The Fight between Iran’s Neoconservatives and Conservatives
Council on Foreign Relations / B. Gwertzman interviews Hossein Bastani
22-Jun-2008 (one comment)

Palizdar, as an economic expert and a collaborator of the Majlis investigation committee into the performance of the judiciary, was aware of the contents of many economic corruption files compiled by the judicial system. In his revelations, there are hints about the corruption files of several high-ranking Iranian officials, which are similar to the findings by some of our fellow journalists that were published partially in the past and that I believe are credible. But he also made remarks that are not related to the corruption files in the judiciary that he had access to and therefore cannot be relied upon. As an example, he speaks about the killing of Ahmad Kazemi, the former Revolutionary Guards ground forces commander, killed in a helicopter crash on January 10, 2006, and says: “I have not studied this file, but evidence suggest that the crash could be on purpose.” This does not seem to be an expert view based on concrete evidence

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Interesting observations on Palizdar revelations

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Mr. Bastani holds that Palizdar whose public revelations of corruption among the top clergy in Iran made news recently, is indeed a person in the know about corruption files and dossiers under review in the judiciary in Iran.