How to silence that Iran war drumbeat
Christian Science Monitor / John Cooley
17-Jun-2008 (3 comments)

To ease tensions, both US presidential candidates should specifically renounce plans for permanent US bases and presence in Iraq. As US historian William Pfaff recently wrote in his column, insisting on a permanent presence in Iraq would "turn Iraq into an American satellite state." This would force Tehran and other neighbors to regard Iraq as a threat and provide incentive to speed nuclear weapons activity.

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The emperor wears no clothes

by Fred on

Under the pretext of being “peace activists" the conjoined twins Islamist lobbies, the useful lefty idiots and the regular vanilla flavored Islamist Anti-Semites keep whitewashing the Islamist regime’s crimes. The problem is their emperor wears no clothes and the object of their “peace activity” is a well documented bar none wholesale human rights violator at home and an aggressor abroad.


Except for any pretense of objectivity

by Q on

which was sadly missing, Fred's comment conveys the perfect replica of talking points regularly delivered by Joe Lieberman and by Christian Zionist "Pastor" John Hagee, both of whom incidently, do quite a bit of praying.

The orwellian rule of thumb is this:
if X advocates peace, than X is appeasement. If X advocates war than X is peaceful.

War is Peace, after all. "Right" said Fred!


Collective praying

by Fred on

Except for one crucial part which is left out, this is a well rounded set of appeasement regiment. To complete the set, collective praying is needed that the Nuke backed Islamist regime does not do to others that it has been doing to the enslaved Iranians.