Boycotting Israel: Time for Action


Boycotting Israel: Time for Action
by Niloufar Parsi

Friends: there are literally billions of people in the world wishing they could help stop this ruthless masscre of Palestinian children. Few issues in the world have created as much collective outrage. The last time humanity was so ready to do something to stop a bloodthirsty apartheid regime like Israel was in the 80s when the global campaign to boycott South African Apartheid reached its peak.

Today we have a similar situation, and the world is calling for a boycott of Israel. I will not repeat all the arguments outlined in my earlier blog.  Instead, I have put together some of the useful information that could help you join in or to spread the word, if you wish to.

Let me be very clear: this is not about arguing the case. It is simply an information tool for those who want to join a boycott.

Some of the info is new but most of it was floating around in various places here or on the web, and I have simply tried to sort them into useful categories. Please do chip in with any additional info. The categories are:

1. Why boycott

2. Boycott Campaign Websites and Ideas

3. Petitions

4. Companies and Brands supporting Israel

5. Information on demonstrations and other forms of action

6. Global calls for boycott

7. Israeli & Jewish peace groups

1. Why boycott:  Naomi Klein: Enough. It's time for a boycott

2. Boycott Campaign Websites and Ideas


The global BDS movement


3. Petitions

American Petition Campaign

British Petition Campaign

The Network of Spiritual Progressives

4. Companies and Brands supporting Israel

Any product with ‘729’  as the first three digits of its barcode


strawberries sold in Aldi, but also other berries, cut herbs, pomegranates, figs, peppers, passion fruit, plums, carrots, cut melons, cut mangos and many other products.

AOL Time Warner

Time Life magazine, CNN, ICQ

Apax Partners

Jonny Rockets, Sunglass Hut.

Beigel and Beigel

Sweets and Pretzels etc

Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Holdings


Carmel, Coral and Jaffa


Fruitopia, Fanta, Kia Orange, Lilt, Sprite, Sunkist..



HP foods, Evian, Volvic, Jacob

Dead Sea cosmetic and health products

(unless made in Jordan. Note: many Israeli Dead Sea products have the word ‘jordan’ in their name)

Delta Galil

Hema, Barbie, Carrefour, Auchan, Tchibo, Victoria's Secret, GAP, Banana Republic, Structure, J-Crew, JC Penny, Pryca, Lindex, DIM, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Playtex, cK, Hugo Boss, M&S


Choose carefully! Diamond cutting is one of the biggest export earners for Israel.


El Al (Israel’s airline)


Estée Lauder
Aramis, Clinique, DKNY, Prescriptives, Origins, MAC, La Mer, Bobbi Brown, Tommy Hilfiger, Jane, Donna Karan, Aveda, Stila, Jo Malone, Bumble & Bumble, Kate Spade

Home Depot
Villager's Hardware, Georgia Lighting, Apex Supply, EXPO Design Centres



Johnson & Johnson


Kleenex, Kotex, Huggies, Andrex

Lewis Trust Group

River Island, Isrotel hotels, Britannia Pacific

The Limited Inc

Express stores, Lerner New York, Structure, New York & Company, Mast Industries, Intimate Brands, Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, White Barn Candle Company, Henri Bendel


Giorgio Armani, Redken 5th Avenue, Lancome Paris, Vichy, Cacharel, La Roche-Posay, Garnier, Biotherm, Helena Rubinstein, Maybelline, Ralph Lauren, Carson

Marks & Spencer



Nescafé, Perrier, Vittel, Pure Life, Carnation, Libby's, Milkmaid, Nesquik, Maggi, Buitoni, Cross & Blackwell, KitKat, Milkybar, Quality Street, Smarties, After Eight, Aero, Polo, Lion, Felix cat food, L'Oréal

News Corporation

TV: Fox, Sky, Star, Phoenix, Granada, CNBC. UK newspapers: Standard Newspaper, News of the World, The Sun, The Times. Australian Newspapers: The Telegraph , Gold Coast Bulletin, Herald Sun, Independent, Sunday Mail. US newspapers: New York Post. Publishers: Harper Collins Ragan, Zondervan, National Geographical. Nursery World, Rawkus, NDS, Mushroom Records,, Festival Records

