A Plea to the Iranian Opposition Abroad


by divaneh

The cruelty and lack of human rights in Iran has brought me to the point of explosion and I know well that I am not the only one. Unfortunately none of our opposition parties seems to be able to handle explosives.

We get angry and we get upset and we just watch and wait. From time to time someone writes a blog and accuse the rest of the keyboard warriors of being inactive chelo kabab lovers who do nothing for their homeland. I don’t think that I am the only one who finds those bloggers immature and unrealistic. Nevertheless to ignore our responsibilities as more fortunate members of a society that suffers the brutalities of an inhumane regime is nothing but selfishness.

No need to say that power is in numbers and none of us can do anything of real value single handedly. This is a task for an organisation and that is in my view where we have our weakest link. We seem to lack an organisation who can tap, lead and manage all the potential energy.

In a recent exchange with Masoud Kazemzadeh I asked him if Jebhe Melli and INF-Abroad did anything more than releasing statements and was informed of a few actions in the last few years. Now I like to know if any other group or party had a practical plan to help leading Iran out of this quagmire.

At the time that we need the unity more than ever before to help pave the way for democratic changes in Iran, there are undemocratic groups such as Monarchists, MEK and Democratic Islamists (whatever it is or whatever they call themselves) who do not appreciate that appointing people to the future positions or devising exclusive policies will only help to divide and disincentivize the opposition and ultimately help the ruling Mafia. All we see from these groups are constant bickering of each other that has left us bereft of a single valuable political entity to assume the vacant post of the leader of the opposition.

In absence of a real opposition who cares for the future of Iran, we witness conferences such as the one that was recently organised in London by Alireza Nourizadeh and was supported by Saudi Arabia where disintegration of Iran was discussed under the guise of plans for a federal Iran. Where are the papers of a conference that is discussing the future of our country by self-appointed few behind closed doors?

Recently China and Russia voted against appointing a Human Rights Special Rapporteur for Iran in direct contradiction to Iranian people’s human rights. Which of the opposition political groups took or planned actions against these enemies of the Iranian people?

My plea to the Iranian opposition groups is to play their historical roles, to unite and to reach Iranian diaspora for help. Statements, silent demonstrations and videos will not do the job. That is just preaching to the converted. Enough have been said, we now need a plan of action. We must challenge the supporters of the ruling Mafia, most notably Russia and China to change their policies. We must support oppositions in China, Russia, Venezuela, Syria and any other country who is the partner in the crimes against the Iranian people.  We must reach those countries who class themselves as friends of Iran such as Turkey and India to be the true friends of the Iranian people (and not just friends of its government) in this moment of need, review their policies and push for democratic reforms in Iran.  This is in my view where we can most effectively help the change in Iran. This is one duty that we are better placed to fulfil than our people inside the country. That is where you can take advantage of our untapped energies.  Lead the way with a clear vision and a good plan and we support you.

Now, do we today have the right organisation to lead us or do we have to create it?


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by divaneh on

That's just another irrelevant comment. I am very glad that you won't introduce anyone to this site. Too much nonsense would be unbearable.

I still can't see why Admin thought a music video with the intention of portraying Iranian opposition as gay, and my comment that I liked the video deserved deletion by admin, never mind your hallucinations.



Germany was a democracy?

by Simorgh5555 on

Germany was a democracy before WW2? I think you misses the years between 1933 and 1945.

Divaneh, you are right. It is not for one individual to fight the regime. Throwing yourself infront of a mob of Basijis will get you killed and become a martyr. But martyrs will give morale to a resistance movement but it won't change a thing.

Only a mass movement or ground force will change this evil regime.  


We are not good organisers

by divaneh on

Dear Ari I agree that we are not good organisers but I was not aware that IC was short of funds. I thought it had joined forces with another organisation who was investing in the site.

You are correct when you say that Iranians have a negative mentality and it has got worse in the last 3o years of even more oppression. I don't know if they can be blamed when they are constantly fed with lies through TV, Radio and papers. When they are robbed of what they have and left with nothing but hate. Now if that hate can be used to construct a fair country, so be it. Unfortunately rage is most often blind.  



Shazde Asdola

by Simorgh5555 on

And what is your solution? Continue to wait for the second Messiah or Kaveh the Blacksmith and Rostam to come liberate Iran? I never said nuke Iran and that was a deliberate misinterpretation of what I said.

You know I'm starting to resent you spineless Iranian opposition who continue to sit in the comfort of your LA penthouse apartment giving your crap token gestures of sympathy which aren't woth a rats arse to anyone.

It is you who wants an easy fix and continue to lie to the people that negotiating with the Mullahs can stop 8 people being executed every hour let alone change the regime.

You are totally our of touch with reality. Its not your family or relatives being hanged every hour so I guess it doesn't really matter. Carry on living as an Americanised rootless exile and pretend you never were an Iranian. Its better for everyone.  


I taught I taw a pooty cat!!

by Tavana on

I did! I did! I did taw a pooty cat! A bad bad divaneh pooty cat!

Tell me, tell me now, who the heck is this 'We' in your trickery this time, you bad old pooty cat?

Tweety Bird

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

I flagged your comment and will continue to do so until

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

you learn to discuss issues instead of you and your gang constantly harassing and abusing people who post here, or until JJ does his job and puts a stop to the aggression. 

Pendar Neek's comment and video were very appropriate indeed, it's just that most of you can't get your head around anything, except for cyber-punching people you don't even know. The lack of literacy is truly terrifying.

As for your blog and related to the contents of this comment of mine, I would never introduce anybody to this site, let alone encourage to join a bunch of ranting, forever-venting hooligans in "opposition", whose predominant behaviour isn't dissimilar to a mob dictatorship.  


