Iran says oil at 115 dollars a barrel is too low
18-Apr-2008 (3 comments)

TEHRAN (AFP) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that oil is priced too low at 115 dollars a barrel adding that the commodity "should find its real value", the state-run broadcasting website reported Saturday. "Oil at 115 dollars a barrel in today's market is a deceiving figure, oil is a strategic commodity and should find its real value," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying.

Jahanshah Javid

oon boshkeh bokhoreh too saretoon

by Jahanshah Javid on

What is a fair price for oil? I hear this all the time: Oil is cheaper than bottled water. That may be, but the oil consumers are not just rich countries in the West. There are dozens of nations that are suffering immensely because of the rising costs of imported oil. In any case, high oil prices and the impact of CO2 pollution on global warming are so devastating that countries must start investing on alternatives NOW. There's no good excuse for not forcing automobile companies to multiply their production of hybrid and fully-electric cars in five years.


Kaveh Nouraee

It's greed on both sides......

by Kaveh Nouraee on

The oil producing/exporting countries are gouging the buyers simply because they can. I am all for profit, of course, but those who are in control of the oil today are fundamentally and exponentially more corrupt then the British when they were controlling it.

Whether we are talking about the Arab countries or Iran or Venezuela, they all have a common thread. That is they are ruled/controlled by this small, yet powerful and despotic clique, who rather than re-investing the profits to modernize the physical infrastructure of the respective countries, the money is being embezzled. Look at the economies of Iran and Venezuela. The welfare state created by the Saudis has essentially enslaved the population.

The oil companies here in the States are equally as culpable in all of this, as they have gouged the end-user consumers (all of us, essentially), raking in multiple billions in net profits, while investment in exploration, refining, and alternative energy has been, and if the status quo remains, will continue to be nil.

The electric car, hybrid technology, diesels that are as clean or even cleaner than gasoline engines, hydrogen power, are all viable alternatives, but the oil companies go out of their way to stifle the development and advancement of these technologies, or prevent it altogether.

Example: In the late 1950s-early 1960s, an engineer whose name I can't recall developed a gasoline carburetor (remember those?) that atomized the air and gasoline mixture so efficiently, that fuel economy ratings of 100 miles per gallon were achieved.

(Remember, also that this was during the time when vehicles weighing 2 tons were the norm, and when they also had the aerodynamic efficiency of a brick).

The oil companies as well as the Big 3 (GM, Chrysler, Ford) purchased the rights to the technology, under the pretense that it would fund it for mass production.

They ended up destroying it in order to keep it from becoming a reality.


more moola...

by IRANdokht on

What really bothers me is where this oil money goes...    Some sheikh or his son own a diamond studded mercedes and there are so many poor people who are buying gas to haul people and merchandise around to make a very humble living. It just doesn't seem fair.

In Iran, where does the oil money go? why are the government programs not providing so many of Iranians assistance not to need a second or third job, why is there so few government run services, health care clinics, shelters and orphanages? Where are they spending these billions of dollars?

In the middle east region, why is it that some people get exponentially rich and some can't even afford a decent meal, no matter what the price of crude oil is?  

As for the electric cars: as long as the oil companies are in control of the politicians, they will pay less taxes and block any real attempt towards the energy efficiency.

Have you ever watched "who Killed The Electric Car"?