(part of Sara Lee group)

New World Entertainment, Forbes

Sara Lee

Hanes, Playtex, Champion, Leggs, Douwe Egberts, Bryan, DIM, Ambi Pur, Bali, Superior Coffee, Just My Size, Kiwi, Maison Cafe, Nur die, Pilao, Lovable, Outer Banks, Wonderbra, Sanex, Pickwick, Gossard, Body Mist, Brylcreem, Aqua Velva, Radox



Seattle Coffee, Pasqua, Hear Music, Tazo

Sainsbury's Meatfree Hot Dog Sausages and Vegetarian Sausages

Organic Fruit and Veg sold in most Supermarkets

(invests heavily in Israel)

Barkan Wines
Galil Wines
Palwin Wine
Carmel Wine

5. Information on demonstrations and other forms of peaceful action

USA:  Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER)

6. Global calls for a boycott:

UN General Assembly president calls for boycott of Israel

Time for South Africa to boycott apartheid Israel

Turkish sports fans and angered citizens took their fury over Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip to the basketball court

another basketball match never happened when the Greek team Larissa backed out of a game in Jerusalem this week.

AP reports thousands protest Gaza assault in Lebanon

Gaza prompts boycott in Malaysia

7. Israeli & Jewish peace groups:


Jewish Peace Fellowship


Jews for Justice for Palestine

Remember the old saying: qat-re qat-re j'am gardad, vangahi darya shavad. (loosely translated: oceans are made up of tiny droplets of water)

This is totally doable because of our sheer numbers. It's a simple matter of altering shopping habits as much as we can and no more.


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Boycotting Israeli products is an effective tool to weaken the

by Observer (not verified) on

Zionist grip on the Middle East and it will show the effectiveness of non-violent struggle against injustic to all. I was in the dark about Israeli products in USA or companies who help Israel to strangle Palestinian people.

Ms Parsi, thanks for posting the above information. It takes extra efforts and persistance to succeed in the call for the Boycott of Israeli products. I'm familiarzing myself with the names of the products and companies.


Thanks for the list

by suomynonA (not verified) on

I think all people with a conscious will do their best.


Artificial Intelligence

Great Video Mehdi Mazloom!

by Artificial Intelligence on

There were many good facts I did not know about.  Thanks.



by Anonymous112 (not verified) on

Boycotts are only marginally effective if effective at all. Jews will die before they will succumb to a boycott (i.e. Masada.) What is needed is an idea that reaches the heart of Israel, the heart of Jacob, the heart of the Jew. There is only one "thing" that will reach the heart of the true Jew. It is here at but it requires the cooperation of humanity. Israel is easy. The question is, "Will the Palestinians accept this cooperation of humanity? Will they touch and reach into the true heart of the Jew, the heart of Ishmael? And will the true Jew reach and touch the haert of Ishmael?"


This WILL hurt!

by Anonymouseveryday (not verified) on


You realize the campaign to "improve" Israel's image on websites which is in full operation on this site has only one aim, namely to prevent the sway of American public opinion so as not to press the US government to withdraw its financial and military assistance to Israel, and to prevent world opinion to sway in the direction of international economic boycotts of Israel, harming or destroying its economy. Nothing else concerns or worries Israel as much as these two events, hence their full-force attack on any group or anybody who speaks in defense of a boycott.

The various pro zionism people you see on this site have only one mission and that is to attack and discredit anyone on this site who brings up or facilitates the boycott.

I wish you success in getting the message across, but expect that you will be further attacked by all of them much like Cameron Batmanghlich and others have been.


Mazloom, no one clicks on videos anymore

by Q on

and if you can't articulate your own reasons, then no one should accept them because of some "video". Do you really think there aren't 1000 videos that would make the opposite point?

Mehdi Mazloom

Before you boycott Israel.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

I am an Israeli, and YES, go ahead and BOYCOTT MY COUNTRY. However, don't do it before you watch this clip from YouTube. Then decide if you still wish to boycott Israel and still live in modern and developed world.