Did the Shah's Savak offer covert aid to the Shia Cleric establishment against the Iranian Bahai Community?

Did the Shah's Savak offer covert aid to  the Shia Cleric establishment against the Iranian Bahai Community?
by faryarm

Did the Shah's Savak offer covert aid to  the Shia Cleric establishment against the Iranian Bahai Community?

Exposure of Documentary evidence since the Islamic revolution of 1979 spports this.

see video: 

also see more indepth documnetary evidence in below:



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Agreed & nothing wrong with western culture

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

They were the ones that discovered and proved that constitutional monarchy is not necessary, but highly beneficial and the most democratic societes with the most even distribution of wealth occur in them Not Republics.  That is a key benefit of Monarchy.

Lets get rid of IRI and make informed choices, free of coercion, manipulation and deceit for the future of Iran that the majority would want.

//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy_Index a Link to wikipedia's world democracy index. Hope being informed is not offensive to anyone.


Since you insist ...

by Truthseeker9 on

Amir, I have debated with you but chose to end before it becomes an argument or my being used as a soundboard, and agree to disagree on whether Monarchy is necessary. Though we do agree that IRI needs to go, which is the most important issue.

What I have learnt from my new vile corrupt Western culture is that it is best to do that than to fall out with someone when you have made your points but will not agree. It is also best to save ones energies to spend where it is productive. Hope that clarifies.


What a love for debate you have, you're sooo democratic. TruthS9

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Do they need you, fox news, time magazine, the bbc or cnn, oil companies or weapons manufactureres to define freedom for them?  Are open minded people the ones that are not interested in iranian culture and believe that monarchies are oppressive and refuse to debate their ideas or debate what having freedom is?

I know, wait a minute, yes how could i possibly not have realized.  The Youth of Iran desperately want to create a Government Like the One in Israel, : ) 

How could i have missed the obvious, Israels government will be our role model, that is what the youth want in place of what they have of their own.



by Truthseeker9 on

I don't want to draw this out, as I know you are on some kind of drive on this site for Pahlavis. BUT what you need to understand is people do not need YOU or Islamists or any other religion or Party to define "freedom" for them. You can repeat the word "freedom" and try to associate it (brainwashing) to your Monarchy as much as you want, but these tactics do not work on open minded and educated people who can think for themselves. That is all from me folks!


Truthseeker9 People will always support Freedom

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I doubt that this statement is oppressive/dictatorial, How can it be?

Little Knee-Jerk No?  Are you the future for democracy and debate in Iran? For your eyes only.





In your dreams!

by Truthseeker9 on

They will never want the likes of you lecturing them either - speaking as if you know what is right for them and what they SHOULD want. That is being dictatorial in itself, something the likes of you will never understand.


Truthseeker9 People will always support Freedom

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

What will create and defend Freedom is without a doubt Monarchy for Iranian Culture, based on Iranian society of which the largest part are Iranian youth born after the revolution, they feel their parents made a mistake betraying shah and that he was neither an oppressor nor corrupt or be deen.

Here is a nasty, rude comment I wrote for you on this very subject LOL:


The future system will be the one which most people whole heartedly want to participate in.  Since Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Acts are the body of Iranian Culture, I have no doubt at all, the children born after the revolution mostly support the Ideal of Persian Monarchy, The Founder of Human Rights, Independent Spirit and Freedom.     




by Truthseeker9 on

... and no King. I remember you once made an absurd statement about most young people wanting Monarchy. I tried to be polite to you and let you make these statements and rather rude comments to people in blogs. But you have NO idea what the youth of Iran want, and they are the majority. They are not concerned with whereabout of Reza Pahlavi and his activities. They look to the future rather than the past. I am telling you this because I have read many rude comments by you to people on this site, assuming you know everything about everything. Well you DONT. IC is not representative AT ALL of the younger generation. practice your free speech but do not assume you know everything and can preach what Iranian people aspire to, especially the younger generation.


Nadeem the National Iranian aspiration is to be Secular

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Once again like we used to be.  No Religion, will be in a position to challenge that.

nadeem khan

Good arguments...

by nadeem khan on

Although I am not a monarchist, neither a Bahai lover, My love is only for Iran that I think will be better without Bahais. I mean without the Bahais in power.

Mr. Kadivar, I admire your interesting posts, your knowledge and commend your efforts in defending your thoughts.

