Photographing people

Photo essay

by shahireh sharif
Photography has been one of my favourite hobbies for the past two years. Despite capturing many pictures my collection is short of people. In fact, people seldom appeal to me as motivating subjects. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy looking at portraits, or have not photographed family, friends and strangers; for me the extraordinary joy of photography fades away when it becomes about people! To better understand my selective eagerness for using this medium I set myself a challenge. The challenge was to try to photograph as many people as I could to see if engaging in the activity would help me to develop a taste for it. Outcomes of my first few attempts are posted on this site as “A continental market” and “Christmas feelings” photo-essays. The current work displays a selection of images captured on a few occasions where I set off to photograph people, but the playful camera refused to comply and managed to find something else to focus on! Maybe I should learn to tame my camera better!

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Thanx for the pics, I

by toos (not verified) on

Thanx for the pics, I enjoyed the humour.

Unfortunately this world is full of rude people and the comment written by 'garbage' is an example of some one who is incredibly rude.
It is obvious some people do not have respect or any appreciation to others.


the pooch

by sz (not verified) on

You definitely got the knack for it, all are beautiful, especially the pooch. Thanks



by Garbage (not verified) on

Garbage. kids take better pictures than these.