Iranian Cleric asks Iraqis to resist US security pact
Tehran Times
13-Jun-2008 (3 comments)

Under the agreement U.S. troops would occupy permanent bases, conduct military operations, arrest Iraqis, and enjoy immunity from Iraqi law, Under the terms of the new treaty, the Americans would retain the long-term use of more than 50 bases in Iraq.


ayatollah kashani 's call for resistance

by Jaleho on

I have provided a link which includes some articles of the agreement indicating colonization of Iraq in a previous post. Note how article 9 forces Iraq to recognize Israel! Reminds you of Tom Lantos first shameless proposal to congress right after Iraqi invasion: Oil security for Israel.

Iraqi people must get fully informed of the TRUE US agenda, and Kashani's public sermon is a great service to masses who don't know the details of this agreement that their leaders are bribed to sign. Here's the previous link:




Confronting the injustice

by Jaleho on

Dear Monda,

I think that Iran's effort in revealing the articles of SOFA and encouring Iraqi people to understand it, is far more than just confronting the injustice. People who are empowered by knowledge of what is really being done to them and the future of its children, can do a lot!

In fact, had it not been for Iran's efforts since last November, and more and more Iraqi people getting to know the leaked details, I think the big bribe Maliki government got would have sealed the deal by now!

Rather than writing a long answer here, your comment prompted me to write a more detailed blog entry on the subject to review what Iraqi people actually can do.

For decades these people have suffered, from Saddam's barbaric regime who offerred them as free canon fodders for US desired wars and his egoistic aim. Then millions of Iraqi children had to suffer the western criminal sanctions and attacks. And now, the full invasion, occupation of their country and the current SOFA trying to consolidate Iraqi colonization. They bet on Iraqi people being too tired of it all to resist, but I always have faith in people's collective will.


Great Spirit but

by Monda on

I have difficulty accepting that people of Iraq can have as much impact on US/Israel agenda as Kashani's being hopeful about. However, I like his confronting the injustice than staying quiet about it. I must say after hearing Obama at AIPAC, my anxiety level is up again about what next for Iran - after colonization of Iraq?