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Photo essay: Face to face with Mohsen Namjoo

by Nazy Kaviani

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Yar Maraa

by IRANdokht on

What a beautiful song!  I listened to it 3 times so far and I like it more every time. The melody, the lyrics, the melanquoly of his voice they all come together in this one and it pleases the soul of this traditional-music lover.

Thanks for the video dear Mr K   



WHy do I love Namjoo's music?

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

It comes from his heart;
He is master of relaying his (and his generation) feelings in the context of music;
He does not sell art for money! (not yet);
His music has substance;

Chakere Mohsen aziz!



by Souri on

I don't believe in love, but I do believe in luck :O

Be sure that I never miss you....but Namjoo does !


Nazy Kaviani Jaan Thank You for Sharing!

by Khar on

Suri, The true love which flames from the heart never fades away! btw, did you miss me?

Here's one of his great songs which I happen to love, Yar Mara:  


Namjoo is amazing!

by talieshah on

Thanks to Nazi joon, we now know a bit more about this talented person.  I loved this photo essay!


Where is Khar ?

by Souri on

I thought he was a big fan of Namjoo ...!

He didn't show up here.

Already lost his interest ?

Azadeh Azad

Thank you Nazy jan

by Azadeh Azad on

... for this great interview. Did you remember to kiss him on the cheek for me as I had asked you? :-)





by Majid on

What a great job you did here Nazi Khaanoom !

There's nothing I can add, after all these lovely comments that are posted here, I can  only say this...



ebi amirhosseini

Pictoblogging !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

I'm speechless,Nazy Jaan,you took me through the whole interview as though I myself was present there!.



On my only trip to San Francisco,this was the restaurant( Yaas??) where I had a delicious Persian food & surprisingly we were seated at the same table,wow.

best wishes


LA event

by MN Fan (not verified) on

I too was fortunate to be able to attend his concert in LA. I wondered at the time if he got the same reception at other cities. When he finished and left the stage, the audience shouted "Mohsen doostet daareem" (Mohsen we love you) for a good five minutes or so until he came back on stage and performed some more. I am proud of LA crowd.

ladan K

Lovely interview

by ladan K on

This is very well done. I want to say two things:

That I was at the LA and SF concert and there was a marked difference between the two shows. They were both good in their own way, and the Palace was a very classy affair, but by the LA concert (2 or 3 weeks later) Mohsen had visibly become more confident and the audience was warmer... they were! Let's face it people in LA are warmer than in SF (Iranian or not). They chanted in unison for him to come out and the after part was riddled with celebrities.


Two: That it was the NY Times that 1st referred to Namjoo as the "Bob Dylan of Iran".  I'd take that from them! It's cool that they are even interested in someone so Persian!

Thanks again for this great interview. Well done!



by eimanz on

Awesome interview!

Also check out Namjoo's interview w/ Iranican:


Direct MP3 Link:  //www.iranican.com/IranicanInterviews/Iranica...

He mentions other very fascinating details about himself. 



Nazy Kaviani

Dear IRANdokht

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you for sharing that important thought, giving me a chance to explain.

I may have failed to convey the meaning in what Mr. Namjoo said about his positive feelings about his reception in Los Angeles. Let me try to explain it again the way he explained it to me.

The venue for his concert in Los Angeles was the El Rey Theatre, which has room for about 400 guests. Six hundred people showed up to the concert, 200 of them standing in the concert hall during the concert. The crowd were so warm and loving to him, knowing all his songs and singing along with him, using every opportunity to cheer him on. That's why he had been so touched by them, not because he had had low expectations of them.

Certainly, as I have utmost respect for all people who support arts and artists by attending concerts and buying legal versions of music albums, the news of any concert so well attended anywhere in the world is also impressive to me, let alone in the Los Angeles area, which probably represents the largest Iranian community outside of Iran, representative of a wide variety of tastes and interests in arts. I hope this explanation is helpful.


Well done Nazy jan

by IRANdokht on

What a great format for posting an interview too!  I loved it!

A little surprising that he had thought so little of LA crowd that he was actually most taken by the reception he got here. You know, we're just a very diverse group, it doesn't mean that everyone here is a fan of LA pop stars!

So he did remember your messy living room? LOL   That was sweet :0)



Good piece!

by Iranian Reader (not verified) on

Very nice, thank you. It gave me a good feel for Namjoo.

And thanks very much for not calling him Bob Dylan of Iran!!!! That was such an offensive epithet.


Very Nice Job Nazy!

by Monda on

Thanks for this piece. I'm so pleased to hear he's coming back on tour next year.




Thank you

by Abarmard on

For this interesting interview piece.