There are many powerful bahais still living in Iran under HIKMAT (the Bahai terminology for taghiyyih). Once the Islamic regime is gone if the Bahais come to power then the Iranians will have to witness one more Valiyyi Faghih and that is the UHJ sitting in Haifa. There are many similarities between the Velayat-i-faghih and UHJ. It is a very good topic to do research. Atleast the iranian moslems do not belive the Valliyi Faghih to be infallibale. The Bahais do believe their supreme body to be infallible. Imagine how horrible this can be. Read some of the interesting eye-opening posts here :


One nice blog by Wahid Azal (Nima) here :


One more good one here :


Thank you

Darius Kadivar

Shahyad Pahlavi Monument was Built by a Bahai' for Christ Sake !

by Darius Kadivar on

The Very Symbol of So called Pahlavi "Tyranny" which You Jomhurykhah's Dubbed "Azadi" but delivered quite the Opposite was built by a Baha'i architect Hossein Amanat who has but good things to say about the Shah's Era even to this day.


BBC Persian's Tamasha takes a look at the Emblematic Monument of Shah's Era

FROM SHAHYAD TO AZADI: An interview with Hossein Amanat architect of Shahyad Monument (Pars TV)

So Stop the Crap and "victimization" ...

Otherwise might as well call him the Albert Speer  of Pahlavi Iran ... 

How lower can you Get ...

La ridicule Tue ...



Happy Holloween Everyone ! 




Darius, Mash hasn't the sense to feel painful remorse

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

If the masses like mash had the sense to feel painful remorse they would have a noble character, all the jealousies, blames and complexes they carry would be gone, but they would rather allow the negative parts of their ego be the voice for their lives and views.  We in the first place wouldn't be eating the ash,  we'd be celebrating a liberator not stabbing him in the back and calling him an oppressor like VPK and DK.

For me there are too many of our monarchists that wished we had the late shah for all the wrong reasons and never could be understanding enough to truly see the magic he performed for all of us, before under the planning of the shahs and irans enemies we lost our freedom. 

Thats not the sad part, the sad part is the lies are so deeply embedded in their minds neither you, nor I, nor god if he/she exists can take it out of their minds.  They are like the followers of the corrupt islamic authorities who can not think for themselves.  They are the fodder of the policy of divide and rule and they don't even know it.  Every feeling they have, which are strong too, are build on lies.  Try and slowly prove their errors to them and when you get close to breaking through they can't take it and vomit and leave.  Life guards are taught when they go to save a person, that the person will do their best to fight them and even kill them.

That's the story of many good people in 1979.  Don't put your neck out too much for them, they naturally can't help it.  They are in such a deep hole, neither of us can truly pull them out, but many many people read these posts and over time plenty of the people on the fence will be enlightened so it is worth debating, but don't expect to save the people that say they are for democracy and human rights, yet cheer a Ghaddafi getting raped with a knife.  Good news is you don't need them to triumph, you need just to enlighten half a dozen and as others are doing the same with time everything will change maybe not for Iran, but for you. 


Mash Ghasem

by darius on

Thanks for telling me that Bahiis were your comrades.Now , I have all the reasons to have no sympathy at all.


Well, they are tasting the  aash( Iranian soup) that worked  so hard to shove it down  into everyones throat. Unfortunately people like us could smell the shitty fragrance of the aash ,   refused to eat it but had no  choice.

Well, nooshe jan , you made it , we are all eating it. 

Mash Ghasem

You're still ignorant of many Bahai originated activists in

by Mash Ghasem on

social movements of Iran. You could lose your cool or whart ever esle you please.

From Paykar, to Fadayees to many, many different other organizations and groups there were, and remain a great number of activists originating from that community. Befoe you start preaching others about the 'options' they could have, it might be useful to have a basic knowledge or basic familiairty with all of  those Bahai originated activits that had taken those options long before you, and I.

Needless to say unless such a course is taken, thou shall remain ignorant of tis issue. Now go and drink some cold water, see what happens


I usually don't lose my cool...

by darius on


It is not my ignorance, it is you that do not take responsiblity for your own mistakes. Go and fight. Pick up a gun and shoot the mullahs savakis and shahis.

Stop play "nanahMan gharibam".

