News Analysis: Firing Tightens Iranian President's Economic Circle
24-Apr-2008 (one comment)

"Mr. Ahmadinejad's speech in Qom was but [part of] an election campaign, and the president is adopting the same style he has implemented in the past: the policy of 'escaping ahead' and utilizing equivocal matters such as mafia and economic corruption so that he can evade direct response to questions," Tehran journalist and columnist Isa Saharkhiz told Radio Farda.

Iran's economy is going through one of its worst stretches in recent memory. The price of food and commodities is increasing daily. Foreign trade has nearly ground to a halt, and under the terms of United Nations sanctions, almost no credible international financial institution will give loans or credit to Iranian banks or merchants.


Staflation will crush Seyyeds

by alimostofi on

The reality of economic policies is the only tool that can fight the Seyyeds' dellusional hegemony.  The people have always been suffering in Iran.  At least for the first time, the world is able to suffocate the Seyyeds as well.  They are trapped with nowhere to run.  They can only dig deeper into their bunkers.  Time will come when the Iranian nation will surround them with a General Strike, and they can go to Najaf and stay there.  Iran belongs to all those who put Iran and an Iranian's Free Will first.