Americans Have 9/11, Iranians have 9/22


by ayatoilet1

On September 22, 1980, the Iraqi Army invaded Iran. Iraqi military aircrafts bombed Iran's major airports. In days, Iraqi soldiers had occupied and conquered many major Iranian cities. Iraq targeted oil tankers, oil platforms, and Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf with weaponry supplied by France, the same country who had funded Khomeini's flight back to Tehran a year or so before. Iran's oil exports were effectively shut down.

Said K. Arburish, biographer and author of Saddam Hussein: The Politics of Revenge, said Hussein met with CIA agents in Amman approximately one year before the invasion. Kenneth R. Timmerman, a political journalist and executive director of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, backed up the claim, proposed the sessions were Brzezinski's idea.

Timmerman quoted National Security Council member Gary Sick as saying “Brzezinski was letting Saddam assume there was a U.S. green light for his invasion of Iran.”

Beside US 'encouragement, there are now allegations that key members of Iran’s opposition, consisting of former Prime Minister Shapour Bakhtiar, former senior Iranian military officers, and Prince Reza Pahlavi also held meetings with Iraqi officials. They provided intelligence and guidance for the Iranian invasion. One of Reza Pahlavi’s aids (Shahbazi) later alleged his involvement in identifying integral Iranian military targets. Bakhtiar's associates have also confirmed that he had travelled to Baghdad many times prior to the invasion.

It is also now established that in August of 1980, Saddam Hussein met with Saudi princes who encouraged the war for their own reasons.

Suddenly, Iraq and its army percieved an opportunity and had also become a tool for enemies of the regime in Iran.  

Hussein quickly planned the invasion of Iran. He hoped to seize a substantial portion of Iranian territory early on, which would destabilize the Islamic Republic and allow him to overthrow Khomeini's regime.

Iran, for all intents and purposes, was defenseless against Hussein's forces. With the Iranian government against the wall, Reagan's staff and Iranian officials held a final, secret meeting in Paris during the month of October in 1980. This meeting was led by America's Vice President Elect George Bush and William Casey (later Reagan's Director of CIA) and Iran's Speaker of the Majlis Mehdi Karroubi.

Bush and Casey delivered $40 million to the Iranians. This, along with $5 billion in illegal arms deals and an agreement not to interfere with the Islamic Republic, was a bribe offered in exchange for the 52 American hostages held in Tehran to not be released until after the 1980 election. This would guarantee Carter's defeat and Reagan's victory.

The agreement not to challenge the new Iranian regime allowed the Islamic Republic to take full control of Iran.

On January 20, 1981, the very day of President Reagan's inauguration, America released nearly $8 billion in Iranian assets. Iran finally freed the hostages more than a whole year after their initial capture.

Israel agreed to ship American weaponry to Iran. The Washington Post claimed Haig authorized the shipment, and that it was worth between $10 million and $15 million. Other reports said the weapons were worth up to $246 million.

Haig denied his involvement, but said, “I have a sneaking suspicion that someone in the White House winked.”

An aircraft carrying American weaponry from Israel to Iran crashed in Turkey in July of 1981. Banisadr said it was the third arms shipment from Israel during Reagan’s presidency. Israeli Housing Minister and former Defense Minister Ariel Sharon said the American government sanctioned all Israeli arms shipments to Iran during the war. The Israeli ambassador to America, Moshe Arens, said Israel’s arms shipments were supported by the government at “almost the highest of levels.”

The arms shipments ceased on October 28, 1988. Over 2,000 American missiles and parts had been shipped to Iran by that point.

America sustained the war beyond simply supplying Iran. Haig told the Senate’s foreign relations committee he anticipated better relations with Iraq. The government removed Iraq from the American government’s list of terrorist countries and gave a $400 million credit guarantee for American exports to Iraq. By 1984, America and Iraq held full diplomatic relations for the first time since 1967.

The process continued until the end of the war as Iraqi and Iranian forces alike died in the line of fire. Waves of soldiers and civilians fell to bombs and chemical agents, a tragedy beyond the comprehension of the beltway strategists who sat in their comfortable homes and planned the deaths of thousands. America, an advocator of world peace, supplied both countries and sustained the war for their own gain.

America, the United Kingdom, and Germany provided technology to Iraq which allowed them to expand their missile program and radar defenses. According to a leaked, uncensored copy of Iraq’s declaration to the United Nations, they obtained the knowledge and materials required for developing unconventional weapons from 150 foreign companies. These companies came from countries including America, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and China.

The Russians remained neutral until 1982. Scared that the ideology behind the Islamic Revolution could spread to neighboring regions they controlled, the Soviets supplied weapons to Iraq. With Russia presenting itself as an enemy once again, Iran's mullahs expelled 13 Soviet diplomats and commenced a mass execution of Tudeh Party members. Iran began supporting Afghanistan’s battle against the Russians as well.

In response, the Soviets established a working relationship with Kuwait. They agreed to sell arms and protect Kuwaiti ships in the Persian Gulf. This move threatened America's control and strategy in the Persian Gulf and led to an American-influenced Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1991, several years after Kuwait's mistake.

