Mismarriage of Convenience
Foreign Policy / Trita Parsy
11-Jun-2008 (5 comments)

It might sound inconceivable that Iran, whose leaders since 1979 have used the most venomous rhetoric against the “little Satan,” would ever moderate its stance toward Israel. Yet a careful review of the past three decades shows that Iran’s hostile rhetoric is more a product of opportunism than fanaticism. Iran and Israel have even been willing to work together quietly at times, despite their conflicting ideologies.

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Yet again.

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

It is interesting that, while as pro-Israelis here on this forum, we go through the arduous labor and courtesy to present facts and figures, or otherwise present a coherent argument as best as we can, to which most are based on personal experience on the subject matter. To reply, those lefty/Islamist sum up their arguments with labels (Zionists, etc) and few more non-sense derogatory comments.

And to you Mr. abarnmard. I am sure you are well aware that, with any language, one can play word games as he wishes. It is rather the real message behind them.

For example. a comment like "I do not appreciate what you have said" (or done). While throughout the ME countries it will be interpreted as mere polite expression of dissatisfaction, You know it and I know it, that in US, this is will be considered as very strong statement of anger and outright vail threat to the other side. Or when an American tells you "I don't think so", While in elsewhere it will be construed as "gee I am not sure about it", in US it means "hell no".

Farsi is a very rich and ancient language. It is not the words or sentences with which Akhmag-e-nedjat uses to convey his message. Rather the meanings behind them. particularly when he repeats the same garbage about Israel's elimination whenever this pathetic man shows up in public.


You are right Fred

by Zion on

This has become truly boring. Can't they show at least a bit creativity to make it a little interesting?


Childish denials

by Fred on

To the determent of the Lefty/Islamists, regime apologists and lobbyists the internet has made everything available to Persian and non-Persian speakers alike. The Original public call for the destruction of the state of Israel was uttered by Khomeini some thirty years ago and been kept up to this very moment by all regime functionaries.  The Former Islamist President and a regime pillar, Rafsanjani, publically threatened Israel’s destruction with A bomb and dismissed the retaliatory response by saying, paraphrasing here, there will be Moslems left standing while all the Jews will be done away with. The current Islamist President’s calls for annihilation of a member state of UN are so numerous even Houdini can’t make them disappear.  So, all this childish denials and whitewashings of the Islamist crimes might pull the wool over a predisposed Basiji thug or reinforce a lefty/Anti-Semite’s myopic views but in the real world have a shelf life of one nanosecond.



by Abarmard on

Right on.

Fred, If you understand persian please read the other post and my comment so you won't make the mistake about Ahmadinejad's speech again. Those who can't read and write in Persian have an excuse, you do not (Unless you are not Iranian).

This article is correct in its analysis.


The spin

by Fred on

A not too creative blame it all on Israel the spoiler and dismissing the Islamist regime’s incessant three decade long promise to “wipe Israel off the map” by labeling it a mere “opportunism”. The misrepresentation spin/damage control of half truth about Senator Obama’s speech at AIPAC just to fit the mission statement of the conjoined twins Islamist lobbies in Washington is not that creative either. And of course not a single word about what the Islamists are doing to the hapless Iranians. It is all about insuring Islamist regime's rule.