Israeli threats stiffen Iran's resolve
Asia Times / Kaveh Afrasiabi
26-Jun-2008 (3 comments)

An opinion poll conducted by the Tehran website shows that the majority of Iranian people are in favor of accepting the "incentive package" offered by the "Iran Six". The package, included civilian nuclear cooperation as well as wider trade in aircraft, energy, high technology and agriculture. ......However, the drift of public opinion may turn sharply against any compromise should the threats and coercive actions, seen in the implementation of new EU sanctions targeting some key Iranian officials, the Melli Bank, and more Iranian companies, continue. Ali Larijani, the speaker of the parliament (Majlis) has warned against the "contradictory behavior" of the "Iran Six" as undermining the negotiation process. Similarly, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini has warned that the "politics of sticks and carrots has no effect with respect to Iran's legal rights".

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What is 'Iranian Nationalism?'

by News Goffer on

In this article Mr. Afrasiabi writes:  "Conspicuously missing in Miliband's piece, alluding to Iranian nationalism, is any understanding of the Iranian collective psychology and the operative logic of Iranian nationalism that, historically, does not respond well to external pressures or threats."

Can you give an unemotional reply to the following:

Is this "Iranian Nationalism" true?  To what extent?  What can it realistically achieve?  People signing up to go to war?  But it won't be a war, it will be "surgical strikes." People cheering Ahmadinejad on?  What exactly will that do? 



IRI Apologist or Not

by Curious (not verified) on

I have heard this from many. I, too, am curious to know what Afrasiabi and others mean by Iranian Nationalism in this case.


News Goffer

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

Just a small fact for you. Kaveh Afrasiabi is IRI apologist. I would not consider him a worthy columnist to bother reading his articles.