Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

Photo essay: Colombia's "Jewel of Modern Architecture"

by Jahanshah Javid
I had heard that the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá near Bogota was kinda special. I had no idea how special. I got on a train early Saturday morning and headed out there to discover a magnificent, magical monument. According to Wikipedia, the cathedral "is an underground Roman Catholic church built within the tunnels of a salt mine 200 meters underground in a Halite mountain near the town of Zipaquirá, in Cundinamarca, Colombia. It is a very popular tourist destination and place of pilgrimage in the country. The name 'Salt Cathedral' is mostly to attract tourists - while a functioning church that receives as many as 3,000 visitors on Sundays, it has no bishop and therefore no official status as a cathedral in Catholicism..." >>>

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Dara Zoleyn

nice place

by Dara Zoleyn on

i was there in 2005, a nice souvenir in this huge cathedral not far from Bogota