I am not disrespecting you, I am telling you how I see it. You have no courage  or  you are blindly  like any religious  zealot are showing yourself  the arean where gladiators and lions are expecting you.

You have two  choice, be like early Christian, silently take the abuse and expect the god reward you  or  become a fighter.

No matter   which way you go , youhave my respect  and my admiration. 

I do not need your response or try to educate me, I have no claim to be an educated Iranian.All I am saying  is that  you and all of us are responsible for this mess  but amongst all the culprits , the  only person we find to blame  on is a dead  man "Shah".

I just asked you to be fair,I am not supporting or backing anyone here but you have found an empty meydan and want to run over everyone.I made a comment over one piece of document that has no indication of Shah or savak support for Hojateh except showing that they are monitoring the hojatieh activities.

To be honest with you, when come to zealousy , I see you and hojatieh at the same level. Go ahead and deny it.

This is my last comment. 



Mash Ghasem

It's great medicine, the best.

by Mash Ghasem on

Thanks for the clip. With almost 32 thousands hits. it's almost something of a 'classic' by now. I had seen it a while ago.

In return, a few lines from John Lennon:

Whatever Gets You Through The Night



Mash laughter is my medicine

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Shah destroyed the most advanced democracy ha ha ha

Before Shah Iran was a great country ROFLMAO

Are you a VPK Monarchist or a DK Monarchist? ahahahahaha

I just found a good one online enjoy //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp29-PBMSA0&feature...


Mash Ghasem

Dear daruis and DK

by Mash Ghasem on

Dear daruis your utter ignorance of Bahai's participation in oppositional politics just boggles the mind. It's not only through personal experience that I've seen comrades from Bahai background, but if you also had a better familiarity with oppositional groups would have known just how many activists originate from that community; mind you tis community, one of the more organized,  educated and mobile ones.

Dear DK, you're humble servant , me, is beginning to appreciate your sense of humor. So far we have a Ghamar Khanom Committee, and now Naneh Agha Committee, and a proposed not yet  ratified yet Naneh-Man Gharibam (man aghaleatam) Commiittee.

Can't wait to see your picture in photo shop with a Naneh Agha rosaary on your head instead of your hat. Needless to say your committee is empowered to issue decrees on all matters monarchial and related, and whatever else it sees fit.

Amirparvis, are you on medication? Are you O.K.?

The inflationary rate at which Mehdieh, Hossaineh, Masjid, Tekkieh, and all other related religious  institution were created during shah's time is only second to IR. Was Sepah Mazhab part of the shah's "white' revolution?

Mullahs were the only ones he was promoting, he exiled all the nationalists (internal and external exiles) killed and impriosned all the lefties. And he really thought he had all the mullahs in his pocket, untill his stupidity of actually promoting Khomeini.

In more than one sense, NO ONE IN THE  WORLD IS MORE RESPOPNSIBLE FOR PROMOTION OF KHOMIENI THAN SHAH HIMSELF. Before shah published that stupid article in Etelaat, no one even knew of Khomeini.


Faryarm the Shah stuck it so hard and so deep to the mullahs

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

For sure they will be reeling for the next 200 years if they are around that long after the disgrace they have committed for the last 32 years and revealed the truth of their corrupt and oppressive ways.  Based on the mullahs proven character and degree of corruption we now all know why he gave it to them so hard, i don't blame him one bit.  Lets unite behind the truth and get the pahlavi family back, so we can restore freedom for all iranians, continue to see all minorities and women reach the highest levels they want with out discrimination like iran was before and lets help the dead weight not willing to represent the truth, live with the dignity we all deserve in a liberated iran.

I'm telling you, "the same Anti Bahai Group who the SAVAK gave assistance to" this is not true.  Not Savak, Not the Shah. No way.


Dear Darius..

by faryarm on

Dear Darius,

I would love to give you a coherent answer, but i am unable to do so, because your statement above shows that you have very little knowledge of what a Bahai is and what he /she stands for...

But i can give you one piece of information...

Those Bahais who went to appeal to Mr Bazargan on behalf of the Bahai Community, were either kidnapped and not heard of since, or executed; one of them my father's partner, Mr Youssef Ghadimi.

The facts and evidence show that the same Anti Bahai Group who the SAVAK gave assistance to  who later beacme knownn as the Hojjatiyyih were responsible ..

I believe Mr Bazargan handed in his resignation during this period... 