Russian arms shipments to Iraq are estimated to have been $10 billion, including over 2,000 tanks, 300 aircraft, 300 surface-to-air missiles, and thousands of artillery and armored vehicles.

North Korea was also a major supplier to Iran. They produced and sold their own arms, and also served as a deniable intermediary to Iran for Russia and China. North Korea first sold and shipped Russian weaponry to Iran in October of 1980, not long after the war began. A billion-dollar sale of Chinese equipment followed. Iran paid for the supplies with cash and crude oil, and North Korea became Iran’s leading arms and munitions supplier in 1982.

The deals between North Korea and Iran were no laughing matter. The details of an SA-7 missile sale conducted in 1987 show the extent of international involvement in the war. As the North Korean purchases continued, Russia, who publicly sold weapons to Iran's enemies, benefited as well. In fact, the SA-7 missile shipment came from a Polish, Soviet-controlled firm known as Perenosny Zenitiny Raketny Kompleks.

European companies prospered from the deals. The London branch of Commerzbank A.G., a West German bank, posted a $100,000 performance bond. Swiss firm Wuppesahl A.G. insured the shipment and the Union Bank of Switzerland issued a letter of credit to Iran for $18,640,000. Funds transferred through London's Commerzbank, which received commission for its services, to Russia's account with the West German bank, Deutchebank A.G.

The whole world seemed to benefit from the war. America, Europe, and Russia all supplied arms to Iraq. In turn, neighboring Arab states financially supported Iraq. America, and indirectly Russia and China, supplied weaponry to Iran as well. Global superpowers maintained the war's stalemate and reaped the financial rewards at the cost of innocent lives.

The tides turned on October 5, 1986, when an American cargo plane crashed in southern Nicaragua. Two crew members died, but one, Eugene Hasenfus, lived. The Sandinista army captured him and escorted him from the crash site at gunpoint.

Hasenfus’ capture set in motion a chain of events which ultimately led to the embarrassment of Reagan’s administration. The truth of one of the biggest political scandals in American history was blown wide open. The true nature of the October Surprise, including America's arms deals with Iran, was finally exposed to the American people.

Over the course of several Congressional hearings, members of Reagan’s administration were convicted. However, none of the sentences reflected the nature of their crimes. The harshest ruling was two years of probation and a $20,000 fine. None of the politicians were imprisoned.

These events came to be known as the Iran-Contra Affair.

American involvement in the war was contradictory. Despite privately supporting Iran, they publicly opposed the Islamic Republic.

President Reagan signed National Security Decision Directive 4-82 and selected Donald Rumsfeld as his emissary to Saddam Hussein. Rumsfeld met with Hussein in December of 1983 and March of 1984. American ambassador Peter W. Galbraith said, “The Reagan administration was afraid Iraq might actually lose."

Howard Teicher, the Director of Political-Military Affairs for the National Security Council, accompanied Rumsfeld to Baghdad in 1983. According to his affidavit, the CIA secretly directed armaments and technology to Iraq through third parties in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Kuwait. They encouraged private suppliers and military companies to do the same.

Two of every seven approved licenses for the export of “dual use” technology were American. This technology was sent to Iraqi forces, weapons producers, or enterprises suspected of diverting technology to weapons of mass destruction, according to an investigation by Chairman Henry B. Gonzales of the House Banking Committee.

In the last five years of the Iran-Iraq War, 771 export licenses were given to Iraq for items relating to weapons. Iraq purchased ingredients for chemical weapons, biological agents including anthrax, cluster bombs, and calibration devices for mustard gas production. Recently declassified Congressional and NSA documents show America's government was aware and supportive of these sales.

Americans mourn the events of 9/11, which led to the deaths of over 3,000 innocents and resulted in 4,000 more military deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iranians should mourn 9/22, the date of Iraq’s invasion of Iran in 1980, which resulted in the deaths of half a million Iranian and Iraqi people.

Ironically, Jimmy Carter, who played a large part in encouraging one of the bloodiest wars in modern history, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.


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Jalil Bahar

oon Yaroo - You Are Partly Right

by Jalil Bahar on

Yes, Saddam responded in part to provocations from Khomeini; but he was financed and supported by many groups who did not care about the provocations...they had another agenda. Cerntainly the meetings in Jordan - one year in advance of the invasion with Zbig had nothing to do with the provocations. Saudi Arabia had a different idea...why they financed Iraq... The war was 'extended' for a whole host of other reasons beyond the provocation (people were making money off of it). 

Please understand the issues related to this war are not simple or can not be trivialized in one paragraph. The provocation was a factor - that is all. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Ayatoilet part 3

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I refer you to Dr. Bahar's book, his TV show, and his account provided lower in this comment string with expansive details of their involvement. I can give you his email, or you can contact him via facebook and talk to him directly.

I never accept things when they do not make sense to me. Who is Dr. Bahar and why should I believe him? For all that matter he could drive over to my house and tell me in his own words. I still do not think it makes any sense. As I said before: Americans built the Iranian military. They supported Saddam and did not need Bakhtiyar or RP. Therefore the "motive" is gone. There was no value to anything Dr. Bakhtiyar or RP would provide Saddam. Now Bahar may talk all he wants.

