The Quest


The Quest
by Latina

I am a weary traveler

In a dry and barren land

In a quest to quench my thirst

It is not water that I seek  

I seek to satisfy a thirst

Deep within my soul

I have traveled far and wide

Yet thirsty I remain  

Oh where is the oasis that I seek

All I find is a mirage

Time and time again

A well without depth, I find

Forced to be a nomad

The shadows they do haunt me

Day and night they plague me

No comfort can I find

Yet in my dreams

I see the image of the one

Urging me upon my path

Yet again I rise

My path is set

I can not turn away

This thirst, it must be quenched

This fire burns within my soul



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by yolanda on

Hi Natalia,

    Thank you for your poem. You said your thirst is not H2O. Do I qualify to ask what type of "thirst" it is? thirst for knowledge? for spiritual things? for love? for friendship?

   If it is a bad question, don't bother to answer the question. Thank you for being a productive contributor!