Missing a Father in Iran
Washington Post / Daniel Levinson
22-Jun-2008 (3 comments)

When he disappeared, my father was investigating cigarette smuggling -- a known problem in that region -- on behalf of several large companies. The last man known to have seen him claims to have been detained by security officials on Kish Island and says he believes the same thing happened to my father. A few weeks after his disappearance, a news article by Press TV -- an Iranian government-sanctioned media outlet -- reported that my dad was "in the hands of Iranian security forces." No other details were provided.

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Its the wromg approach

by Alborzi (not verified) on

To get more interest in his case he should look for bargaining positions. Maybe Israel could be persuaded to release some Palestinian prisoners or US could be persuaded to take the case, essentially traveling to Kish
without the cooperation of Iran is just a great vacation.


Some thing intelligent for you

by Hajminator on

عیب رندان مـکـن ای زاهد پاکیزه سرشـت
کـه گـناه دگران بر تو نـخواهـند نوشـت
مـن اگر نیکـم و گر بد تو برو خود را باش
هر کـسی آن درود عاقبت کار کـه کـشـت
همـه کـس طالب یارند چه هشیار و چه مست
همه جا خانه عشق است چه مسجد چه کنشت
سر تـسـلیم مـن و خـشـت در میکده‌ها
مدعی گر نکـند فهم سخن گو سر و خـشـت
ناامیدم مـکـن از سابـقـه لـطـف ازل
تو پس پرده چه دانی که که خوب است و که زشت
نـه مـن از پرده تـقوا بـه درافـتادم و بـس
پدرم نیز بـهـشـت ابد از دسـت بهـشـت
حافـظا روز اجـل گر بـه کـف آری جامی
یک سر از کوی خرابات برندت بـه بـهـشـت



by Fishy (not verified) on

He says he does not accuse the goverment of Iran of any wrong doing but he starts his letter with comparing missing his Dad with the hostage taking