Yes there was just one sentence here. But it speaks to your motives and credibility. You throw in an accusation totally inflammatory and are surprised to get a reaction? It is like writing a blog and putting in a single "N" word: duh!


Oon Yaroo


by Oon Yaroo on



Thank you dear Fair and Ayatoilet1 for NOT forgetting about 9/22

by Bavafa on

There are certainly many claims here with much of it proven facts and some of it new allegations.  However, one of the most important part is not to forget the unprovoked attack on our mother land and the double dealing of the West and its involvement in that unlawful and criminal war specially the use of WMD that was provided mainly by the West. Never  forget


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



VPK - I chose to accept Dr. Bahar's Account

by ayatoilet1 on

This article is about the Iran-Iraq war. AND, as far as the claims regarding RPII and Bakhtiar, I refer you to Dr. Bahar's book, his TV show, and his account provided lower in this comment string with expansive details of their involvement. I can give you his email, or you can contact him via facebook and talk to him directly. In doing my own investigations on the Iran-Iraq war, I have found Dr. Bahar's account to be absolutely credible and consistent with the facts on the ground. The meeting in New York between Ashraf and Bakhtiar absolutely happened. Bakhtiar himself did absolutely fly to Iraq, that is proven. I mean there are explicit details - flights, dates, times, etc. that are impossible to refute. 

I only refered to their involvement in one sentence. The Monarchists have made this article about RPII - and it is not. And by the way, I refer to the account as coming from an "aid"; Dr. Bahar has provided much more detail (and refers to him as a butler type, who was a former decorated military officer). Anyway, again this article is about the Iran-Iraq war (not about RPII); and this article has explicit details of western, eastern etc. government level involvement in starting and sustaining the war.

I agree, we should laugh at the Diaspora. The Monarchists, Mojaheds, Tudehs all want to dominate the opposition's political sphere and they have a track record of betrayal and corruption in their leadership. As long as they lead, the IRI will be squarely where they are.

Finally, I did not write this article to attack RPII. I simply wrote the facts as I have them . I want to reiterate that I AM NOT AGAINST RPII, or a MONARCHY. I simply do not want to replace one dictatorship with another one. Monarchists must prove that they are democrats and servants of the will of the people. NOT A PLATFORM FOR CORRUPTION AND DICTATORSHIP. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Ayatoilet part 2

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I want to dig into these allegations against RP and Bakhtiyar. What did RP a man of 19 knew of Iranian military secrets that America did not? What did Bakhtiyar know for that matter. He had 3 months of PM post. While Americans had 25 years of building the whole thing. Do you really think the Americans needed these guys? 

Not to mention that both RP and Bakhtiyar are and were patriots. They would never do what you claim. The worst of it is to base in on a driver! What are his motives and what is he getting for his lies? Why should I take the word of an unknown over two proven patriots? It is this kind of mindless Pahlavi hating that keeps us divided. No wonder people laugh at the diaspora. When IRI goes it will be no thanks to such people.

Now I wait for the next outlandish attack on RP and Bkhtiyar. Maybe they are both pod people? Or from Mars.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Ayatoilet part 1

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are saying many things in your blog; some make sense. Other parts are absolutely false specially implicating Reza Pahlavi and I suggest you withdraw that false accusation.. Now to others:

  • There was no need for Bkhtiyar or Reza Pahlavi to tell Saddam anything. The whole Iranian military was built by Americans. They were in a position to tell Saddam anything he needed.
  • Germany really outside itself in the war by providing Iraq. I think they proved their Nazi genes are fully intact. After all these years they learned nothing. Their pretense to being civilized is just that.
  • You are right about Jimmy Carter being the cause of one of the worst wars. That is one reason I despise the Nobel Peace prize. To me it is an insult only the worst people should get. 

Soosan Khanoom

I can't agree more dear Ayatoliet

by Soosan Khanoom on

"this is an article about the Iran-Iraq war and about the date when Iraq invaded Iran which was 9/22/80. I believe this date is or should be a date akin to 9/11/01 when the US was attacked too - for Iranians. I mean it should be an official day of mourning for Iranians everywhere." 


Both events were indeed the tragic loss of innocent and vulnerable human life.  While 9/11 event was condemned, as it should be,  by every single nation in the world with no exception , the Iran-iraq war at the time, however, was supported and founded so shamelessly by many so called democratic nations.... and there lies the only difference. 


Oon Yaroo

Gary Sick's book....!? No thanks but no thanks!

by Oon Yaroo on

Whay if Gary Sick's book is full of sick nonsense!?


Reply to Comments (this article is about the Iran-Iraq War)

by ayatoilet1 on

First of all this is an article about the Iran-Iraq war and about the date when Iraq invaded Iran which was 9/22/80. I believe this date is or should be a date akin to 9/11/01 when the US was attacked too - for Iranians. I mean it should be an official day of mourning for Iranians everywhere.

