Royal treatment in Nice

Photo essay

by Jahanshah Javid

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The difference!

by Ajam (not verified) on

Knowitall, I wonder how you could conclude that I'm a "jew" just by reading a comment I wrote! Furthermore, what would my being jewish have to do with what is being said here? Indeed your attitude is a testimony to the fact you are trying so hard to defy!

In case you did not get it the first time, I tried to draw a comparison between the European racism and American racism! The European version is based on ethnicity, while the American racism transcends ethinicity and its rather more sophisticated and global. The U.S. can not survive with institutionalized racism (barring the slavery period and Native Ammerican massacre which had rather economic reasons behind them) since its policies have concentrated on absorbing financial funds and skilled labour from across the globe -- through high interest rates and facilitating immigration via Green Cards.

Racism in such a system manifests itself through a sense of moral superiority over the other nations -- through which Americans justify their treatment of other nations as subordinates. These subordinates will be welcomed if they assimilate to the "superior" American way of life, but are in for heavy punishments should they refuse to subjugate.

Of course there is traditional racism in less diverse regions such as Alabama, Mississippi and S. Carolina... which serves as a political base for drastic shifts to the right when seen necessary by the politicians!

All in all, I find American racism more dangerous and detrimental to the world interests than the dying European version!


Opportunity to grow

by Anon (not verified) on

JJ: Don't forget about Canada which is even better than the U.S. in accepting people of all kinds.

U.S. "melting pot" is a sugar-coated synonym for "assimilation" while Canadian "Cultural Mosaic" has worked much better.

Europe would be the first place to visit and the last place to live for me. They indeed are deeply racist and may accept you as their waiter but not as their peer, or even worse, as their boss.

And don't forget about good old Iran where discrimination has always been a problem.


I used to spend my summers

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

I used to spend my summers in Nice as a kid. It was , and still is, one the moste racist part of the coutry. Jean Marie Le Pen, the extreme right leader score something like 60% there.

For having lived in the US for a couple of years, I can tell you that there's a huuuuge difference. Here in France, I sometimes feel like a black guy somewhere in Mississipi. At the same time, you have areas in Paris where you don't feel any discrimination at all. Just to let you guys know that I was somehow pleased to see that JJ clearly says real things about France.

Hey, I ain't no Hajiagha aight. I like this country, I would've prolly ended like a dumb ass if I had grown up in Cali (no offence bacheha, must be the french snob in me).Just look at bebin TV ... I mean seriously...

Anyways, thanks for sharing these pictures. In fact the iranian community in Nice is shrinking. I remember they had char shanbe soori parties on the beach back in the days. Yadesh bekheir

Khodadad Rezakhani

Ey baba

by Khodadad Rezakhani on

Cheraa nagofti daari miri Nice?? I could have told you to avoid Cafe du Paris in Monaco (only eat at the small cafes at the bottom of Ville de Monaco hill) and to go and visit Eze Village. You probably also passed the little town I stay in during the summers, Villefranche sur Mer, on the way to Monaco. Be har haal, omidvaram khosh gozashte baashe!


cherish those memories

by Khosrow (not verified) on

Great pictorial work. Perhaps it is true today that no more than 2000 Iranians live in Nice but there was a time where Nice was a home for the summer to many more Iranians. Nice is just over four hours flight time from Tehran and was also closely associated with Iranian Artists too. Pre-revolution era artists frequently showed their work at many exhibits available at Côte d’Azur area. During the good old days, Air France had daily nonstop flights from Tehran to Nice where many Iranians visited. Obviously, shopping was not the motive of their travel since Nice has always been an expensive place to visit. You could even occasionally spot a topless Iranian beauty enjoying the good life on the beach those days. Nice brings a sense of elegant that few places on earth can produce. I cherish those memories.

Jahanshah Javid

Saltanat-talab :o)

by Jahanshah Javid on

I added a new photo with comment. It's the funniest thing I heard in Nice which I forgot to mention...


agha ma delemoon kheili tang shodeh baratoon

by mash ghasem (not verified) on

zoodatar bargardin be velayate khodemoon losanjelis.


Long Live Chickens!

by Anonymouschick (not verified) on

Yes, especially that Sarvenaz wanted to remain anonymous also. It's really an insult to chickens!


JJ: Your chicken symbol for being anonymous is an insult.

by Chicken has dignity (not verified) on

Your chicken symbol for being anonymous is an insult. Your character assassination is cheap. Is this your 2008 new year gift to democratic forces?

Chickens have feeling and dignities.


Where is Elena's picture?

by justcurious (not verified) on

Where is Elena's picture? I bet you could find her in the closet of the prominent Pahlavi supporter or Gholam Reza himself.

Rosie T.

Knowitall / PS jj

by Rosie T. on

what is up with you?. Calling someone names over a silly little accent mark. Saying that someone is Jewish, then stereotyping him about it, and then in the next sentence saying that Europe is LESS racist than other places.  Don't you know that Jews have a different impression of Europe? And don't you know that it is considered derogatory to call someone a "Jew" instead of "Jewish" in English, and 'The Jew" is even worse? You didn't mean to do that, did you? You're not anti-Semitic, of's just that your French is so much better than your English, right?

