Thinking the unthinkable


Thinking the unthinkable
by Niloufar Parsi

Al Jazeera's Marwan Bishara has a real interesting take on the latest fiasco in Tel Aviv.

Poor Joe Biden. He's come to deliver the good news: The US is back in the Israeli fold and will continue to have boots on the ground in the Middle East. And what does he get in return? A shoe in the face.

A superb analogy.

This may be the moment for Iranian-US negotiations. There are no good options left for the US against Iran. More on this later.

What actually was behind the episode is described by Marwan as follows:

"The US president's appearance of neutrality at the outset of his first year, as expressed in his Cairo and Ankara speeches, and his administration's pressure on Israel to freeze the illegal settlements, have for all practical purpose, ruined his chances with the Israeli Right.

No wonder, Obama's popularity in Israel is one of the lowest in the world. And his standing is even worse among the supporters of its right-wing coalition."

and he concludes:

"Biden can explain all he wants about his Roman Catholic Zionism and Obama's friendship and support for the "Jewish State", but the Israelis are not buying into this whole "tough love" Bul****t!...

Meanwhile, the Israel Rightist leaders continue to gain from the US military support and presence in the region, just as they benefit from growing hostility towards Barack Hussein Obama, which they nurture.

When it comes to the Obama administration, Israelis are voting with their shoes. Go figure!"

yes it's rather plagiaristic! but just loved the piece for its superb analysis and originality with an enlightening short section on internal tribal politics in Israel. you can find it here.

All this is quite interesting for Iran.

The Americans are running out of options. Sanctions don't work and harsher ones won't be approved. the military option is not viable for the US (too tied up and broke) or Israel (too weak). there is no sign of a regime overthrow from within Iran. The US needs Iran's help in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to keep the Persian Gulf safe and secure for shipping oil etc. Russia is growing powerful again and has Iran in its camp. China, as the banker of the US, has no incentive to ruin her relations with Iran. Israel just gets weirder by the day.

The most rational option for the US may be to mend fences with Iran. This could have enormous benefits for the reform movement in Iran as well as the economy.

Happy Norooz everyone! Hope we hear some good news at long last :) 


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dingo daddy En passant

I never trusted Obama's "good will"

by dingo daddy En passant on

his words are irrelevant. USA will end up doing what he promised because it's the best available policy. Bishara sounds very interesting.



by benross on

Don't give her a chance to do so. Leave this kind of blog for that kind of people. Deal?


Here we go again

by Onlyiran on

Another poor attempt by cloaked regime apologists to tie Iran's fate to that of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict.  Would you people just give it up?  Whatever is happening between Israelis and the Arab world has nothing to do with Iran.  In reality, most Iranians (including me) don't give a flying ... if we wake up tomorrow and hear that both Israel and Hamas had disappeared from the face of the Earth.  It won't change our lives a bit.

That being said, what your blog (more like your wish list) completely omits is the fact that Europe's support for the IRI is fading rather quickly, and more and more European nations which were hesitant to takes a harsher stance against the IRI in the past (such as Germany) are willing to support stricter sanctions against the IRI because of Obama's gestures towards it and its belligerent response to those gestures.  Even Russia, which you seem to be banking on, has taken a much tougher position toward the IRI recently.

Moreover, the IRI has lost whatever semblance of legitimacy that it ever had inside the country, which in turn, will make its stance much more difficult in its international negotiations.    

So, I don't know what you're hallucinating about, thinking that somehow IRI's knights in shining armor, Russia and China, will come to its rescue and everything will be fine and dandy.  

I'm sorry, but this blog makes absolutely no sense.   It seems like you just wanted to somehow connect the Israeli / Palestinian conflict to Iran and didn't know how else to do it than to come up with this absurd analysis.  Better luck next time.