Persa, Barcelona

Photo essay: A bit of home in Spain

by IRANdokht

While walking towards the PL. Espanya in Barcelona, having walked off-path a few times and felt a bit lost in the city of Barcelona, we saw a sign on top of a small door: Restaurante Rincon Persa.  Ok we don't speak Spanish but Persa can't mean too many things now can it?

We quickly glanced at the menu and saw the familiar words: mast-o-jiar , burani ...  JACKPOT!

Behind the door we found a nice cozy atmosphere full of Iranian drawings, old Qajar style tea sets, the Farvahar sign and many more persian decorative pieces.

A nice Spanish lady greeted us and asked us if we were Iranian (in Farsi).

It was not the right time to eat lunch nor dinner, but we had to sit down: it had been 10 days since we had real Persian tea!

We ordered some appetizers and of course the tea was just heavenly. They also had tea, dried sabzi, golab, tomato paste and some jarred food for sale.

It's easy to take Iranian restaurants for granted when you live in Iranian communities. Most don't even bother to have Persian decoration here in LA.

There, we had a nice conversation with the owners. There was a picture of ex-president Khatami with the owner on the wall, no sign of turban though. They said that most of their clientel is Spanish and they seem to love our cuisine. No surprise there!

I wanted to share the experience and the photos with my friends and just in case you go to Barcelona, make sure to visit this warm and inviting atmosphere. They're located on Floridablanca street: It's a gem, especially when you feel a bit homesick.


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by Touradj on


I'm the owner of the RINCON PERSA.

I would like to say to my compatriots, i 've done a traditional persian restaruant with authentics persian tastes and my restaurant it's on the center of barcelona.

The street name is FLORIDABLANCA Nº85.

Telephone: 934255996.

My number: 607271104.



iranian in barceona

by mohammed ghorishi (not verified) on

hello all if there is any iranian here from barcelona meseg me or find me in facebook

moe ghoraishi

i live in barcelona
cornella de llobregat

i like to meet iranian in barcelona

best regards


Rincon Persa

by j4321 (not verified) on

I too was in Barcelona and was looking for a persian restaurant, mostly because back in Miami we lack a few. We were told to go to Rincon Persa, and I can tell you what an experience! It was incredible, the doogh "harf nadashd" and the humus and kashk e bademjan were great. The barg, koobideh and chenjeh were all equally fantastic, as was the bastani. The design of the restaurant was traditional with its paintings and china that were eye catching. I can honestly say that might have been the best persian restaurant I've ever been to, and if I'm found in Barcelona again that is the place I'm heading to first.


thanks Irandokht!

by Sara81 (not verified) on

Hi Irandokht, I am not registered but one day I will as I will be posting my Spain pictures as well! Planning to go there in Octtober. Thanks for taking the time to write your suggestion. I'll sure print them and take them with me.



by American Wife (not verified) on

I can make a few guesses about your  We've been "thinking" about going home to the East Coast and I can tell you... you're lucky if there are 11 Iranians in your city.  I don't think there are 11 in our STATE.  It's months away at best and already I'm getting nervous about where we're going to get lavesh... and persian cucumbers... and GOOD fresh mint.  And Persian maast... kebabs...saffron... nah, maybe we'll stick around a little longer.  I need to practice my Persian cooking a little more before taking my husband away from the magnificent smells of true Persian cuisine. 

I think I see a trip to Wholesome Choice coming.

Party Girl

Dear 135

by Party Girl on

Where do you live?  I felt kind of bad for you!  Then I thought of joking around with you a bit!  See, you guys only need 8 more Iranians.  Then there will be 20 of you and the minute there are 20 Iranians anywhere, one of them will start a business to make money off the others!  And why not a Chelo Kababi?  Just like the restaurant featured above, the restaurant can also sell Iranian food staples!  So, you guys should just be looking for the other 8 you will need!

Kidding aside, are there other ethnic restaurants in your area?  Is there, for example, an Indian restaurant nearby?  More and more Indian restaurant are able to serve freshly baked 'Naan' on their menu.  The simplest kind of bread they have (if you ask them to keep the oil away), resembles Taaftoon bread of Iran.  And of course these days if you can find Turkish, Lebanese, or Greek restaurants nearby, you can find some foods on their menu which could be reminiscent of Iranian foods.  Best thing to do, while you wait for the other 8 to arrive, dear 135, is to learn how to cook Persian food!  Hey, you could be the 20th Iranian who starts the restaurant if you learn it well enough!  I hope this made you smile.  


