KORDAN: Resignation


TEHRAN, Oct. 7 (MNA) – Interior Minister Ali Kordan here on Tuesday rejected reports of his resignation. “You see that currently I am the interior minister and I will continue my job,” he told Mehr News Agency. There have been some reports that Kordan has submitted his resignation to the cabinet on Monday night. He is accused of fooling the parliament with his doctoral certificate. Kordan had denied charges that his certificate was bogus. However, after an investigation by the Majlis Educational and Research Committee it was revealed that his degree is false>>>

10/07/2008 - 12:07

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Arash Monzavi-Kia

Real story

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

Ebi jan,

That is wicked!

Honest to god story: years ago had to see an IRI head of industry, with a file. The guy looked at the file and then started to write on it. No exaggeration, he took 5 minutes to scribble! I thought that he was writing the Hossein-Kurd story, till saw the note: Brother ... please process this file! 

Arash M-K



Hoss (not verified)

طفلکی رو چقدر آزار میدید. حالا آمد ویک دروغ گفت.چرا میزنید تو ذوق بچه؟



Oh Que C'est Fort (not verified)

‫کردان با دکترای جعل از دانشگاه اُک−سِ−فور (چقدر قوی − به فرانسوی) قم بهترین گزینة محمود برای جعلی کردن نتایج انتخابات.


moral charges

by gold fish (not verified) on

EvazAli Kordan is believed to have been arrested in 1978 after he was accused of seducing a girl with false marriage promise and he was jailed for more than two months. However he was released after the revolution.



ebi amirhosseini

Kordan's SMS...

by ebi amirhosseini on


 - بعد از دانشگاه آکسفورد و دانشگاه آزاد ، حجت الاسلام قرائتي هم اعلام کرد کردان هيچ سابقه اي در نهضت سواداموزي ندارد



- نگار من که به مکتب نرفت و خط ننوشت چگونه امد و يک هو وزير کشور شد ؟





- نگار من که به آکسفورد نرفت و دکتر شد


به دولت مهر  وعدالت وزير کشور شد




- با افزايش 10 درصدي ظرفيت دانشگاهها احتمال پذيرش کردان در کنکور 87 قوت گرفت. پيش بيني ميشود او رتبه اول دانشگاه تهران شود !




- تصوير استعفاي کردان منتشر شد ! جعلي بودن اصل استعفا در حال بررسي است




وزير علوم گفت : سواد خواندن و نوشتن براي استعفا کافي است




by skatermom (not verified) on



That is true!!

by Farshad-jon (not verified) on

This is a funny letter which is most likely true in fact!!

Mersi Ebi jan

ebi amirhosseini

Majid jaan,

by ebi amirhosseini on

who knows?!



‫محمود در جواب


‫‫آقا من فقط اثر انگشتو تو این میفهمم، یکی بیاد برام اینو بخونه....



by Majid on

Priceless buddy !.................LOL

Do you think as a child he was "HOOKTAAN FUNIX" ??