At least 5 people killed in clashes with security forces in Iranian Kurdistan
28-Apr-2008 (6 comments)

The security forces of Islamic Republic open fire on Kurdish demonstration in City of Aiwan in Ilam Province. The demonstration took place when the authorities tried to reverse the result of Majlis election in favour of a member of security forces.

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To almo5000 and Anonymous

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

The clashes did happen, however this is not something new, we have all witnessed that not long ago two Iranian Kurdish journalists has been sentenced to death, accused for questioning the IR. The level of harassing the minorities has risen sharply in the recent years.


Are your sure?

by Anonymous. (not verified) on

I certainly don't take it as a fact until it's verified by a reliable source not by a Kurdish separatist group.

Mr. Javid, I thought you were a true journalist. The first and most fundamental rule in journalism is integrity in spreading the truth. Please don't reduce yourself to a cheap gossiper.


To: News Goffer (Re: News from Kordestan)

by almo5000 on

They asked the fox who is your witness? The fox responded, it is my tail!!!


In Farsi: as roobah porsidand shahedet koo? Goft domam

News Goffer

to almo5000

by News Goffer on

This news was first posted on Saturday. The source was BBC Persian. Take a look: //


Power To The People!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

Three decades on and the regime in Tehran is still killing Iranians using all sorts of pretexts.

There won't be an end to these barbarous acts unless the mullahs and their goons are removed from power.


Your "news agency" is ......

by almo5000 on

Mr Jahanshah

It seems that your "news agency" whatever it is called has its own little world. Let me explain what I mean: Given the intensity of Iran's enemy on propaganda these days, today if there is a little ant killed anywhere inside Iran's borders, no matter under what circumstances, the enemy propaganda machine (controlled and led by the blood suckers in Tel Aviv) would make it big and propagate it throughout the world. How is it then that only "your news agency" is reporting 5 death in Kurdestan and no one else? Please explain.