We salute you

Photo essay: Iraj Jannati-Ataie and friends' evening of solidarity with political prisoners and students

by Shirin Mehrbod

عصر روز جمعه، مراسم شب همبستگی با زندانيان و دانشجويان سياسی، در پی فراخوان «ايرج جنتی عطايی»، ترانه‌سرای نامدار ايران، در مرکز آموزشی کارگران سوئد ABF در استکهلم برگزار شد. به همت کانون نويسندگان ايران در تبعيد، اين برنامه علاوه بر استکهلم، ديروز و امروز در دو شهر ديگر سوئد، گوتنبرگ و مالمو نيز برگزار شد>>>FULL TEXT


Darius Kadivar

More Power to you Artists

by Darius Kadivar on

Wish there would be more initiatives like these. You can make a difference in ways politicians never can.

Also please sign Her Petition if you wish to join Miss Nazanin Afshin Jam's efforts in the field of Human Rights:





every body

by Troneg on

Every body should be solidaire with people who try evolve Iran from inside. Our "salut" comes from them.

Great work, keep pushing.


We have to Move

by FreeDom (not verified) on

I saw a short clip of that program, exceptional (Shirin & Ebi) performance. I believe that event (political & art) was one of most effective program that I’ve witnessed so far.



wow....what a strog

by Marmaris (not verified) on

wow....what a strog performance, Ebi, Shirin & Shamim you guys are amazing. Please keep rocking.


A bit off

by Anonymousas (not verified) on

A bit off topic:

Award-Winning Iranian Journalist Hospitalized In Jail

May 12, 2008
Dow Jones Newswires

-- An award-winning Iranian journalist and rights activist has been hospitalized in jail in Tehran after returning to prison from sick leave, a press report said on Monday.

"Emadeddin Baghi has once again been taken to Evin prison infirmary," the reformist newspaper Kargozaran said, without giving details about the condition of the anti-death penalty and prisoners' rights campaigner.

Baghi had returned to jail in April after a three-month sick leave to serve out a one-year sentence imposed in 2003 on security charges over a series of articles published 10 years ago.

Lawyer Saleh Nikbakht said Baghi had returned to Tehran's Evin jail despite his illness not being completely cured, adding that physicians hadn't been able to make an accurate diagnosis.

Baghi, 45, was first hospitalized in December 2007 with a nervous condition after being arrested in October on charges of spreading propaganda against Iran's Islamic system and publishing secret documents.

Prisoners in Iran are sometimes allowed to serve parts of their sentences at home if it can be proven that they have serious health problems.


It's about time! They need

by Anonymousx2 (not verified) on

It's about time! They need all the support we can give them.



by farrad02 on

Wonderful effort!