Where roses flow

Photo essay: Golab-giri -- production of rose water in Ghamsar

by Sid Sarshar
This is an Essay on Ghamsar and the annual "Golab-Giri" for the production of rose water. This is the time of the year for this ritual. The process is quite simple. As far as what I saw, roses are picked by women early morning since they are most fragrant. It is then put into big boilers and distilled. I was surprised to see how little rose water is yielded, but is very concentrated and powerful, not to mention very expensive. It tastes bitter. The rose water we purchase at the stores is diluted. It only contains a few percent rose water essence. The owners of this factory told me their essence is used in two French perfumes. One of them was Channel. I have been experimenting with its application is cocktails. Locals dry roses and grind it on the palm of their hand and sprinkle a pinch on "doogh" and other foods. Ghamsar is the largest producer of rose water. The whole town is decorated with "Gol Mohammadi" roses and it seems to be the only industry in town. I think UNESCO should declare Ghamsar as “World Heritage”.

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Dear gol-dust

by Abarmard on

The breast is not what makes your son violent or criminal, the violence is. Take him to Europe and let him see nudity as a natural and normal daily life. There is nothing wrong with seeing a human body if it's not torn to pieces by a bomb or...

yek dast jaame baade o yek dast zolfe yar

raghsi chonin mianeye meydanam arezoost


Bah Bah ajab booei! Yes,

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

Bah Bah ajab booei!
Yes, French vanilla ice cream and little bit of Golab, is heavenly!
Thanks to Sid Sarshar, for the tour.


So beautiful, thanks for sharing.

by Tahirih on

I can smell the roses,and "golab" from your pictures. Has anyone tried rose water with their tea or on a cup of vanilla ice cream,it is heavenly:0))))


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

حالا همه اينهايي كه اين جا به به و  چه چه از گلاب ميكنند،يه كدومشون هم گلاب نميزنه به خودش،اگه ميزنه صداش رو در نمياره...من رو بگو كه فكر ميكردم واسه تولد اق جهانشاه براش ادكلن جديد پاكو ربن بخرم...اي واي...

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Please limit your comments to Sid Sarshar's photo essay. Thanks.

PS: I'm reacting to the comments about the personals ads and Indian women and their breasts. Please start a blog about it and take the discussion there.

Sid has taken some amazing pictures for everyone to enjoy. It would be unkind and unfair to skip over his work and talk about boobs. Thank you for understanding :o)


Can you imagine ?

by almo5000 on

Look at every one of the faces of men and women who are working in those fields in these pics and the factory. You find faces like this all around Iran. People, many of them poor, trying to make a living using the best of what they have and they know how.

Can you imagine that the Zionist blood suckers in Tel Aviv and their masters (or may be their slaves!)  in Wash DC wanting to nuke bomb the hell out of these beautiful people? Can you just imagine that?

I am sure that since the nature and creation is "just", our creator is just (no matter what our beliefs) the blood suckers and their masters (or slaves!) will one day pay the ultimate price. What do you think?


Roses and bare breasts

by John on

"Bare-breasted"?  You must be kidding.  She's wearing a dress!

Just tell your son that in addition to the glory of roses, God/Allah has also created the glory of women, all of them superior to men in every way.  Praise be to the divine creator!!

Mona 19

Beautilful Pictures...Thanks for Sharing

by Mona 19 on

چونکه گل رفت و گلستان در گذشت
نشنوی زان پس ز بلبـل سـرگذشت
چونکه گل رفت و گلستان شد خراب
بـوی گـل را از که جويـيـم از گلاب

مثنوی معنوی. رومی

Shiva Tadayoni


by Shiva Tadayoni on

Beautiful pictures....i can even smell the " golab" from your pictures.



Jahanshah Javid

My other job

by Jahanshah Javid on

Such beautiful photos, what a wonderful job... picking roses. I'm sure it's backbreaking but I would mind doing it. There's something romantic about it.


Please send me the link to bare breasted Indian girl

by Siamack on

As a parent too I need to see just how bad it is. I am shocked. What size cups...

Siamack Salari


Wonderful photos! (Bare breast girl's dating photo emabarrasing)

by gol-dust on

Loved the photos, but i wish there were more details about the process. Thank you!

My 8 year old son came by to see the video of the bridge crossing. all of a sudden he says: "dad how do you delete this photo?" I was speechless. This indian girl's bare breasted photo on perisn dating is definetly embarrasing if my kids want to surf this site. JJ, is there any way to move it somewhere not so in your face? thanks!


thanks for sharing

by rose (not verified) on

so beautiful... pictures like these make me want to go back.