I live in America
and we don't have Freedom that good.

I hope people learned that Revenge is not so delicious. And that
true success is learning to enjoy life and not feeling inadequate
because some people are becoming extremely rich and then being
vindictive, mean and nasty. 

Multiple Personality Disorder

Number 000vm!

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

استقلال، آزادی، جمهوری اسلامی!


JJ betting recklessly--JJ expects planes to go crashing again!!

by zanboor_ghavi_mannyslawyer on

JJ has essentially pinned all his hopes and other regime-change supporters' hopes on 22 bahman.

JJ has in effect, without an iota of a doubt wagered and bet the credibility of iranian.com magazine on 22 Bahman.  Sounds to me that JJ will either celebrate in a big way, or might get ready to either close down or turn over magazine to others if 22 Bahman doesn't go as he expects.

Dangerous and Reckless Bet.  Sounds to me like the Christians that were predicting something major on January 1, 2000. 

Remember that folks?  Remember all the planes that were supposed to crash???

Michael Mahyar Hojjatie


by Michael Mahyar Hojjatie on

ENOUGH with all the conspiracy theories and blaming others, we brought this nightmare upon OURSELVES and now, after an entire generation went to complete and utter waste, we'll fix it OURSELVES!

Making excuses and finger pointing is not only pathetic, it's downright comical! Our self-created mess, our own exclusive right to clean it up!



Dorood Bar Azadi...

by ahvazi on


Iran/Iranians will finally be free to live to its full potential.


Die Mullahs

by SAVAK_1 on

Die Khameini


Dorud bar Khatami zendeh baad mousavi

by XerXes. on

May reformists win their battle


Some remarkable artwork in here!

by Monda on

Today my favorite is #8.  What I would give to just live there for a month.... deep sigh.


the least you can do on 22 Bahman

by Fatollah on

the least you can do on 22 Bahman, is to take your wife and kids hands and leave for the IR embassy in the country you live, show your gratitude, support and respect to this movement and the young and old who actually do the fighting inside Iran, any friends in media, let them know of these act ...

make sure to wear green. 



To remove IRI, help from ANYONE is welcomed

by Faramarz_Fateh on

If Mosad wants to help Iranians to get rid of the IRI, or if U.S. or U.K. or Fuckmanistan even wants to help, WHY NOT?

We need ALL THE HELP we can get.

Its what happens after the fall that is important.  If Iranians don't sell out to foreign powers for the sake of personal gain, no one can do crap in Iran.

It has always taken 2 to tango.  Americans, the British etc have always used Iranians to do their dirty deeds.  Iranians who sold their country for $$$.  Lets not forget that and not mix up issues.

And by the way, if you think U.S. did not have a hand in bringing the turban clad piece of feces called Khomeini to Iran, you are not very smart. 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

vildemose khan contrary to as it said in that link Egyptian........I think personally they will never accuse Israel of any thing unless the Arab world is trying to switch the war zone to Iran ;so they would accomplice peace in holyland.

jj. sorry to put an un related topic in your 22 bahman poster blog.




by zanboor_ghavi_mannyslawyer on



Turning Greens into Pawns

by vildemose on

Turning Greens into Pawns through Marketing //www.iranaffairs.com/iran_affairs/2010/01/turning-greens-into-pawns-through-marketing.html Who is Cyrus Safdari?

gitdoun ver.2.0

Flower & Rifle

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i like the poster with the flower infront of the rifle. that poster is really awesome and it speaks volumes !!!

Bahram G

Ari don't put me on the spot

by Bahram G on

When it comes to artwork, particularly done on the Net, I am all thumbs. No false humility here. So, if you think I'll be helping my havatanaan by doodling some Greens artwork and posting it, I'll do that if you would be good enough to doodle something on my behalf and I'll put my name on it. Is that a deal?


22-BAHMAN-88 - Trailer

by Khar on

...Coming to the streets near you, 22/11/1388! show time may vary, check your local listings and Stay Tuned...


Ari Siletz

Bahram G, just add your voice

by Ari Siletz on

Greens in Iran have put their collective brains together and they've concluded that mass demonstrations are necessary even in a strategy to cause the old order to implode. Of course they understand there will be casualties. 


You ask,  please tell me specific ways that people like me can significantly and effectively help our hamvatanaan...


Follow their lead. Demonstrations need numbers and conviction to be significant and effective. If you can't be with them in the streets, add to their conviction by letting them know they are also speaking for you. How you do this is up to you. Knit them socks or make posters. So let's see that poster, hamvatan. And don't worry if its only a doodle, they'll appreciate it anyway.





Mr. Bahram G & JavadAgha

by Khar on

IRI implosion from within has already begun! The lines have been drawn between the sides. The only reason regime is still in power is because of multitude and magnitude of its brutality. People have shown that they have drawn the line against the regime and they are not backing down.

When Shah's dictatorship fell it wasn't because a long drawn armed struggle, it was actually the opposite. The straw that broke the camels back was the 3 years of mass demonstrations and strikes against the Shah's rule, not jut that one February day in 1979. That day wasn't a factor in the outcome it was an end to a 3 year struggle. Yes it’s true that people suffered and sacrificed back then in those 3 years prior to Feb. 1979 as they are doing today within the last 6 month. This new struggle perhaps will take longer time to come to fruition and the longer it takes the stronger it becomes both in substance and form. It will formulate its likes rather than just its dislikes, it will know exactly what it wants, it will not make the past mistakes and that is the day on which Iran will be truly free.  

This is a non-violant movement of Iranian people. No one is instigating this from the outside; people come to the street on their own. By suggesting that they've been coerced to take to the street and if what we say outside of Iran has any affect on the people resolve you are making a big historical mistake and you have not seen what the last 30 years has done to Iran and our people. People of Iran look to us outside just for support in their struggle for democracy and liberty, and support we must!



Take Western freedom (freedumb?) of choice, and shove it.

by Javadagha on

It should be easy to write a book about foreign involvement in Iran.  How about to start writing about $400,000,000 the U.S. government allocated for this purpose?   How about Western countries’ sanctions? How about Kissinger and his gang of murdering politicians (hint: Bilderberg group)?  The US, UK, Israel, and other countries such as Russia and Turkey are interfering in Iran. There are many agents operating inside and outside Iran against Iran’s interest.  This one just came out:  //www.dose.ca/news/story.html?id=2477325 As I said before, the feeling among Iranians inside is that IRI uses foreign interference such as VOA and Twitter to attack its people.  There are interest groups for service which have advertised the Western countries as lands of “Milk and honey.”  If I had not lived in these countries, I would believe their crap.  However, our youth falls for Western media lies. How about this report?//www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20013.htm Take Western freedom of choice, and shove it in your mouth. 

Iran’s opposition is NOT about green (Mousavi), it is about Iran’s rights to independence and preservation of its heritage.

Payandeh Iran.  Cho Iran nabashad tan-e-man mabad. Javad