Stop and look

Photo essay: Manchester in a hint of gold

by shahireh sharif
Spring is my favourite season, but I think Manchester (UK) looks its best at autumn. The view of old buildings partly obscured by bare trees and partially covered in vibrant, multi-coloured leaves is amongst my favourites. I guess similar sights can more or less be found everywhere; we just sometimes fail to stop and look.

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The best memories!

by Azita Eshghi (Gang from Kavar City) (not verified) on

Hi dear Shahireh,
It was very surprising for me to see your blog it refreshed a lot of memories from Shiraz! to me.

I’m looking forward to hear from you.




by maryam esmaeily (not verified) on

paeez har sal ashke zard mirikhtand derakhtan
emsal ama , pishe payeman farshe zard pahn mikonand
berahneh dar bad barayeman miraghsand va avazhayeman ra ba soot tekrar mikonand , har vaght hosele at sar raft jibhayat ra begard , yek mosht fasle taze biroon beyar va be hava bepash

shahireh sharif

Thanks ML

by shahireh sharif on

I'm glad that you used "pulchritudinous". I had to find it in the dictionary, but I'll be trying to include it in some of my sentences today.




by ML (not verified) on

The older buildings, but on a much smaller scale, remind me of my boarding school days in the UK.
The trees and the foliage are just pulchritudinous!!!
(had to use that word! it was a favorite of one of my teachers Mrs.W.....
You capture Autumn in Manchester very well!