US laying foundation for Iraq colonization
Press TV
12-May-2008 (3 comments)

Washington drew out a draft proposal for a security deal in January 2008, a preliminary part of which was signed by officials of the two countries on March 17.

The negotiation, set to conclude in late July, will not only establish the basis for a long-term US occupation of Iraq, but will also turn the country into a US colony and yet another military base for Washington in the Middle East.

The accord with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government will replace the UN mandate and allow multinational military presence in the country.

This 'firm handshake' between the US president and the Iraqi prime minister is referred to by the Western media as the Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA).

While every revealed article of the agreement is tied to security and military arrangements, Western media portrays the accord as mere cooperation in the areas of politics, economics, culture and security.

All the provisions of the agreement have been introduced in a haze of ambiguity as transparency in the issue would certainly provoke an outcry among the weary people of Iraq.

One look at Article 10 of the treaty makes it apparent that the US administration hopes to quietly impose the binding contract and legitimize its indefinite military presence in the country.

"As long as Iraqi security/military forces are not well-trained, security hasn't been ensured, the neighboring states pose a threat, and terrorist attacks continue, the treaty w... >>>


Is US Fomenting Another Iran-Iraq War?

by Jaleho on

It seems that since mid March, US is trying to achieve its 30 year old goal of subjugating Iran and defeating the Iranian revolution, by setting Iraq against Iran again. The ineffective and useless pawn Saddam was removed after failing to help achieve those goals. Now, it seems that the present Iraqi government is being forced and bribed to provide free cannon fodders for US attempts at a war with Iran again, this time directly backed and led by a 150,000+ American troops with all of the US military prowess which would include its nuclear arsenal.

The old failed Saddam rhetoric of Iraq's support of the UAE claim over the lesser and greater Tunbs and Abu Musa is back. The British attempt in "re-defining" the water borders which led to the recent British hostage incident with Iran was sacked and later revealed. But, the US rhetoric over Iran's hand in "killing Iraqi and American troops" in Iraq, the recent failed attempt to destroy Hezbollah's communication infrastructure in Lebanon, Rice's effort to enlist the Saudis, Egyptians and the rest of "Arabs" against Iran, all are reminiscent of the old Iran-Iraq war atmosphere.

Iran's reaction to the current US attempts reveals the unease, as seen by the following article which appeared in Press TV today.



As long as there is no war

by Abarmard on

Then any political, diplomatic solutions are welcomed. One must consider the historical realities of the Middle East in order to be successful. If US can accomplish that US wins. IRI is not as weak as some claim and not as strong as US claims. IRI needs to be dealt with in a political trickery called diplomacy. War like pressures only allows the regime to continue what they have been doing for the past thirty years. If it hasn't worked yet, it won't work. That's logical. I wonder if US really wants IR gone.


Is It Jaleho Or Jahelo?

by Pissed Off (not verified) on

"It seems that since mid March, US is trying to achieve its 30 year old goal of subjugating Iran and defeating the Iranian revolution, by setting Iraq against Iran again."

The war started because the IRI criminals wanted a war and spouted anti-Saddam, Anti-Israel, Anti-American slogans and talked about exporting their bloody revolution to the rest of the Islamic world and freeing Jerusalem.

Saddam didn't have the militry power that America has and soon the molahs and their goons will be running for cover.

Saddamists were kicked out of Iran in less than two years. What were the additional six years of war for?
You and other IRI propagandists would never want to touch on such issues as why the war had to last so long.

Iran belongs to all Iranians and not a bunch of blood-thirsty molahs and their illiterate goons.

Get this: Tens of millions of Iranians would welcome all help from all sources.