Bahramerad, (or should I say Feereidoon Khan) - you know one thing that makes Dr. Bahar's information very credible is that he uses his own name, provides his photograph, and has always been very open about his identity - and has not been sued by RPII. He is on the internet, has had a TV show for years, spoken at numerous conferences etc .etc. and NEVER BEEN SUED. Basically - with that type of openess - his information is impossible to discount and discredit. He uses his real name, and you can even ask for his phone number as many like me have, and you can call him, talk to him...he'll give you his address  - everything. He obviously speaks the truth and is afraid of no one. We need more Dr. Bahar's - and Iran would be liberated by now.

This article is NOT about Reza Pahlavi II. The solutions to all of Iran's ailments is NOT RPII or the monarchy. If a tree needs to be watered you don't go out and call in the King. If the child has diarehea or a swollen stomach you don't need to call the king.  The Monarchy is NOT everything. Just like the Ayatoilets in Iran are not everything. They are NOT sacred - as JJ keeps pointing out. No one is sacred. Iran belongs to Iranians - not Kings, not Ayatollahs, not Western Oil companies, Not Chinese Oil Companies ...Iran is for Iranians.

The one thing that really troubles me about Monarchists and Mojahedeens (MEK/PMOI/MKO) and Communists (Tudeh party) is that they always want to monopolize any political discussion and throw in their "worship" of RPII or Rajavi or an ideology etc. - they NEVER allow any room for some other view point or solution. They are NOT democrats. There is NO free speech arround them. The Monarchists, Mojaheds, and Tudeh are all DICTATORS.

Now believe it or not, I am not against the Monarchy. I actually think the Monarchy can add value to Iran and Iranians. I actually think RPII is a decent guy, but needs to become more effective in his opposition. I do not oppose him, but I am a slave to facts. If I am to write, I will write the truth.

But I am against the Monarchy being the Panacea for all of Iran's ills; and I am against the monopolization of the political space by Monarchists and this view that they Monarchy can do no wrong and is holier than every one else. RPII has screwed up; so did his dad....if they had not screwed up the Mullahs in Iran would not be in power right now. If the Monarchy comes back to Iran, it must IN SERVICE TO the people of Iran, not the other way arround. At best, the Monarchy must become the guarantor of Iranian democracy - not a vehicle for MOnarchists to create another dictatorship ...and platform for corruption.  

As for "Oon Yaroo's" comments, I would only suggest he or she take a day and read the Robert Perry or Gary Sick books on the "October Surprise" or Ken Timerman's book referenced in my article or Dr. Bahar's book "The Destruction of Iran" and then open his/her mouth.

There is a need for a new political dialogue and a new political force for Iran. A platform that is honest, that is free, that is competent and brave. We can only beat the Mullahs by being better and more sophisticated. We need a new force outside of the Monarchist, Mojahed, Communist, and Islamic regime.

The facts are the facts. I have laid them out plainly for everyone. It is the truth as best as I have discovered it - by continuously investigating this subject. The Iran-Iraq war is black mark on the history of the West, Iran, Iraq... and many people did things they regret. We must be open and honest about what happened. And like Bahmani said, the one nugget out of all these facts is that Iranians need to become self reliant in fighting for Iranian freedoms and democracy and the West is an unreliable partner in this quest.

Those dreaming of an American soldier riding into Tehran on a white horse and putting Reza Pahlavi II or Rajavi in power - need to wake up and stop dreaming. No one cares about Iran or one cares about our fallen heros. No one cares about the realities of this war. And we Iranians - have NEVER - NOT ONCE publicly called out Jimmy Carter or George Bush or anyone on the terrible misdeeds they were responsible for.  More than 500,000 people died or were wounded. Iran still has ensave asylums with fallen soldiers that have developed neurosis from the War. Iran still has hospitals devoted to those injured through chemical agents used in this war.

Shame on those that participated in creating and sustaining this war. Shame on those that profited from it. Shame on those that cooperated with Saddam Hussein and they know who they are. Shame on Rajavi's - Iran's number one traitors. Shame on the regime in Iran - Khomeini and his gang ..for how they managed the war without value for human life and dignity.

It is not an exageration to say, that the Kuwait war (1991) and the Invasion of Iraq 2003 were both further derivations of this war - and those hundreds of thousands of deaths should be added to the casualty list of the Iran-Iraq war.

Jimmy Carter - I don't know how you sleep at night? After all - you (Jimmy) started it all!


evidence from Ayatoilet/Bahar? denial/explanation from JM/RP?

by MM on

I am familiar with the 8-year war that killed thousands of Iranians, almost destroyed Iran and solidified the IRI's position.  The double-dealings of the foreign governments who supported Iran or Iraq for one reason or another are also well-known.  But, this is the first serious allegation on RPII/Bakhtiar's cooperation with the murderous regime of Saddam.  And, backed up by Mr. Bahar.  Iranians have always accused the MEK of cooperating with Saddam and view it as  treturous, unforgivable and considered as treason.  Although, I do not consider JM/monarchists as cults and physically attacking Iran, the Kurds and the S. Iraqis.

