POLITICS: Can the U.S. and Iran Share the Middle East?
Inter Press Service
21-Apr-2008 (9 comments)

Iran's role in Iraq came as a sharp reminder that the George W. Bush administration's accusations of Iranian mischief notwithstanding, Iranian influence in Iraq is both undeniable and multifaceted. As Washington starts to come to terms with this reality, the Middle East inches closer to its moment of truth: Is the United States ready to share the region with Iran?

News Goffer

Trita Parsi's article on Iran/US future

by News Goffer on

Intelligent and well-thought as usual.  Mr. Parsi thinks candidates McCain and Clinton will continue US' existing approach to Iran, and the only candidate who favours direct diplomacy is Barack Obama.  He urges a paradigm-shift in Washington's approach to Iran and the Middle East.



k (not verified): Try non-Islamic writings ;)

by Mehdi on

You are used to it, right?


Mehdi as a defender of child

by k (not verified) on

Mehdi as a defender of child abuse is always Full of self-righteousness, pious prejudice, an absurd sense of moral entitlement, and sanctimonius hypocrisy.

Honestly, I think I have seldom read anything substantial coming out of Islamists keyboards, crude reverse bigotry passing for cultural, or political commentary.


Fred: Good save!

by Mehdi on

Nicely avoiding any embarrassing questions. Then revert attention back to "target." Make ample use of meaningless but stereotyping words. Well done! Now, go get a cookie from your upline. You deserve it.


The internationalist Islamists

by Fred on

It seems the Islamist have insider info about Israel including her inhabitants hygienic practices and choice of attire. Being an Iranian I am too preoccupied by Iran and her enslaved people at the hands of maniacal Islamists, The discussion on the merits or lack there of Israel’s policies I leave to her supporters and the rabid internationalist Islamist detractors to ponder till kingdom come.



Fred: Tell us about Israel a little

by Mehdi on

And how democratic it is; how civilized people are in there; how everybody wears suit and tie and looks classy; how people take a shower everyday (sometimes twice a day)... I can't get enough of it.

And explain why it is that Israel is the second most hated country in the world by people (no, not governments - they love Israel).


P.S. whe you have time, also explain why Israel sold guns to the Islamic Republic? Was it to bring democracy to Iran? I forget.


The Islamist “paradigm shift”?

by Fred on

The Islamist Republic’s lobby is attempting a clumsy damage control by spinning the Islamist Republic’s proxy war in Iraq. Why doesn’t the Islamist lobby, NIAC & CASMII, champion a “paradigm shift” in the Islamist Republic’s modus operandi of brutal internal suppression in tandem with underwriting the exportation of mayhem?


The American-Saudi-Iranian

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

The American-Saudi-Iranian "understanding" in Iraq:


Iran's support for al-Hakim and Sadr, prior to and after the war, eventually had to reach the point of making preferences, especially at such a critical period. The upcoming provincial council elections will determine the future of Southern Iraq and the relationship of the periphery to the central authority. It is in Iran's interest for al-Hakim to wield influence in this region which borders Iran. However, if the Mahdi Army wins the elections, which is highly probable, and continues to maintain its position unchanged, Iran will lose its long-term bet on a weak and divided Iraq. Moreover, even if al-Sadr himself supported federalism, his Movement would suffer divisions as it is constituted of diverse groups, some with Arabist and others with Islamist orientations. Consequently, this explains the repeated official and American announcements that al-Sadr is not personally targeted and that all he needs to do is to lift the political cover off al-Mahdi Army and become involved in the political process.

Biden managed to win congressional approval for his plan to partition Iraq. The new Iraqi Army, in cooperation with the militia of al-Hakim and US forces, started the implementation phase in Basra. Iran, on the other hand, awaits the opportunity to reap the gains and will have no qualms over sacrificing al-Sadr and his friendship.

...(this is an arabic translation Al-Hakim's Iraq and Sadr's Iraq

Mostafa Zein

Iran's meddling in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan is going to come back and bite them and Iranians are going to pay with their lives for this adventurism.

The Islamic Republic is an aggressor just as the U.S. Iraqis are blaming Iran for the Tajzieyeh(Secession) of their country and hold the Islamic republic for fomenting secterian feuds. The Islamic Republic might gain some track in building her "Shia Crescent" caliphate but we all know it's only a fool's errand. Trita Parsi, does not factor in the 1. rise of Sunni and Arab nationalism in the region 2. Nuclear arm's race in the region especially by Saudi Arabia, which neutralizes any "superiority" or "leverage" Iran has gained by bullying and funding terrorists.

BTW, I doubt, Obama is stupid enough not to realize what the Islamic Republic is up to in the region, which is neither ethical, just, or advantageous or in Iran's interest in the long run. Building a Shia empire is going to prove extremely costly for Iranians in blood and treasure...

Trita Parsi is an opportunist looking for a quick buck at the expenses of Iranians and Americans...



by IRANdokht on

Reading Trita Parsi's analysis of the region and the politics of the world is always a treat, a new way to see things and see all perspectives. His analysis is very sound and always thorough.