Temporary marriage (sigheh)


-- Reporter: "What is your view on temporary marriage (sigheh)?"
-- Woman: "I think it's great but the time limit should be extended."

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11/19/2008 - 18:32

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Sigheh is not a bad thing at all.

by Ostaad on

The concept of "sigheh" has got a bad rap because those who pooh pooh it don't really know what it's all about. Those who equate the concept of contract marriage or sigheh to prostitution or call the zan-h sigheh as opposed to zan-e aghdi as "porcupines" only reveal their ignorance about the real reason why the concept exist. For centuries the idea of being a bastard, or haraam zaadeh or vald-e zenaa, has been used as a license for abuse, mistreatment and violation of human one's human rights. Sigheh in a brilliant way abolishes that risk because NO ONE can be labeled as "harram zadeh" and be abused any more. A few years ago when there was a sigheh bill was being discussed in the Iranian majles, several people including some women who were pretending to be "modern" ridiculed the idea vociferously. I clearly remeber one Iranina woman who stood up and defended the right of becoming sigheh for Iranian women. That woman was Ms. Mehrangiz Kar, the editor of the now closed Zan magazine in Iran who is no religious fundamentalist. Her argument was by having that law the stigma of "baakeregi" or virginity will be removed from many Iranian women who are so constricted by religion and custom when it comes to having relationships with the opposite sex. That point was ignored then and it is constantly being ignored now. I really don't think those who don't get this concept are modern at all. The people who are stuck in an rigid pseudo-modern mindset are the real reactionary backward ones, not those of us who think sigheh is not a bad thing after all.


this may help

by Aziz (not verified) on

A concubine (sigheh) must wait one menstrual period before accepting another man.
This way paternity is traceable to biological father in case of pregnancy.


honest question

by curious (not verified) on

Is it allowed in Islam to do a few sighehs a week with different people?

Not a rhetorical or sarcastic question...just trying to understand this legal ritual and how it is so different from prostitution or from having flings. My parents dont seem to know enough about the details to teach me.

It seems to be looked down upon amongst Iranians even though it is encouraged by the mullahs. It is all so confusing!!!

Thanks in advance!



by Mehman on

Funny, Ebi, that was great!

You can draw pretty well too, naghola!


But wouldn't that interfere

by desi on

But wouldn't that interfere with the "one night stand".