These are serious accusations and very important in understanding the history of Iran.  I would like to ask Ayatoilet and Mr. Bahar to provide credible references/dates to back up their charges, and JM/Monarchists to either officially explain or deny them.  I also hope that the Iraqi government would some day open up her archives and clear up questions on MEK and these accusations.  Thank you.

Oon Yaroo

US built, supported, trained, maintained,...

by Oon Yaroo on

supplied, and sustained Iranian Armed Forces up until 1979 when it finally nuetralized and handed it over on a silver platter to the mullahs.

US did NOT need Reza Pahlavi for information about the whereabouts of the decapitated, disintegrated, disorganized, and demoralized remains of the once glorious Iranian military in 1980! By 1980, the cream of the crop of the Iranian Army, Air Force, and Navy had either been executed, jailed, purged, or forced into exile!

Sad'dam invaded Iran becasue of 1 (ONE) reason and that's Khomeini's desire and consistent brag about exporting his evil and deadly revolution to Iraq and other Muslim countires. 

When IRI took over the US Embassy on 4 Nov 1979 and held 52 American hostages that made Americans mad to the point of hostage rescue which failed and potential support of any future mitary attack by US or others on IRI justifiable. Too bad US didn't attack IRI at that time!

Now, could US have provided the info to the Iraqis? Yes, Americans never deny nor confirm these matters and I don't blame them, remember 52 hostages!

As others have stated, Ayatoilet is full of toilet!


You don't know what you are talking about and are a liar .....

by Bahramerad on


... from your own article .....


One of Reza Pahlavi’s aids later confirmed his
involvement in identifying integral Iranian military targets. Bakhtiar's friends
confirmed that he had travelled to Baghdad many times prior to the invasion

Why don't you ask Mr Bahar why he was chucked out of National Front ? and why he is such a an enemy of The Shah and bad mouths him at every
opportunity that he gets ? Instead of trying to defend an indefensible mistake that you have made in
your article - be a man and withdraw that statement .




interesting read

by Fatollah on

i agree with most of what you wrote, and I also believe we Iranians need to take a good look at ourselves before accusing one another!

thanks for sharing and reminding. 

Darius Kadivar

ayatoilet1 Jan seems at least you to have made some progress ...

by Darius Kadivar on

By calling your Legitimate Sovereign by his adequate title: RP II ...


BORN TO RULE : monarchy puts the success into succession 

by Niall Ferguson



And not just "RP" or worse "Reza" ... 


So there may still be some hope in saving your soul from 32 years of Jomhurykhah Propaganda ...




Maybe if you start doing your homework seriously you will stop making erroneous claims on the concept of Royalty in general:


ROYAL FORUM: Explaining the Concept of a Constitutional Monarchy to a Staunch Republican

And hopefully join what should be your "natural" political constituency instead :


Constitutionalist Student's Views On Shah's Rule after Mossadegh's Downfall

Constitutionalist Student Shares Views On Mohammed Reza Shah's Rule

Constitutionalist Student Shares Views on the Pros and Cons of Reza Shah's Rule

Cyrus Amir-Mokri on Pros and Cons of 1906 Constitution

Nader Naderpour: How Rennaissance inspired Iran's Constitutional Revolution


AUDIO: Shahbanou Farah on Bakhtiar and the Anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution


Instead of digging into the same Bankrupt Jomhurykhah arguments full of Historical bias ...


HISTORY FORUM: Bahram Moshiri's Take on The French Revolution and Why He Misses The Point ;0)

REVOLUTION DEMYSTIFIED: Truth and Lies Surrounding the French Revolution


More on this later if I have time to join this interesting and hopefully constructive exchange  ...


So Stay tuned ... 








Bahramerad - two lines from you can;t reject 40 lines of facts

by ayatoilet1 on

You have not provided anything that has rejected the facts here. The facts are that RPII met with Iraqis here in the US, and was part of a group that supported exchange of informaiton with them and financed Bakhtiar. I think its pretty clear that all that absolutely happened. No one said RPII went to Iraq, but that members of that team went.

As for Dr. Bahar being a traitor; as far as I can see he has only revealed true facts here - and that is a service to the Iranian nation. I know that he has been a prominent member of the National Front. In a free and democratic country that is perfectly fine. There are republican and democratic members of the U.S. foreign service. There is nothing inconsistent with patriotism for people to have political views like that. National Front members actually support the 1906 constitution, as far as I know.  Mossadeq actually supported the Shah, it was the Shah that did not support Mossadeq. And by the way, I can't imagine him 'secretly' being a national front member while working for the foreign service, because his father was Mossadeq's chief of staff...

But, like all monarchists, you seem to be quick to connect members of the National Front to communism - and that is a big mistake - that actually cost Iran its democracy. Mossadeq was NOT a communist. That is exactly what the Brits told Eisenhower, to arrange the coup in 1953. You are very, very mistaken on this.

AS I said before, we can only make progress as Iranians, if we confront the facts of our past. I urge those reading this blog to scroll down and read the entirety of responses so they realize Bahramerad's post does not represent the entirety of views.  Everytime Bahramerad posts he digs a bigger hole for himself and RPII. And by the way, I have a great deal of respect for RPII; but I think there is still a great deal he can and needs to do to support the cause of democracy in Iran. I do discount his adventures in the 80's to exhuberant youth. We've all been there.