Dear Amir parviz

by faryarm on

Thank you for your suggestion..

Please undersand, then main point made by discovery of these documents and accounts is that The Shah's regime as before in 1955 cared more about its survival and keeping the Mullahs happy than the Bahai community.  




It was you choice..Faryar

by darius on


you  and all Bahai families  had all  opportunites to  join forces against the Shah,to become Mojahed, Fadei, Jebhe Meli , any thing  you wished or even make your own  Bahaii party.

For you and Bahaii family unfortunately the statue of limitation is over, you should have filed your grievances against the Shah when he was alive. 

I am wondering how come no other group that  played the liberator part in 1979 revolution are not responsible?What happened to Bahare Azadi? Why didn't you take advantage of that ?

How come Bahiis even after 1979 revolution  decided to take the abuse and stay quiet?Why did you not ask Nehzate Azadi to grant you the same status as other reigious minority ?Mr. Bazargan was there for you.

Please ,before it is too late  do something at least ,Join Massoud Kazem zadeh, Mojahedeen, they are out there , blaming the Shah neither solve Bahais  problem nor help to ease your pain.


Time to start  a new chapter.  


Faryarm I wish you would speak to other bahai's

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

This blog asks a question, and the answer is it is propaganda.

I know because I contacted members of an ordinary bahai family that say it is a lie and they were in a position of power to know.  One of whom was my fathers student and still visits him when ever he comes to the UK.  They were the children of zia a bahai, hamid became the head of tehran university for medicine, the most imporant position in the entire country for a doctor.  Hoveyda's personal and close friend parviz was the very head of savak for internal security, the one who had to know if any such nonsense was going on, then houshang was the minister for mines and economy (my dads student). 

This is just one successful bahai family from a father who was a very very humble / ordinary man. This is the reality of pahlavi Iran and to mess with the truth is very shameful.  It is infact the success of the pahlavi era that ordinary iranians who's parents were of no important family (only exception alam) or aristocracy and from all kinds of minorities were leading Iran, solely due to their personal merits and education.  This was the Iranian dream and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi had accomplished it.  He takes that history of pride with him, it is a virue of his high minded character that these liberal successes occured during his reign.  The reason he is Aryamehr.

This is why I am even bringing up the subject of dictator on this blog, that is a greater lie relevant to this subject, for the few who take the time to read my posts and links to the dictionary.  This is about how such a liberal and tolerant man was labelled a dictator by a media out to get him in order to destroy IRAN.  Does it all make sense now?

If we listened to just what the other side was saying, VPK, today we would have learned that a dictator is no criminal! Can you believe it.  A person defined by webster, with absolute power, who causes oppression, keeps people in poverty and keeps people ignorant is not a criminal!!!!!!!!!  And to top it off we discovered that not only was the shah presumably these things (from DK, I'll give him a chance to document his ignorance on the subject ie his definition for a dictator) but dictators are now owners of companies, not due to the definition, but the non democratic way they run their businesses.  You wonder whats going on, with friends iike these the pahlavi's and yes Iran doesn't need enemies.

If you are a bahaii I'm sure very successful bahaii's would be willing to set you straight in person if you really want to talk to them. 

Iran has gone through a nasty recent history and at the least you need to know how badly you are misinformed by the intelligence services and media of foreign governments and also various interests competing for power in Iran and no less get the truth from some bahaii's themselves.

We already have an entire community of defeated people, lets not join the ones who have no clue how they are contributing to the down fall of iran, but lead them using the truth, which they don't seem to have access to in this world that has pitted itself against Iran and put a bunch of mullahs to govern our country and destroy us all.



Dear Maziar58, Were you aware of ...?

by faryarm on

Dear Maziar, 

With respect you said:

Mr faryar

Bahais were treated no differnt than any other Iranian for as long as I can remember.

Why keep making them like MAZLOOMS over and over.

from some chadoori and rishoo families I can remember their exageratting hooplas about the Bahai's rituals!!

peace and harmony for all iranians

be omid aan rooz                     Maziar"


Where can one start to account for the Taboo that has become the very name "Baha'i" ?

Just in case you were not aware of this when you made siuch sweeping statement: 

Mr faryar


Bahais were treated no differnt than any other Iranian for as long as I can remember.

Why keep making them like MAZLOOMS over and over."


