Wings of Desire


by Saman Hallaj


Lacking consistency:

by kombizz on

I found your collection of your images are average. At the begining you were following a theme, but later on toward the end of your collection, you strayed away and without any purposes try to capture un-related subject EXCEPT clicking and more  clicking. In my opinion you need to think before starting any project, try to think what you would like to show your viewers, what story are you going to tell by showing your images - then you can click in such a manner without blurring or hand shakes. - Good luck with your future work.


positive, soft va khordani

by Monda on

Lovely work! Thanks for sharing it with us.



by Sid Sarshar on

Few words come to mind after seeing this essay: Moody, contemplative, engaging and optimistic.  Overall there is a sense of positive energy in your work.  Nice play with the water mark as well. thanks.