You and Mr. Bahar are both liars

by Bahramerad on

  ,,, There is a well know Persian proverb that goes something like this  -
They asked a thief who is your witness - he replies - my tail ! .... 

Mr Bahar was a traitor to his country when he was working in Royal Iranian
foreign office and secretly supporting the National front and the communist -
and also after the revolutions while he was still under the pay role of the
mullahs - till he fled to London and later to the US.

I don't believe a thing that he says regarding this subject.


So ... who is stinking to high heaven --- you , me 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

AyaToilet is a good name for you, because ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

... it fully describes the content of your arguments!

And as any ayatoilet attracts many hungry flies ... you seem to have found a nice "following" too.



آره امیرسکولر جون...


فارسی نه فقط می‌تونم بخونم، حتی می‌تونم بنویسم.

حالا یک زره لطفا به فارسی به ما توضیح بده: چرا تو آدم "سکولار" و "منارچیست"، هر دفعه که یک نفر انتقاد بنیانی از خمینی یآ جمهوری اسلامی میکنه، اینجوری بهش میپری؟

سلام ما رو به سوزی جون هم برسون، بگو دل‌ ما براش یک زره شده :).

شب جفتتون خوش! 


 Mr. Bahar: Can you back

by vildemose on

 Mr. Bahar: Can you back up your assertions about Bakhtiar with verfiable and factual sources??

Reform requires the consent of the corrupt


Can someone verify whether

by vildemose on

Can someone verify whether Khomeini's book was written by him or this is just propaganda piece??

Reform requires the consent of the corrupt


Roozbeh Gilani to appreciate khomeini you have to be able to

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

read farsi,

can you read farsi?

if so look at a scanned copy of his works.


Love And Light, Amir Parviz


cromwell lost his head too!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

i put the blame for entire iran/iraq war on khomeini himself.

1) by constantly encouraging, openly, the shiat iraqis to revolt against saddam, he not only gave saddam the excuse and cause he needed to attack, but also guaranteed the support of all arab nations for Iraq.

2) by declining the UN cease fire, the blood sucking  murdering old evil, extended the war, without any gain for Iran, in the process hundreds of thouands more died.

The eventual losers of this disasterous war were ordinary Iranians and Iraqis who lost over a million dead. the war damage in khuzestan is still not repaired. The winner, without a doubt was khomeini and his evil islamist regime who consolidated their grip on Iran, mass executing the political prisoners at the end of the war.

This war from begining to end, like most wars indeed, was pure shame and disaster, no glory, nothing to boast about....

Thanks Ayatoilet. and your user ID simply rocks!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Reply to all the comments...

by ayatoilet1 on

Fair-Jan: I think you are right, the Mullahs did far more to destroy Iran’s military than anyone else; and for sure it is absolutely true for every traitor Military man who helped Saddam, there were thousands of heroic Iranian officers who put their lives on the line for our country. The very purpose of writing this article is to honor their lives – and everyone else who “against the odds” fought for Iran.

As for Dr. Bahar; I think he is a very credible source of information, and the extent of his input on this should be convincing not just for me but everyone that doubted the facts regarding RPII and Bakhtiar. I want to express my thanks for taking the time to provide the facts and the public support for the article. It was his book I referenced in the article. One thing I have been thinking about all day is if Shahbazi is lying why did RPII not sue him, since he went very public with his announcements. I made a few calls and I was told that actually Shahbazi sued RPII for back wages!! So there has to be truth to his allegations.

As for the monarchists (like Bahramerad) who were pointing fingers this morning, accusing me of lying, the more they say “pif, pif, pif” and pointing fingers, the more everyone seems to realize that RPII was the one who actually farted. We could have had a comment string about many aspects of the war but it has been endless comments about RPII – they are forcing a focus on him that keeps reinforcing the facts in the article. 

I appreciate Darius Kadivar’s considered comments, and all this usual links. I always learn something from his comments. I think Darius’s observation was right, I (myself) do sometimes think that the Shah created the conditions and is partly to blame for Khomeini and company to come to power. The Shah had 25 years to restore Iran’s democracy; and become a great symbolic leader – like Spain’s King.

As Bahmani rightly says, he (RPII) was 20 or so; and I think RPII can be forgiven, although Iranians must never forget. If he wants to claim the throne again, he must demonstrate competence and bravery. RPII’s business deals to date have not been successful, and it hasn’t taken much bravery to make speeches. Iranians, if they ever vote in a referendum to bring back the monarchy, will be looking for someone that can be a “guarantor” of freedom and democracy.

I have commented in the past on that there are two issues with bringing the monarchy back. The first one is whether it should come back? And the second is who should be the new monarch? I believe that if a new leader emerges like and Oliver Cromwell (in England) or George Washington (in US) that defeats the forces against freedom and democracy in Iran, that they should be offered the monarchy too. By the way both Cromwell and Washington declined the offer.


