Sources on Pahlavi Family Loot


Masoud Kazemzadeh
by Masoud Kazemzadeh

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Low quality

by oktaby on

'research' through and through. And even lower quality worldview. I find you in the same boat as islamist & IRR agents although I do not think you are intentionally in that camp. It is one thing to learn history & facts and there was plenty of theft at time of Shah. But this?

We have an enemy of 31 years standing in front of us with blood dripping from its murderous hands, content on destroying Iran into Iranistan. And you are writing about Pahlavi loot that along with its murders fades into nothingness in comparison to IRR.

Meanwhile, you quote 2 bit books by sources that are semi-credible at best and I have read both books you reference cover to cover and discussed them in the context of Mossadegh-Shah ad nauseum including on SK's All The Shah's Men thread of a while ago (do read them). Graham's book is of highly dubious value because of its timing both with respect to foreign intention on Iran ala devolution, and the dual containment policy being in full effect.

Certainly Jebheye zed melli that you like the rest of JZM feel must crap on Pahlvi's to express it is still relevant, had a significant role in helping islamic rapist republic into power and then getting outsmarted by it.

All at a time when we need to focus on Iran's common and mortal enemy, the islamic rapist subhuman erteja' that has thousands of our best in prison, best you can do is write with a heading of 'loot'.

With friends like you and JZM, Iran needs no enemies. 


Masoud Kazemzadeh

Ahura jaan: source on looting by the fundamentalists

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Ahura jaan,

You are most welcomed.

And here is an excellent article on the looting of Iran by the fundamentalist terrorist elites:



Best regards,



Wonderful, Thanks Masoud

by Ahura on

I have been soliciting for such information. This certainly is a pleasant surprise which provides me and other interested readers easy access to some useful data.

If Pahlavi family had nothing to hide, they would have made their wealth a public record as of 1979 when they left Iran. They still have a chance to do it, and level with Iranian people.

The looting act, of course, is being continued by the mullah IRI rulers and their cronies.