The New Geopolitics of Energy
The Nation / Michael T. Klare
02-May-2008 (8 comments)

While the day-to-day focus of US military planning remains Iraq and Afghanistan, American strategists are increasingly looking beyond these two conflicts to envision the global combat environment of the emerging period--and the world they see is one where the struggle over vital resources, rather than ideology or balance-of-power politics, dominates the martial landscape. Believing that the United States must reconfigure its doctrines and forces in order to prevail in such an environment, senior officials have taken steps to enhance strategic planning and combat capabilities. Although little of this has reached the public domain, there have been a number of key indicators.

Jahanshah Javid

conflict over oil? kojaasho deedee...

by Jahanshah Javid on

One of these days we have to change geopolitics from this sinister, destructive, greedy thing that it is into something positive, like geo (as in earth) politics. Politics that bring people together. Call me naive... but if humankind is to survive, cooperation is the only way.



Iranians have been

by alimostofi on

Iranians have been struggling to find something to be united and positive about, ever since the Seyyeds took over the machinery of state.

But surely we should just be happy to be united and positive only. We do not need banners or anything else. We do not need religion, politics, or commercial reasons. We know we are Iranians and we want that which is Good for us.

Can a cynic now come and make an arse of himself please? I would love to have a good debate over this rather trivial concept, which everyone should be united about by now.

We want that which is Good for us. Simple.

Ali Mostofi




Change What?

by Killjoy (not verified) on


Who are "they" and how should "they" change?
Get rid of capitalism or change the nature of capitalism, altogether? Where do you draw the line?

Too abstract to be considered as a starting point for a debate!!!

To JJ,
You say:
"Change yourself and the world will change in time. It has to."
This sounds more like what you may hear on Sundays at your local church and has nothing to do with the realities of our world(s).


for ON (which seems to be off for IRAN)

by ON2IRAN (not verified) on

As far as REAL BLOODSUCKERS in OCCUPIED Tehran, are oppressing my on NATION, destroying IRAN AND IRANIAN IDENTITY, INFRASTRUCTURES, ECONOMY AND... , IRANIANS do not give a damn on what you mentioned as so called TEL AVIV or any other Bloodsuckers.

IRAN and IRANIAN'S political diplomacy is not to be written in GHAZA or Palestine or based on any other nations best interests but IRAN AND IRANIANS...



Re: Old Ways

by '' (not verified) on

I like you attitude and optimisim Jahanshah. But knowing the history of those blood suckers, THEY WILL NOT CHANGE, no matter what the circumstances.



Jahanshah Javid

old ways

by Jahanshah Javid on

in response to the person's comment below:

blood sucking zionists and imperialists and communists and Jihadists... blah blah blah... we have to change our thinking from conflict to cooperation. Killing your real or imaginary enemies will only leads to more bloodshed. Peace and tolerance and reconciliation will not happen tomorrow. But it starts from us. Change yourself and the world will change in time. It has to.


To Jahanshah (Re: conflict over oil? kojaasho deedee...)

by . (not verified) on

As long as we have blood suckers in Tel Aviv planning how best to suck blood of nations, and their pupets in Wash DC run the world afairs for them, I doubt it that the world will see prosperity and peace. Get rid of those suckers and get peace!


Cooperation? Over Capitalism's Dead Body!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

A poor, Jewish guy called, Karl Marx had a similar idea and his teachings got tens of millions of people killed , over a span of a century.

Politics does bring people together, but each individual thinks of his own interests, first and foremost.