Remember 9/22 indeed

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Dear Ayatoilet, thank you for bringing up this very good point, and reminding us Iranians of our 9/22, the day of infamy that no Iranian should ever forget, and whose lessons no Iranian should ignore.

I also doubt the assertions made about RPII and Shapour Bakhtiar et al helping Saddam Hussein, the sworn enemy of Iran.  I can tell you this-if there was any Iranian military officer that did as claimed here,  there were countless other members of Iranian military who fought bravely and stopped Iraqi invaders in their tracks despite being massively outnumbered and outgunned and persecuted by their own regime.  That is why 6 Iraqi armored divisions facing less than 1 Iranian armored division could not reach their objectives, and what was supposed to take 3 days took forever and ultimately failed.  The very air force whose planes were supposed to be inoperable, whose pilots were jailed and executed and expelled, who was supposed to be non existent, stepped up to the plate and defended the country, most of them did not survive and never received even close to the thanks they deserved.  Unlike the first responders of 9/11.

If any Iranian leadership/power center is to be blamed for this calamity, it is the anti Iranian mullahcrocy led by the Iran hating Khomeini.  It is he who isolated us, declared war on the US, put us on a war footing, destroyed our military from the inside, and left us open to such a cowardly attack.  The Iranian armed forces were damaged much more by Khomeini than by Saddam, and both Saddam and Khomeini were enemies of Iran.  May they both rot in hell, and long live Iran.

Thank you again for reminding us.  I will never forget.

Jalil Bahar

A Little More Support

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After The  so called Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 , escaped authorities of previous regime tried to form an opposition to campaign against present murderers and  armed thieves  ruling in Iran. When Bakhtiar escapes to Paris a meeting held in NY.Present at that meetings were Princess Ashraf twin sister of Shah , General Ghlam Ali Oveisi,Ali Rezaii, Kambiz Aataby,Hooshang Ansari,Brigadier General Javad Moinzadeh. These personalities decide to use Bakhtiar as a head of opposition and finance a movement led by him . Princess Ashraf declares that she is ready to grant 500,000 USD to Bakhtiar .Two or three people present at the meeting declare their readiness to take the money to Bakhtiar but Ashraf was reluctant to send the money through volunteers so  declares that she personaly takes the money and pays to Bakhtiar in Paris and she does it. After this first payment all Bakhtiar activities was financed by Saddam Hussain. Millions of USD paid in cash in Baghdad to Bakhtiar’s agent whom at that time was Sirus Aamoozgar which was delivering the cash to Bakhtiar. Bakhtiar generously was distributing these cashes among his supporters and paying them fixed salaries .Against these payments he expected them to work as a member of 5th column of Iraq forces and follow the policy of Saddam which all were doing so with one way or another. Bakhtiar called his supporters as members of National Resistance movement Which it was not in a real sense Movement or National Or akind of Resistense  at all. When Bakhtiar was murdered until his killers found many people they were thinking Saddam has managed to kill Bakhtiar and not The Mafia ruling in Iran. Because Saddam’s Intelligence discovered that all the money goes to Bakhtiar is wasted by him and his collaborators which somehow was true. I personally know some of Bakhtiar’s confidants depositing the monies in British Banks and buying properties in London as an investment but in their own names and not in the name of any organization or Bakhtiar himself. Bakhtiar was getting the blames only.There was corruption in spending those money and stealing for sure. But later on when   all murderes of Bakhtiar were known and arrested world came to know that the murderers of Bakhtiar all were agents of Mafia ruling in Iran. I well remember that Bakhtiar personally went to Baghdad and met Saddam to compromise and agree to term and conditions of Saddam . Bakhtiar openly after that meeting in all his interviews admitted his support and collaboration with Iraq and  confirmed the receipt of money from Saddam  and never did hide or deny that. I personally when criticized him he answered “General De Gaul also for resistance was collaborating with foreign countries”!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Mahmood Pourshalchi an Iranian Journalist at that time released lot of information concerning the receipt of money from Iraq and published the and distributed pay list of those who were receiving money from Bakhtiar. All Bakhtiar was doing was not only to support Saddam  but clearly he was for reaffirming the constitution of 1906 of Iran which according to that constitution Reza Pahlavi was to be recognized as official Crown Prince to replace his  deposed father.

