Welcome to Herat

Photo essay: Afghanistan’s most advanced province

by Hossein Shahidi
A visit to Herat had been one of my desires since I arrived in Afghanistan. This became possible just over a year later, when I flew from Tehran to Mashhad to catch a plane to Kabul, but missed it. I then decided to travel to Herat by land and take a UN flight to Kabul the next day. Further flight problems in Herat made me stay there for two days– the chance I had been longing for to see this charming city, the birthplace of so much beauty that large of parts of it still remain, after centuries of conquest, plunder and killing.

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Shazde Asdola Mirza

Most Advanced Province ... through 40 years of madness!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on



by yolanda on

Great photo essay! I especially like the photos with captions!

They like Rumi too:




Excellent Collection ...

by alborz on

... of Herat.  It was reminiscent of Iranian towns 80 years years ago - but what was quite amazing was that there were no English spelling errors on the signs - something that is so common in Iran today - perhaps we'll catch up in 100 years.