Welcoming the Pope!
19-Apr-2008 (one comment)

Welcoming The Pope!
I, too, like to welcome the Pope to our country as a social obligation. After all he is the Pope-shepherd and he is entitled to be welcomed by all especially by the Catholics who are considered as his flocks as they are known.
More important than that I also like to use this historic occasion and relate it to other on-going issues of our time like religion bashing, worse yet, singling out one religion-Islam and going all out in bashing it. I also wonder where the Islam bashers on this site are during this historic Pope visit to America. Don’t they see the right time and readiness for writing about religious issues or they choose not to?
First, I like to point out that these comments are meant to be neutral views rather than for defending any one religion. During my short life I have cherished the friendship of people of almost all-religious persuasion including all kinds of Catholics. Therefore I find it appropriate to comment about the Catholics whose problems are already being discussed all over American press and no doubt in the world.
What fascinates me is that Islam bashers unjustly magnify the weak points of Islam and not those of other religions especially the major ones. Suffice to say that each one of them have their strong and weak points. To me, if unbiased the adherents of these religions can live together peacefully as they had since the end of Crusades and before the advent of “War on Terror” that is... >>>

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Pope's visit

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