Red, Green & Blue

Photo essay: Driving through Napa Valley, California

by Jahanshah Javid
21-Jun-2011 One of the premier travel destinations in the world, Napa Valley's breathtaking views abound at every turn – mustard in the late winter, picturesque rolling hills planted with vineyards year-round and wineries of every stature dot the landscape >>>

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bajenaghe naghi

Jahanshah jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

Your talent in photography shows itself in these series of pictures. Very beautiful and interesting shots of both indoors and out.

I must say that one picture in particular made me shiver to my bones. The first and last time I ever visited the French Laundry was some months ago when I took my clothes to be washed. I was kicked out by the Maitre d. Later I found out that he had kept all my underwear. Cheap bastard!

Anahid Hojjati

nice pictures.

by Anahid Hojjati on

Thanks .


Grapes of Wrath

by Faramarz on

I was driving to Sonoma recently and was wondering how come the birds and the crows don't eat the grapes. Then I noticed the flashing shiny little pieces of paper (Zar Varagh) that were attached to the vines all over the place. As the breeze was blowing and the sun was shining, the reflection of light scared the birds away. Really effective. You could not find a single bird anywhere.

But how do they scare the coyotes at nights? I'll go there one of these nights and will find out.

Esfand Aashena

Nice pictures but not too many about the grape vines themselves!

by Esfand Aashena on

I think there were 2 or 3 picturs of the vineyard plains themselves and the rest were shopping pictures!  But they were good I felt like travelling with you to a new place.

Now as far as comparing US to Europe and why it doesn't feel the same, well I think it is because you (and many of us) have accumulated years of anti-American sentiments.  When you came here in the 70s before the revolution didn't you think this was such a great place?  It's like funfaar everywhere?!

Perhaps you think it is unfair for this country to be so rich and so vast on the back of oppressing people worldwide with wars and all.  I don't mean it literally but perhaps that's what you think in the back of your mind without even knowing it.  You think it may be too much and so on.

Don't remember which US president but they asked one of these recent ones what would you say to a European or a person from other countries how you'd describe America, life in America or being an American?

He responded; well (maybe it was Reagan ;-) I'd show them a house with a front and backyard and a garage to park your car and kids playing on lawn.

Now compare that to life of an average European.  Over there you're constantly fighting for parking and small places.  You can't even park a freaking scooter in peace!  It can get rough living and working in tight spaces day in and day out.  You can't compare your life because you live and work on the internet but average Joe goes to work everyday and has to deal with a bunch of BS and comes home to even more BS with family!  No lawn for freaking kids to play!

Anyway, it's all good and I suggest you just enjoy your moments and don't compare America to Europe or Iran or anywhere else.  Every place is different and nice in their own, or our own, ways. 

Everything is sacred


It's All Good!

by Piyalechi on

Thank you, J!
It's always wonderful to absorb the things you bring for us to see.
The particularly pleasing picture, though, is the one of your thin self standing next to a lady with both of you holding cameras.
You have done a marvelous job with your "Democracy Diet!"
As I've known you throughout the years to be way too self conscious of your weight and to go on various documented campaigns of doing something about it, (BTW, where is the father of those handsome twins, Siyamak?)the inspiration this time seems to be totally different and so strong that I think it is affecting me too!...
Heck, I'm losing weight by just looking at you, wait till I actually start my own serious weight loss campaign!! ;)

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

جناب جهانشاه خانِ جهان گشا و جهان پیما ...

حضرتِ عالی‌ در اموراتِ عکسبرداری دستی‌ خوش دارید، هنرمندید و ما تصور می‌‌کنیم که می‌‌بایستی‌ بیشتر به این نقطه هنری که دارید بپردازید.

تصویر شماره ۳۷ بی‌ نظیر است.

هیچ چیزی لذیذتر از شرابِ قرمز و پنیر نیست ... خوردنِ این را در تابستان به همه دوستان سفارش می‌‌کنیم.

از تصاویر لذت بردیم،با سپاسِ فراوان .



Sweetness in Air and Land

by Monda on

JJ, I agree with you in the sweet quality of landscape in Europe, my point of reference being Italy (mainly Tuscany) and France. What I was agreed on by the Italian (farmers), was in the natural treatments of their land and quality of air. There are less pollutants in Europe. And of course the fact is that the European landscapes are more and better aged - therefore more lush. I hope someone more knowledgeable could explain the differences in terms of the quality of resources. (Also another personal observation/ side-note: No matter how much I eat in Europe, I never gain any weight! My conclusion again is in the sweetness... Someone please come and translate!)

2 things: nice of you to use real camera this time : ) and I truly admire your discipline with those divine chocolates and cheeses... wait you didn't say anything about the cheeses ... did you or did you not?