Dear Simurgh

by divaneh on

Unfortunately you are right and there is a very little hope if any that this can be accomplished without bloodshed. We however need to do what we can to weaken the ruling Mafia in order to have the least resistance from them.

Germany was a democratic country before the war. I don't know much about Japan's political system prior to war but I can see plenty of examples of democracy through military action in our own area including Iraq and Afghanistan. None a very attractive option.

A land force supported by air force would be very similar to the case in Libya and can be a very dangerous option and can result in the disintegration of the country.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Sorry: I totally had forgotten about "Bombing"

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Thanks Simorgh dear for your "enlightening" and frightening spector of carpet bumbing and nuclear bombing of Iran.

"There is nothing like the smell of Napalm in the morning ..."

Yes, it is very simple ... hey it may actually "WORK"!


Ari Siletz

Mole hills first

by Ari Siletz on

1. We didn't organize to make tiny IC an independent member-funded entity. Mole hills first!

2. As for political organizations, a cultural mindset of negativity makes it easy for a few individuals to incite large crowds into hate frenzies that make organization building impossible (part of the "cursing" problem that Shazdeh mentions ). Such "leaders" cause us to prefer--even delight in--destroying organizations we don't like
or character assassinating the opponent to building the
organizations we want or supporting alternative ideas. In the US, politicians limit their negativity against their opponents for fear of backlash from a generally positive thinking culture. No such limits exist yet in our political culture. As an extreme example, calling someone a jinn worshipper does not reduce--even enhances--the credibility of the accuser among his followers. Shazdeh's main point can be expanded to: positive leadership fails, whereas negative leadership succeeds in Iran. Answering the question as to why may help us climb some mole hills and later set our sights on mountains.

Good blog, Divaneh, and a worthy call to thought and action.


Life is about hope Shazde

by divaneh on

We are not less than any other nation who has met that challenge. We just need to be organised and united to have the maximum effect. I don't even think we need to have an upheaval, we just need to have law and proper control of affair by people through a real democracy. That way, anything that people do not wish to have, has to go. Unfortunately we won't gain that control without a great deal of push and shove.



by Simorgh5555 on

Sure. Germany was levelled by bomgs and Japan was blown up by a nuclear bomb and they turned out to the the Greatest Democracies in the world.

I am not suggesting this fate for Iran.That would be treasons.  A ground force and opposition army committed to secular democracy must be established. However, any ground force must be supported by an airforce. 

Name me any country which has become a democracy without bloodshed. Mandella advocated violence and sanctions helped stop apartheid. Gandhi's civil disobedience was overshadowed by religious violence which led to the British Raj collapsing and calling for partitioon and the new independent state of Pakistan being created living alongside India. India is the greatest democracy in the world. 

It would be simply naive to belive these Islamic thugs in the IR can be reasoned with. They prefer to eat you alive and spew you out of their mouth.  

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Divaneh jan: there is no hope of "seeing a free and just Iran"

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

"Cursing" is all we (both you and I, and they) have left. Just look at your reply to Pendar Nik. Or the "article" by T.P.

Bad Stories for Bad Kids


Dear Simorgh

by divaneh on

You show me one country that was turned into a democracy through bombardment.


Dear Shazde

by divaneh on

I fully agree that simple is always the best, but sometimes there is no simple solution. I just think we need to move from cursing to action if there is ever a hope of seeing a free and just Iran.



by divaneh on

Why PN first comment and my reply were deleted? He made a fool of himself and I very politely responded to that. Please don't be so trigger happy.


پندار تهی


I said valuable contribution not the childish and immature ones. As I said before, go play.


Good blog. But don't kid

by Simorgh5555 on


Shazde Asdola Mirza

We are a simple (read stupid) people, We need a simple plan

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Contrary to our own belief, Iranians are a simple (I mean stupid) people. We don't read books, we can't understand concepts, we are bad with common sense and most other senses too. Go blame Islam, Shiite, tyranny or whatever - it doesn't change the fact of the matter ... we are "simple" and only simple plans have ever worked on us.

Successful Example: Agha Mohammad Khan whose motto was; "surrender or die".

unsuccessful example: Constitutional Revolution and the idea of rule of law, parliment and democracy for a country filled with millions of little dictators.

Successful Example: Reza Shah whose motto was; "Isn't this mine? Well, now it is!"

unsuccessful example: Mosaddegh and the total collapse of the parlimentary system under the weight of "people's will", people's choice and people's vote.

Successful Example: Savak rule for 25 years with the motto of; "divar moosh dareh - mosham goosh dareh". Actually except for 6 months you can say that Savak (or Savama) still rules.

unsuccessful example: Islamic Republic of Iran with a promised just system based on the three pilars of Islam, Democracy and National independence (esteghlal, azadi, jomhori eslami).

Successful Example: Absolute Rule of Mullah (velayat motlagheh faghih)!

For the opposition to succeed ... they need a very simple goal, a very simple plan, and a very simple (read stupid and stubborn) leader.

I say "they", because people like me have always been and will always stay outside the government of Iran (except for very short times and except to lose all we have).


You want contribution? Here it comes....

by پندارنیک on

The opposition abroad, even if it existed in unison, should not and could not mean a thing as long as it's so detached from the reality on the ground inside our beloved homeland. Our people did not shed their precious blood more than three decades ago, achieving one of the greatest of revolutions in history just for bunch of moftkhor escapees to dismiss their sacrifice. If you really want a change, you either leave this stupid cyber revolt and pick up a gun to fight the assumed enemy, or you follow my advice with supporting the reform and the Green movement inside and outside. There is no third way.............and by the way.....the Mullahs are dying for you pick up a gun..........it will solidify their regime overnight..............



by Shepesh on