After the Historical Race Speech, Obama Should Address Islam and West
Huffington Post / Omid Memarian
22-Jun-2008 (one comment)

Rally volunteers were concerned that the Muslim women wearing their traditional headscarves would appear on camera with Obama, thus giving Obama's opponents the opportunity to suggest that Obama is pro-Islam and, therefore, pro-terrorist. Yet this was not just an "unfortunate" experience for Aref and Shimaa Abdelfadeel, the two women involved in the incident; rather, it is a bold reflection of a deep-rooted fear about the Muslim identity in the United States, which has become a matter of security, a fear which harms many Muslims everyday.

The fear expressed by the volunteers is a general reflection of what the Bush administration, mainstream media, Hollywood, and, recently, a part of blogsphere have done to portray Islam and Muslims as a security threat rather than a historical culture with its own identity.
By asking the Abedelfadeels to remove their scarves before being seated, the volunteers bluntly showed the penetration of this fear into the campaign. Any connection to Islam, is automatically perceived as a negative factor for Obama campaign.

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OBAMA is right in not publicly associating w/ scarfed moslems!

by goldust (not verified) on

Those moslem women are politically so naive that thy go to a rally for Obama! if they are that religious, they should stay home, or even better stay HOME in their native country! By them showing up in campaign rallies they are reminding people of Hussin's moslem background giving another reason for not voting a black man! Where in islam says that women should wear HIJAB? Granted sometimes to be safe from those horney arab guys hijab is a big help, but in America with all those beautiful women around nobody would look at them unless they wear that stupid thing, or revealing too much skin, they need not wear hijab! why do they? Because they are too damn backward and we don't want to go with a candidate who has backwards supporting him! as one who was raised as a moslem I say when in rome do as the romans do! OBAMA is smart for not allowing them to steal the presidency away from him!