Why Republicans Might Attack Iran Before General Elections?
Huffington Post / O.Memarian
19-May-2008 (2 comments)

One of the strongest scenarios among neo-conservatives is based on the hypothesis that in the case of any military attack against Iran — even a limited air strike — the greatest beneficiary among the three presidential candidates would be John McCain. The reason for this is that the American people’s first priority would become national security instead of the economy, and since there might be a “perception” that McCain would deal with foreign policy issues better than economic ones, he would have a stronger chance of winning in November.

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Good one Memarian

by Q on

It's exactly why 9/11 got record number of Republicans elected in 2002.


what a nightmare

by IRANdokht on

You have written a great article which is also one of my recent nightmares...

You're right about the misconcenption of the neo-cons, just like they were wrong about being greeted in Iraq. Not the first time that US have miscalculated the results of their foreign policies.

I also agree that the Iran hardliners are going to be stronger...

Even if they do not attack before the election, they will have the man to do it after the election of McCain. I think that might have been the whole point of picking the two minority Democratic candidates for this election... Nothing else would have justified the election of a Republican except the well known bias of the American masses against a woman or a black man as president.

Thanks Omid for another very well written and logical point of view.