Saudi Produces Video Response to Anti-Islam Film
23-Apr-2008 (7 comments)

A part-time blogger, Raed al-Saeed decided to use the same technique Wilders used in Fitna. His point was to show that it is possible to make almost any religion look bad.


Schism: an answer to Fitna

by IRANdokht on

a different version of schism: not sure which one is referred to in the article:



shame on them

by Anonymous-persis (not verified) on

That is a really good answer to the fitna. Christianity is worst than Islam and christians committed many crimes and genocide from Dark Ages till the current crime in Iraq and many other places. I'm not a muslim but I think Christians have more reason to be ashamed of what they did against humanity than muslims.


Smart dude

by Mehdi on

He is definitely much smarter than the average Joe. If enough people realized what he realized these religious fights would vanish.


And he made an excellent point.

by Majid on

He did a great job JUST for that purpose, specially at the very end of the clip where it was written "let's not do this"!


the point...

by IRANdokht on

I listened to the program this morning on NPR and it seemed to me that the whole point of this video was to show that you can always take something out of context and blame it on religion.

This guy was a very laid back businessman who said that instead of getting angry, he decided to make a point, he said that he did not agree with Ben Laden's Islam and wanted to use the freedom of speech to show another side of the story than the one of Fitna.




Tit for tat game.

by Majid on

It is sad to see this tit for tat game escalates, but it seems like it's inevitable.

Now wait to see rally after rally to promote this and rally after rally to protest that.


Khaili khoob

by Abarmard on

This was too sad, I could not see them all. I did not see Fitna either. Thanks for this post.