Iran's diplomatic options
Guardian/The Observer / Volker Perthes
15-Jun-2008 (3 comments)

But Iran must do its part to make any future dialogue with the US a success. In talks with members of Iran's policy community, I am continually astounded that they see resolving the nuclear conflict (or, indeed, other problems in which Iran has a stake) to be primarily the responsibility of the US, Europe, and other major powers, not of Iran.

Such passivity is not in Iran's interest. As the Middle East's essential regional player, Iran can trigger and heat up conflicts as well as contribute to their solution. Yet few in the Iranian establishment understand that being the leading regional power brings responsibility; and that only responsible behavior can create legitimacy and acceptance that Iran craves. Iranian policymakers must, therefore, try to develop their own ideas for a negotiated resolution of the nuclear and other regional security issues, as well as to think about how Iran can rebuild trust in its actions.

News Goffer

Stop with Hagh-e Mosallam-e Maast!

by News Goffer on

The article suggests:  "Iran hints that it wants to have a high-level dialogue with the US in the not-too-distant future. If true, Iran should realise that violent statements on sensitive issues will set back any serious attempt to get a dialogue going."

Do you think anyone can shut Mahmoud up?



Mr. Goffer?

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Do you thinks anyone can shut bush up?
More importantly, do you think anyone with minimal level of wisdom can trust the Bush line of politics?
As the poster below says Iran should do whatever to stop the war criminals from what they have done to Iraq.


The thruth is out there

by ImtheKing on


The mullahs rhetoric stands on that you fight fire with fire. Such strategy applied to Bush politics towards them sums up on atomic energy is 'Hagh-e Mosallam ma'. If we consider what happened to Saddam with his soft position when Bush administration claimed that he disposes weapon of massive destruction. I can understand such harsh policy, and Mahmoud barks.