EU nations agree on need for more Iran sanctions
The Associated Press / ROBERT WIELAARD
16-Jun-2008 (2 comments)

LUXEMBOURG (AP) — European Union nations agreed Monday on the need for a new round of sanctions to discourage Iran from developing nuclear weapons, targeting the country's oil and gas sectors in what would be the strongest punishment yet.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced earlier Monday at a London news conference with President Bush that Britain will freeze the assets of Iran's largest bank, Bank Melli, and that the EU would target Iran's oil and gas sectors.

"Action will start today in a new phase of sanctions on oil and gas," Brown said. "We will take any necessary action so that Iran is aware of the choice it needs to make."

News Goffer

Sanctions on oil and gas--Hagh-e-mossalam-e-maast?

by News Goffer on

Someone should congratulate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on accomplishing what he seems hell-bent to get--further isolation of Iran and Iranians.  I don't know why this shocks us everytime.  What did we expect?  That Iran would be rewarded for its leaders' idiotic approach to international diplomacy?  Sho-aar versus Sho-oor is their approach to everything, and this is what they can expect. 



The West

by Abarmard on

Is obviosly enjoying the Islamic Republic and trying to make them last as long as they can!

That's exactly what sanctions do to the democratic movements of the Iranian people. The IR loves sanctions and threats, and that's what they always get.