Before you were defending Curious Joe's right to insult everyone (a right which he does have) by telling people that they had no right to say anything about it and if they didn't like it they should leave the forum. And now this?

What's up, knowitall?  Just what do you know? How old are you? I hope for your own sake you're young. Get a grip.

PS JJ-joon, nice photos of Nice. Thanks!  :D


Knowitall "If Iranians can

by Poor Student! (not verified) on


"If Iranians can get better jobs in the US and move up (financially only) in corporate America it's mainly because most Iranians study sciences, and Americans who are generally undereducated are poor at those very subjects, and ..." The usual stereotyping! I don’t think you have lived in either continent. If you go to UK and drive one hour north of London; areas like Bedford or going even North to Liverpool area, ask couple of people who is John Major! Believe me 50% do not know what the hell you are talking about. On the same note, the number of ethnic European who are doing engineering is much less than American, so based on your conclusion Iranians or Indians should do better there!!!
No my friend, as everyone said; American accept the concept of “melting pot”. They open the door for you to be a part of America. European pushed for “salad bowl” approach. Different colors which are not mixed and melted’ multi cultural. And you can see it does not work. Islamic fundamentalism is a big problem in Europe than Middle East. Multi cultural attitude is the answer. We do not “let you to have our culture” but you can keep yours. You can have your monthly refugee check but you can not work for a salary and progress.
Loosing your culture has its own problems; but at least in US they let you to change your culture and be a part of them; but in Europe …. As people mentioned, Europe has the best mechanism to distribute poverty (make everyone average); US has a bad mechanism to distribute wealth. It is to choose between bad and worst. If you like to have your refugee monthly check, have a free accommodation, complain and nagging 24/7 Europe is your place. If you want to work hard, have a decent life, build your life and family probably not.


some observations

by knowitall (not verified) on

Edited by moderator. Try comment without insulting eachother. If it is to much to ask, don't don't comment at all.

Secondly PST, a person does not have to be ashamed of their work not to want their photo posted on for the world (deleted) to comment on and tease him/her for. Look at how nasty you guys are to ordinary people who enjoy ten minutes of "fame", let alone someone who writes erotic prose for horny Iranians who have been taught that sex is dirty. Third, Ajam the Jew: (not that there's anything wrong with being a Jew--it's just that your jewish insecurity is showing.) Racism is not unique to Europeans. It is only more obvious among people who have not melded/interbred. In fact it is less prevalent in Europe than in Iran, Israel or the US for that matter. If Iranians can get better jobs in the US and move up (financially only) in corporate America it's mainly because most Iranians study sciences, and Americans who are generally undereducated are poor at those very subjects, and therefore need to make money off the backs of Iranian, Indian, and Chinese engineers and Doctors. Don't fool yourself, Americans can't tell the difference between Iranians, Indians or Mexicans (or care to). It's just that they worship the God of money while Europeans worship the God of Lineage. Iranians (and Jews) worship both! Four: Jahanshah, your pictures are interesting and thoughtful. Keep traveling and send us more! :)


base dige

by Mehran (not verified) on

hey jj base dige, come back to Cali we miss you already!!!!



by Alaleh Alamir (not verified) on



by Sho (not verified) on

Thank you for taking us along on your adventure. Loved the view from your friend's apartment. Your anecdotes were priceless. A bien tot!



by Ajam (not verified) on

The difference between the European racist mentality (a la French, German, Dutch et al...) and that of American racism being, the former stems from ethnic insecurity, while the latter is based on expansionist attitude.

In other words, the Europeans make upward social mobility difficult for foreigners to keep their ethnic superiority intact within their domain. Whereas in the U.S., the doors are open for anyone to utilize their money and/or skills to join and promote the American way of life and its expansion -- so long as the melting pot is boiling for American domination of the world.

That's pretty much why the European racism is felt by those who enter the European countries, while American racism is mainly felt by those inside their own countries whose lives have been/are affected by the American presence abroad. The mercenaries of Uncle Sam should be protected at all costs, their ethnicity (white, black, Hispanic...) is irrelavent as long as they kill for the American Dream! A good example is the U.S. being the only power (along with Israel) declining to ratify an international war-crime tribunal!

Long live the fourth of July, apple pie and star spangled banner!!!


Great job!

by Free Thinker (not verified) on

I really like the way you tell the story of your trip (safarnaameh), by mixing the text with photos. Very entertaining. Haven't seen that much elsewhere by anyone else.
You are, Sir, indeed a maverick.


# 86 - I wonder why?

by not that it matters (not verified) on

I wonder why she does not want her pictures to be shown. It cannot be because she is ashamed of her writing or is it? Or could it be that she is really a he? I also wonder when (s)he goes to a "Birthday" Party would she say "no picture please"?


Abbaye de Roseland

by Anonymous467 (not verified) on

You are staying in what is called Abbayde de DoodAn or DozdAn?


Nicé is Nice

by پیام on

But it is a shame you lost your wallet again.