Kurdish Poem
27-Jun-2008 (one comment)

Listen to this poem, it is being spoken to Mt Bisotoon, you will understand some of it, it's very beautiful.

As an iranian, you will recognize all of these names of ancient Iran:

Kawa Ahsenger (Kaveh Ahangar) and his victory over Zahak e Mardoosh
Babak Khorramdin
Khosrow and Shireen

If you listen carefully, you will get the general idea as Kurdish vernaculars are western Iranian languages as are Luri, Persian, Mazandarani, Gilaki, Baluchi, etc. Kurds have maintained much to this day of what was ancient Iran. Few are aware of the expioits of Iranian Kurds against Saddam Hussein's invasion of Iran in 1980-1988.


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