Jalil Bahar

Statements About Reza Pahlavi and Bakhtiar Are factually correct

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I personally interviewed Ali Shahbazi on my program and there is no question his statements are accurate, and have had first hand engagement with Bakhtiar's associates. Here is more information for everyone:    1- A group of Iranian army officers of Shah’s regime met with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad to encourage him to continue war with Iran and they provided all necessary information and documents to Saddam about strategic and most important roads and depots and  logistic centers  or locations to be  bombed or demolished by Iraqi  forces. Further to the submitting information that delegation which was headed by General Gholam Ali Oveisi former Commander of Iranian Army promised  to furnish all sorts of co-operation to support  Iraqi’s commanders at any level and try to keep in touch on regular bases whenever and wherever might be required. Against such a co-operation Saddam promised to finance General Gholam Ali Oveisi’s efforts as planned as much as fund might be required. First payment to General Gholam Ali Oveisi has been mentioned at the same time was 8,000,000 (eight million US Dollars). General Gholam Ali Oveisi and Shapoor Bakhtiar both accepted   to go ahead with Saddam’s proposals and act as 5th column of Iraqi forces which they did and both murdered by Islamic Republic of Iran in Paris.   General Gholam Ali Oveisi and Shapoor Bakhtiar both openly declared that they are  trying to reinstate Reza Pahlavi (who was crown Prince at the time) as a king  for Iran.  These arrangements and agreements could not take place without  Reza Pahlavi’s consent and his confirmation and co-operation.   2 – Mr. Ali Shahbazi a non commission officer who was one of the confidant of shah and his family which after Revolution was serving as an assistant to Reza Pahlavi in Washington in TV show which took place in Ranga Rang TV sometime in 2002 - 2003 revealed that when he was working for Reza Pahlavi  one day he was  told by Prince himself that “to day I have 2 or 3 visitors who are Iraqi army or air force officers ,you (Shahbazi) be careful  when they come to lead them to my office immediately and manage all security arrangements for my meeting with them in away nobody can interrupt us or see them (Iraqi Officers) or find out they are here to meet me” Shahbazi continued saying I did whatever he asked me to do but as such meeting to me was not a sort of normal visit I became curious and when I took the guests (Iraqi Officers) into  Prince’s office and shut the door and came out I put my ear on the door to listen to their conversation. As soon as Prince  stood up to welcome them to shake hand I heard prince said I hope you hit all targets ? one of the officers answered we could hit 176 of them and not all of them. So I became sure  that Reza Pahlavi ‘s question was about the targets which definitely he provided information to the air force of Iraq and the number of targets has been more than 200 which Iraqi planes hit 176 of them and no more. The tape of Shahbazi’s evidence in TV called Ranga Rang is available and whatever Mr.Shahbazi revealed never has been denied until present time. I hope these information are convincing and are to everyone's satisfaction.


This is what I call an Article!

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Finally, a well thought out and properly reported piece! Great job! I hope other writers take note of this and pattern their pieces as well as this one.

I also want to make one note that post revolution, and given his age is the same as mine, I doubt that Reza Pahlavi was sane enough (Because I wasn't), to have made the right decision if he indeed met with the Iraqis to provide target or other intelligence. Even if he was sane enough to pull it off, the standard approach of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" could certainly apply, and one could not fault him for trying to do anything to regain control over a religious extremist hijacking of Iran.

I mean, if RPII did indeed try to help the Iraqis, this is possibly the best attempt to free Iran from a horror, that has been now proven beyond anyone's doubt.

Although I am sure that some reading this will assert that the IRI has been a veritable fertilizer for Iran's "progress". I'll agree that the IRI is fertilizer.

My main comment though, is that this above all proves that the fate of Iran lies ONLY in the hands of progressive Iranians. This report should serve to remove ANY remaining illusions that we can rely on any foreign powers to hold our best interests at hearts.

Especially now, I am highly suspect of China, who have shown a resurgent arrogant racist empire building attitude towards any non-Chinese. In other words, the entire non-Chinese world. God I can't wait for their workers to become rich enough to revolt...

As long as Iran has oil, and the slightest geo-strategic value, we will only be sold anything and everything under the sun, purely to gain our trust, precisely so we can be screwed. Again. As has been our history post Persian Empire (Note: based on the evidence, I do not believe that the Pahlavi era can be part of the Persian Empire, maybe next time.)

Only when Iran is under the sane and de-culted rule of its good people (as opposed to it's bad ones), will it thrive and achieve it's best potential.

Until then, as long as foreigners and even our own betray us at every step, Iran is a fast disappearing harpooned whale, floundering alongside the ship, slowly leaking blood, waiting to die, and be stripped of it's vital organs and meat.

Great piece once again.

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The incredible arrogance and ignorance...

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That is displayed by uttering this sentence is beyond belief.

"9/22 was Iranians' just reward for brutally dismantling our patriotic military"

Many hundreds of thousands of young Iranians destroyed lives are being painted as a JUST REWARD , as if there is ever any reason good enough to attach and kill and destryo lives.

I have little doubt that this ignorant person did not move a finger to defend his country either from the Saddam army or the IRI regiem.

And certainly, shame  on you.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Omid Parsi

Nonesense ...

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Weaving elaborate farical tales of conspiracy is a hallmark of Iranian "thinking" since at least the time of Zartusht!! In fact it would take be a miracle if our nation, so adamantly fond of delusion and so proudly in denial of reality, had a different predicament than Iran's present day abyss. 9/22 was Iranians' just reward for brutally dismantling our patriotic military, the most powerful in all of the region, while sheepishly following their subhuman illiterate mullahs who were looking for an occasion to turn on the "martyrdom" machine. Let's admit that our insane people were not up to running our country after having toppled the Shah, a patriot turned despot for that very same reason, in a fit of total insanity... Shame on us who claim to have all this culuture and history, but can do nothing to differentiate ourselves from total barbarians...