Positive Astrology - The Iranian Way.


by alimostofi

Thousands of years ago, well before any names of anyone you know, in history or religious books, people were suffering from pure bullshit.

What was this bullshit? Bad excuses from people; who did not see further than their noses; who always found bad reasons in the past to justify their errors. All sorts of ideologies were all over the place. Oh hello, ... deja vu ... it's like that now.

Suddenly, ("suddenly" is a topic on its own. I believe in interstellar visits), people thought about measuring and recording. Language developed and records were kept. Well we have all that now, but the ideologies are worse.

Anyway, we did this for the first time in Iranian plateau. We invented writing, numbers etc etc. Things improved. We became civilized. Not now though, we are seriously confused. And so the reason I am trying to get this info out. You all need to learn. Some of you will become much better than me, in seeing the road ahead.

A bit of background. The next time you fly over Iran, have a look at the ground below, you will see what looks like mole hills. These are wells that reach down into the underground water tunnels, called Qanats (the Q is more gutteral than in the word gulp). The distances between these wells were known.

Now here is the really clever bit. At night, the Astrologers could see the reflection of the Moon in the well, thereby knowing where the Moon was in the sky. Clever stuff eh.

Back to philosophy. Fact is that we strive to fight confusion in our life. Confusion is wonderful for some, who see it as the mother of necessity. Necessity itself is the mother of invention.

But for some, confusion, is too much stress, and it is nice to know when it happens. Iranian Astrologers, knew that, whenever the Moon, or any other object in the sky, was in a particular position, it created some sort of stress.

Sounds really simple then. Map the sky, and predict the confusion. That takes away all the bullshit out there, once and for all.  So it makes sense to see what is on the way, and get ready to boogie. Take a break and watch this.


Nowadays, there are a number of ways of seeing the positions of the planets and the Moon, and this link is the easiest one to generate a decent wheel.


On the left, you will see the major angles that the planets have made, and the new ones they are about to make. Click on them, and see the wheel go to that date. You can also click on the tabs above the wheel, or the calendar to the right. Simple.

With this Astrological tool, like a road map or a traffic alert on your Satnav, you become aware of confusion, and you get your senses all tuned in. There is no "magic". It is pure awareness. And awareness you have.


Above is an animation of what we are about to go through in the next month. Look at a symbol that looks like a 4. That is Jupiter or Ohrmazd. See how at about 1min 11 seconds, all the other planets get close to it. That is the famous conjunction (when two planets appear together), we are heading for in the next month. Lucky times.

Ohrmazd is very powerful, and has all the positive energy we need to move us forward. Look at this clip, to see how it will move in and out compared to the rest of the tiny planets. Now you see how Ohrmazd in Zend-Avesta is connected to Astrology.


So it is really easy for dumb asses, to get all huff and puff and be negative, but they are so because they are unaware. Once you see outside the political or religious box you are in, you calm down and chill out.

Now enjoy life and boogie, because you are an object alongside all those other planets, and you have free will to navigate anyway you wish. Your way is the positive way. That is what makes Iranian Astrology positive. Others give negative almost fatalistic attitudes. Nuts.

I will give some guidance in the comments of this blog as time goes by. Feel free to ask decent questions, and let's smooth out those bumps on this amazing journey. Use rss or here at iranian.com use the link below to get the updates. Remember you are the boss.


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Soosan Khanoom

I like the explanation ... I really do

by Soosan Khanoom on

Emotions are useless if they don't become practical. So if you are an artist you feel something and you show it in a practical way.

Now imagine you did not show it in a practical way. That produces chaos and madness. So we have the expression Ghamar dar Aghrab. "  

But ... how is it related to the Passion and Sex?  Or is that another meaning of this expression?  


Ghamar dar aghrab: in

by alimostofi on

Ghamar dar aghrab: in Astrology, just like the Sun signs have positions, so do the other planets and Moon. At this moment the Sun in in Aries or Farvardin, but the Moon is in Scorpio.

Now we have strong and weak positions for all planets and Moon. The Moon is about emotions. Emotions are useless if they don't become practical. So if you are an artist you feel something and you show it in a practical way.

Now imagine you did not show it in a practical way. That produces chaos and madness. So we have the expression Ghamar dar Aghrab.

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Soosan Khanoom

Ghamar dar Aghrab !!!

by Soosan Khanoom on

 I never used the expression myself but I have occasionally heard it from much older generation Iranians.   Anyway, I always assumed it means that things are messed up...  a stormy situation or something ...  but had no idea it means passion and sex !!!

By the way, I went to that link .  That's Greek to me !! Totally incomprehensible !


Moon in Scorpio or Ghamar

by alimostofi on

Moon in Scorpio or Ghamar dar Aghrab as we Iranians would say has always been the nearest modern Iranian folklore ever got to Astrology. Funnily enough the Moon has just entered the constellation Scorpio. See this link and look at the Moon in the Sign of Scorpio.


So what does that mean? It is a time when people get very emotional and want to share intense passion eg: sex. But it is all about openess and many people will divulge their secrets.

So really zaz it up in the next two and half days. Or if you are unsure about things, well you soon will get to the bottom of it all.

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