Welcome "home"

by American Wife (not verified) on

Welcome back M.... you've been sorely missed!!!

Love the pictures and enjoyed the story... hope the see/hear more about your trip!


Nefreen !!

by 135 (not verified) on

I hope you all starve.

I am living in city with 11 other Iranians. Obviously, we all follow the Persian culture strictly and look the other way if we pass each other!
There is no Irani restaurant, shop, nothing, nada, and above that, I can't cook.
And you guys, everyday, drop a thread about sangak, kabab, mast-o khiar, khoresht-e badenjoon, baghalighatogh, ...

I hope all Iranian restaurants in your cities go bankrupt and you all loose the ability to cook and your wives and mums go on cooking strike!

My Shekam is doing the Khashm-e Me'de right now, I mean it, I can hear the bastard!!


Wonderful place

by Hajminator on


I've been twice in Barcelona and haven't been able to find the persian restaurar! The next time I'll surely find it as Ta 3 nasheh bazi nasheh.

May I also suggest the visit of the Park Güell which is inspired by the English garden city movement. There, you will find a lot of Gaudi's mosaic work like what he had realized on the main terrasse which is just magnificient.

Thanks Irandokht for sharing your joy with us.


Thanks for your comments

by IRANdokht on

Dear Nazy and Sara81

Thank you for your comments.

Sara jan

if you were registered on this website we could email each other.

There are a few "must see" attractions in the city. We stayed in a hotel on La Rambla street which is the busiest streets and a lot of very good shopping areas around. The Picasso museum is on one of the many side streets there, so is the Liceu Catedral. The farmer's market and the street entertainment are also very interesting. If not staying there I recommend you visit La Rambla street and take a walk from Catalunya to Mirador de Colom. Then you can walk along side the Mediteranian beach (heading north) There are a lot of nice restaurants and night clubs by the beach. I am not sure what interests you most, there are museums to see and even a Casino which is hard to miss.

Sagrada Familia is also a tourist spot: a cathedral being built since 1820 by Antoni Gaudi's design. You will find plenty of Gaudi's work in Barcelona and you'll get to learn how famous and appreciated this modern style architect was/is. Word of advice: don't spend money to go inside the Sagrada Familia, it's still under construction and the best parts are the outside views. If you do get in, don't miss the museum in the lower section. (if you are interested in architecture)

Tibidabo is on top of the mountain and you would have to take a trolley and then the tele-cabin to get to the top for a beautiful view of the city and the church Sagrat Cor on top. Don't eat up there: the food is mediocre and pricey.

On your way to a majestic sight of Montjuic there are plenty of museums like MNAC (Museum of National Art of Catalunya) but make sure you have a nice persian meal at the restaurante Rincon Persa it's only about a kilometer away, Best to go there at night so you can see the fountains and the light show at Palau Nacional de Montjuic.

Torre Agbar is also pretty at night. You'll find these sights on any tourist pamphlet or maps.

If you are into beaches and want to swim in the Mediterranean sea, there are less crowded beaches outside the city (about 40 minutes)

Also, compared to bigger cities like Paris, their underground trains are much cleaner and easier to figure out. Be prepared to walk long distances if you don't want to miss much. The people there are laid back, relaxed and very happy. Don't expect to be rushed or see anyone rushing, even the waiters!

Have a great time!



Are you serious!!! I was in

by shirinimikhai (not verified) on

Are you serious!!! I was in Spain last year and I looked everywhere for this restaurant, I couldnt find it!! I must say though, I spent most of my time in Vilanova i la Geltrú (a must see).


Dear IranDokht

by Sara81 (not verified) on

I am planning my Spain trip in end of September. This is yet one more sign that I should be going there! I am planning to spend 4 days in Barcelona.

I do want to ask you for a favor and see what kind of tips you might be able to give me? But I don't know how to contact you.

Nazy Kaviani

Dear IRANdokht

by Nazy Kaviani on

Welcome back! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Food is not just about sustenance, it is also about love and nostalgia and memories past and memories in the making. I felt the memories you made on your trip, and they were sweet. Thank you.


More Info

by IRANdokht on

WOW  now that my email to friends got published on my favorite website (thanks JJ) I should add the info for the ones interested:

Restauranted Rincon Persa

Floridablanca, 85 - 08015 Barcelona

Tel: 93 425 59 96 

Enjoy! (jayeh manam khali konin)