Persians return to Greece

Photo essay: Spring break vacation

by Khodadad Rezakhani
For the spring break of this year, I decided to go to Greece. I have a very good friend there whom I have not managed to see for the past few years, and I used to live in Greece as well. So, I thought this is a good time to catch up with an old friend, bring back some memories, look at some archaeology, and wind down from work. These are a few of the over 500 pictures I took. Some of them are not very good, as they are taken with my phone camera, and some might look too detailed, but I have taken them for my own work. I hope you enjoy them all.

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iran always sucked Greek

by ekam (not verified) on

iran always sucked Greek poutso


Salam Khodadad, it's

by PSTRAT (not verified) on

Salam Khodadad, it's actually Polixeni Stratigos but interesting. The yikoyenia mou is actually from Pireus and we've got some relatives living on the island of Aegina & Kalithea (City in Athens) before the cyclades. 15 minute ferry from Pireus. Funny that you mentioned those highways - they were actually building them the time I went got to see a few on the way to Peloponese. A nice trip I am sure nonetheless, hope to make it to Iran one day! Mamnoon again ;)


Persians in Greece!

by Anonymous2345 (not verified) on

Let me see -- Reza (Arabic)khani, a Persian ?, in Greece! Give me a break. What Greece? The Persian in Greece these travelers revel in was not Greece then. Maybe Athens, Sparta, etc.


I'm jealous!

by shaghayegh15 on

Bravo Khodadad!  You did a great job describing each picture, you could have easily become an art journalist.

It really felt like I was there too! You made me jealous!

Khodadad Rezakhani

"Top" of the Roman Agora?

by Khodadad Rezakhani on

The Roman Agora is actually quite flatly lying at the bottom of the Akropolis. One actually descends to it by going "down" a few steps. That may explain my failure to provide essays in explanation of each picture, or it might be because I didn't wanna bore people.



by KL (not verified) on

absolutely terrific pictures and info!


They mattered once!

by Immortal Guard (not verified) on

The Greeks mattered only once.
They were replaced by Romans, Romans were replaced by the Spanish and the Spanish by the British.
Persia has been thumbing its nose at them succesively.


Picture 84

by Anonymouse on

Is that a door knob?! Perhaps door knob to a Heram?! Funny it is missionary and the sheep doesn't get confused.


beautiful pictures

by Fereshteh (not verified) on

Thank you Khodadad .. I loved these photos.. I always dream of visiting Greece..
watching this photos really made me think going there this summer ..
thank you again


Daad az to Khodadad

by Critic (not verified) on

One would expect more than a few laconic captions or two from a history of antiquity researcher when he displays his triumphant ascent to the top of the Roman Agora! Now, I know why I don't trust men who sport a goatie!

Darius Kadivar

Wonderful Tribute to a Great Civilization

by Darius Kadivar on

We have so much in common with our Greek brothers and sisters. The Love of Beauty being only one.

Thanks for sharing,

Darius The Persian ;0)


Thanks for gorgeous photos!

by gol-dust on



Head of hurcules was stolen after revolution!

by gol-dust on

It is a typical of this government! they steal them! In fact, 4 month ago when visiting Ghasre-e shirin near kemanshah, i noticed many columns missing. when i was telling my friend about, to my surprised he said he has two of them in his manufactury's lot where they were left there by a guy who brought them in and just left them there since they were too heavy (many tons) to be sold in the market! I could not believe it! I couldn't tell him to report it since i knew the ones who would take the report would probably steal them themselves! Damn mollahs!

Thanks khodadad for sharing the beautiful photos and finally smiling in the last photo of you. hard to believe they were taken by a mobile! Persians and Greeks got together after 2300 years! in greece!

Khodadad Rezakhani


by Khodadad Rezakhani on

Pstrat (Pisisthratos?:)). It does get better with age, in some senses. You should definitely go. It has changed a lot, but not neccessarily for the better. Athens post-Olympics is crazy. Kifisias is now almost a highway. Many nicer parts of the city have become very touristic. Some parts have become better though: Omonia is not as dodgy at it used to be. Ermou is so "Western" European you cannot believe it. It is a mixed bag, but still worth going to. and... parakalo!:D


Can you imagine it?

by Kamangir on

Thanks very much for sharing your pictures with us. Greece is a rich country culturally. It somehow saddens me to see how badly our Iranian and Persian ancient monuments are being treated in Iran. Just compare it to Greece or Italy.

I also believe that should have the Arabs and the Moghols invaded Greece, most of what we have seen in the pictures would not exist.

In Iran, in 'sahne' a city/villale very close to the Western city of Kermanshah, there was this beautiful statute of 'Hercules' (naked) from Parthian times. It was by the road, so every one driving by would see it. During the first months of the so called revolution, the head of the statue was knocked off and excrements were left on the bowel hercules was holding on his hand. Many other similar actions were taken against our Persian monuments, in some cases if people hadn't stopped them, they would have destroyed places like 'Persepolis'. The very last attempt, has been the building of 'Sivand' dam, that will definitely damage the remains in the Passargad plains.  Can you imagine this in Greece, Italy or even Egypt?    



by PSTRAT (not verified) on

From one Greek who loves the Iranian culture,, the language, poetry, and fine men ;) this was really nice to see. Last time I was in Greece was the summer of 2000 I think it gets better with age. Great pictures Khodadad - Khelli Mamnoon :)