Maziar, were you aware of the law passed under Prime Minister Hoveyda,where only Zoraostrians, Jews, Christians and Moslems were eligible for public employment !


The above , just one smalll example of how "different" Bahai's were treated under the Shah !

Now I for one will admit that as a young boy from a comfortable north Tehran family, we as Bahais most certainly benefited from  the relative freedom under the Shah; but, we were the self employed lucky few who didnt have to depend on government employment . What about the majority of the Bahais (the 99%) from the farm, the village, and small provincial towns who had to earn a living and deal with the incitement, the prejudice, and heartless persecution of the local Akhoond and the Mosque.

I thank you for your kind sentiments.

peace and harmony for all iranians

be omid aan rooz 


Faryar :)




This is good for others its too important,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

So I'll move to DK since my mind is not open and I twist words.  Is it okay if I use a dictionary?


one ruling absolutely and often oppressively  (ie absolute power, and guess what, against the law/oppression)

EXAMPLE the dictator had a fierce stranglehold on the country, keeping its people in poverty and ignorance (Well DK, is that how you describe the Shahs rule?  Was he keeping the people in poverty and ignorance, or were their lives improving faster than at anytime in their history?  LOL some people seem to do a wonderful job of keeping themselves ignorant, no dictator needed.) Tarreh-Gol. Your misunderstanding regarding rastakhiz needs too much space to answer.

I just don't know DK, my hallucinaton is that some people, no names mentioned, have been the victims of indoctrination by liberal circles and a lying main stream media/bbc/time magazine that has been preying on their country while serving neocolonial interests and of course as victims of this concerted effort they will fight tooth and nail to prolonge their misunderstanding and keep their indoctrinated beliefs.  Just a Hallucination mind you. : )  Don't use the dictionary for definitions or examples, that's what wise people do and Iran has no room or use for them, infact we know we can resolve our issues with out their direct challenges to our beliefs.  



Me thought it was called: Naneh Man Aghaleatam

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

The Permanent Minority.

Sounds about  right, thanks.

After all this time I find it close to fascinating that for all you monarchists, such people and things like that Kashani scumbag, or Hojatieh douchebags, or two-bit punks nazi of Rastakhiz were all just a figment of our imagination. None of it really ever happended, it was all just a bad dream.

Just click you feet three times real hard and say I wanna go home, and it'll be all over.


Dear Mash Ghasem

by darius on

How about a group  for  those who are always ...


Nane man Gharibam.



Mr Kazemzadeh

by darius on

A man who beleives in democracy , freedom, human right, good and bad does not congratulate people who killed Qaddafi like savages and  displayed  his body and sodmised him . This is what you did and that alone shows your inner being.

Your  credential   alone does not qualify you to pass judgment on others and pat yourself on the back.

Please first look at yourself, you hate NIAC because they can actually do something ( practically) and since you can't  do the same thing or even duplicate it , you keep branding them with CIA, IRI .

I would like to see you do something, being real,Nehzat Azadi is a

handicap  and out of  touch, is dead being original , make a new one, make your own like what Trita Parsi did.Lets see how you would run it an dhow successful you become. 

You are teaching hatred and negativeness and you would like to tak eany moment to adverise your political ambition. .I do apologise for  being frank with you, I do not belive in a word that you say unless I see change an dsee you are actually being honest.



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are twisting my words and I do not know why. But I am sick of this business. No I am not saying what you claim so don't put words in my mouth.

I am also not going to debate this any more with you. Because you are not open minded. I suggest you find a different person to argue with. There are REAL Pahlavi haters so go talk to them. Just a few last words:

  • A dictator is not a criminal. Almost all company CEOs are dictators not criminals. And there are plenty of private compaies where the only share holder is the owner. So you are wrong about them being replaced.
  • Hitler was a dictator and a criminal. It is not how you get to power. It is how you act after you get to power. His crime was not being a dictator. It was being a murderer and genocide.

You basically don't know what you are talking about. Not about companies; not about governments; not about Shah.

Over and done.



maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

No Did not.

Mr faryar

Bahais were treated no differnt than any other Iranian for as long as I can remember.

Why keep making them like MAZLOOMS over and over.

from some chadoori and rishoo families I can remember their exageratting hooplas about the Bahai's rituals!!

peace and harmony for all iranians

be omid aan rooz                     Maziar