IRAN: Sex scandal erupts at university
Los Angeles Times / Borzou Daragahi in Beirut
16-Jun-2008 (4 comments)

Scroll to the end of the tape to see scenes of campus unrest. Officials say the situation has since come under control.

The alleged sexual contact was all the more galling to students because of the draconian restrictions placed on student behavior by Iranian university authorities.

Students told Iran's Etemad newspaper that this particular official, unnamed, had tried to shut down a student association on campus because its "members have moral problems and do not have an Islamic behavior."

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Zanjan University Unrest

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This tape includes what was published earlier, plus other scenes from student unrest at the university.



Sick Bastard!

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IRI legal system with regards to women's rights is aimed at psychologically weakening them so men who are enjoying polygamous lifestyles can easily take advantage them.

The status quo is one reason why culturally backward men like the Vice-Chancellor of Zanjan university support the regime.

No decent person would support such discrimination against women, but decency is a rare commodity among the supportes of the regime.

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You're very welcome! I believe most of the news posted on the site must be in English so that all can read it.

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Thank you so much

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for posting this news article in English.

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