Iranian widow faces terror charges in NYC
The Associated Press / The Associated Press
19-Jun-2008 (3 comments)

Taleb-Jedi, 52, escaped serious harm. But more than five years later, she remains stuck in legal limbo in New York, facing federal terrorism charges labeling her a leader of a militant group advocating the violent overthrow of the Iranian government.

Her largely overlooked arrest and protracted prosecution have outraged civil rights advocates, who accuse federal authorities of trampling free speech by overzealously enforcing laws against providing material support to terrorist groups.

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once screwed always screwed!

by (not verified) on

I am appalled by anything MKO related!
They are just nasty. How can you trust anyone who changes color 5 times in a deacde?!



Was a Terrorist; Is an English Teacher

by Gone Awry (not verified) on

Everybody is an idealist/activist/militant in their youth and an English Teacher in their 50's!


Mojahedins are aging

by Anonymoushee (not verified) on

poor old lady... it's tough when you want to be a mojahed and your body says zekki and FBI catches you anyway...

poor lady