Petraeus Promotion Frees Cheney to Threaten Iran
Inter Press Service
23-Apr-2008 (8 comments)

The nomination of Gen. David Petraeus to be the new head of the Central Command not only ensures that he will be available to defend the George W. Bush administration's policies toward Iran and Iraq at least through the end of Bush's term and possibly even beyond. It also gives Vice President Dick Cheney greater freedom of action to exploit the option of an air attack against Iran during the administration's final months.

News Goffer

Unlike Fallon, Petraeus Would Attack Iran

by News Goffer on

Fallon's departure has left a man in charge who supports a war on Iran.



Iran's response both

by Anonymoussaq (not verified) on

Iran's response both domestically and internationally?

Are you serious? Iran can't afford to have a response..It would be the end of Iran as we know it. THey are waiting for an excuse to turn Iran into rubble. What is this testrone-driven lust for blood?? Do you really think, the US cares about a few terrorist retaliatory measures in the US or around the world if the bigger prize is to vaporized Iran into glass...


Be afraid of what you wish for

by Asghar_Massombagi on

"Surgical" attacks are a myth. The NATO’s bombings in the Balkans had to be backed up by full scale land operation.    Ditto in case of Kosovo.  The UN is still there.  Is there an analysis of the aftermath in terms of Iran's response both domestically and internationally?  What targets are going to be hit?  Many of Iran's nuclear facilities are near heavily residential areas which is most likely the case of the Pasdaran's headquarters as well.  Is this going to be a conventional hit or nuclear?  Never mind the ethical and legal aspects of such an operation which are dismal.  How many dead Iranians are acceptable causalities?  Would the enthusiasts of such attack think differently if their families would be the victims?  Would Iran remain passive, the way Iraq did in the 80's in reaction to Israel’s air attack against its nuclear facilities or the way Syria apparently just ignored the Israeli attack last year on a missile site?  Knowing US's track record in Iraq and the absolute chaos that ensued post-invasion planning doesn't appear to be an American strength.  Unless this is simply an excuse to draw Iran into an all out war, which was reported to be Cheney's real agenda late last year. An all out war will destroy Iran's infrastructure and its bourgeoning middle-class, the same middle-class which has been touted as the hope for change in Iran.  So be afraid, really afraid of what you wish for. 


No he is intelligent

by Alborzi (not verified) on

He is highly educated (from a great university) and I think he has a PHD. He realizes Iraq would be a walk in the park compared to Iran. Iraq was under embargo and had lost several wars. Iran has twice the land and three times the population. There will be no war and no Obama elected, it is a case of chicken game.



by alimostofi on

We Iranians need the world press to talk about how weak the Seyyeds are against a General Strike, not against a Surgical Strike.

Our enemy is the media.

Ali Mostofi




It's about time

by mahmoudg on

Surgical attacks on the regimee's assets and strongholds are the only way to ensure Persia will be freed from these thugs.  This will be the start of an all out attack on fundementalists from Persia all the way to the Arabian Penisula.  Persia must be freed from these thugs and the only man who could accomplish it is Patreus.



by IRANdokht on

when it hits the fan here, it splatters all over the world...



In the American politics

by Abarmard on

Not much is left for the shit to hit the fan!