Russia: 6 Powers Want Iran to Halt Nuclear Work 'Only' During Talks
VOA (of all places)
03-May-2008 (2 comments)

Russia says six world powers concerned about Iran's nuclear program want Tehran to suspend uranium enrichment while negotiations are under way.

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That is what the so called "powers" want ....

by almo5000 on

They just want to talk, not to recognize rights of nations. For once, Ahmadinejad has the right ideas about these characters (western "powers")


Ahmadinejad has the correct attitude ...

by zardaloo (not verified) on

These westerners think they should have control of the world. They had for a long time said what others should do and what not, and apparently things went their way for a long while. Ahmadinejad by showing them his middle finger at the start of his presidency, sent them the right message. They should learn that the rest of world also consist of humans who like them (the wetserners) want to control their own destiny, and not be shown the seat. As ahmadinejad has said repeatedly Iran may have a hard time to gain its independence due to the interference of foriegners, but thanks to the sacrifices of our nation, Iran is on the right track.