Iran's Ahmadinejad says Israel will "disappear"
02-Jun-2008 (8 comments)

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's president said on Monday Israel would soon disappear off the map and that the "satanic power" of the United States faced destruction, in his latest verbal attack on the Islamic Republic's arch-foes.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was speaking at a gathering of foreign guests marking this week's 19th anniversary of the death of Iran's late revolutionary leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, in 1989, the official IRNA news agency said.

"You should know that the criminal and terrorist Zionist regime which has 60 years of plundering, aggression and crimes in its file has reached the end of its work and will soon disappear off the geographical scene," he said.

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Mahmoud's latest shirin-kari

by News Goffer on

باز محمود چشمش افتاد به نماینده های کشور بورکینافاسو، جوگیر شد.



Ahmadinejad is legitemizing the blood suckers in Israel

by Mehdi on

He is making those blood suckers look more important than they really are. Those blood suckers are not really an urgent issue for Iran. They are mainly a bunch of terrified disrespectable people who would make a deal with anybody if they think it will save their worthless life. They have no friends anywhere so they feel no choice but to make a deal with the worst of the worst in this world. Ahmadinejad should not give them more importance by constantly bringing them up.


It's not a shock

by Abarmard on

If Israeli regime continues her behavior in this manner, it's just the matter of time. This has nothing todo with what Ahmadinejad says.

America will eventually stop her support for the Zionist regime, nothing will last forever. Not even my taxes that pays Israeli bills.


Ahmadinejad might have been wrong before

by XerXes (not verified) on

But he is Right on the money here. Zionists are artificial and can't last forever. (if they didn't exist, the world would be a better place. Just look at all the problems in the middle east, behind the wars hides the Zionists. What did Hitler call them? Was he right? The proof is in making!

Free America from Zionism.


Re: Intersting...............

by ?>?> (not verified) on

Mehdi Zalem

I am sure US has a strong military and is proving itself in Iraq!
As for Israel, when you forget, go back and read the news from summer 2006. A bunch of rag tags defeated them in Lebanon. What do you think they can do against a mighty military in Iran?



by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

lets take a look at where Israel and those Mullahs stand vis-a-vis the rest of the world.

Mullahs in Tehran.
1. 80% of the population hates them. 99% of the young generation in Iran is ashamed to be associated with these "Arab fundamentalists" who rob them of their own glorious Persian heritage, their youth, by curtailing their freedom to be like anyone else of their age around the world.

2. All centers of power (military, economic, where knowledge is generated), do not want these backwards in Tehran with nuclear power. They are doing something about it to remove them.

3. All Iran's so-called advanced technologies are based on, and copies of 3rd rate technologies received from equally 3rd rate states (Pakistan & N. Korea).

4. Because of these Mullahs, Iran is left with few real and genuine friends around the world. The corrupt and illegitimate regime of 7th century clerics who line up their own pockets first (check out what is Rafsanjani's net worth is. try BILLIONS)

5. Like the saying goes. A barking dog, never bites. That little Ahmad is a mere joke. He has been barking on wiping Israel for 3 years now. It is always the One which does not bark, but bites hard which will make the difference.

6. If Iran's military camps are attacked by US and Israel, who will come to help them. NO ONE.
If the Mullahs are stupid enough to attack Israel (either directly, through Hizbollah). just think of Israel, and US's massive capacity to retaliate. Then draw your own conclusion.

Rumors have it that, US government is building nice "winter chalets", including Mosques in Alaska to house the newly to be exiled Mullahs from Tehran.


same goes for the blood

by Anonymous55 (not verified) on

same goes for the blood sucking government in tehran


Lets Hope He is Right ....

by ./. (not verified) on

Nothing against jews, but the sooner that blood sucking government in Tel Aviv vanishes the better for the "true free world".