Geopolitical Interests and Petroleum Diplomacy

The above link outlines western support for pan-Turkism,a movement which is threat to Greece, Armenia, Kurds, Russia, China, and Eastern Europe. This type of support is nothing new - the west support fanatic genocidal pan-Arabists in the 1980s:

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Donald Rumsfeld greets Saddam Hussein in Baghdad in teh 1980s

The 1979 Bernard Lewis Plan for Iran's dismemberment has now been updated (in 2006) by General Ralph Peters of the US army:

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General peters Plan 2006

Note that Iran is cut to pieces, and as a "consolation" Iran has been "rewarded" with Herat!

To add insult to injury, England now has taken the MEK organization off the terrorist list:

Schofield, Hugh,
 Iran exiles back armed opposition, BBC News, June ... >>>
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