Iran's Female Activists Shudder at Talk of War
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24-Apr-2008 (4 comments)

Iranian activists are bravely pushing for women's rights. But Soheila Vahdati warns that an outbreak of an Iran-Israeli war that involves the Bush White House would fan the flames of fundamentalism and destroy the cause.

News Goffer

War on Iran would increase fundamentalism

by News Goffer on

A war in Iran will strangle what little civic dialogue is currently in progress in Iran, issuing the government a carte blanche to clamp down on all activists.



Damn AIPAC & Israel R the cause of all mid.east wars for 60 yrs

by gol-dust on

Israel, leave the people alone! how much war damn you? Go to hell, since you broght nothing to mid east but wars and killings!


destroy what cause?

by Anonymoussss (not verified) on

what if all the ghods and sepah and basij headquarters and bases are targetted and the ruling elite becomes crumbled?



by Abarmard on

no doubt about it