Iran's shift in nuclear tone may be to buy time
Reuters / Edmund Blair
03-Jul-2008 (5 comments)

But Iranian officials now sound more conciliatory. Even President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been uncharacteristically quiet after earlier insisting Iran would not give in to "bullying powers" over nuclear plans Tehran says are peaceful.

Some Western diplomats detect a more positive approach from Iran and say any knee-jerk public statements have turned to more careful reflection. "There is a debate," said one.

However the diplomat said it was not clear Iran would accept suspension or even a "freeze-for-freeze" idea to get preparatory discussions going, a step involving Iran freezing expansion of nuclear work in return for world powers halting moves to add to three rounds of U.N. sanctions already imposed. 

News Goffer

Bluffing Again?

by News Goffer on

I'm afraid this might be the case again.  This is precisely how Iran reacted to packages and incentives during the time Larijani was running the show.  Some say, however, that this time the IRI is really serious, seeing the consequences too clearly now.  What do you think?


Niloufar Parsi

It is the West that usually bluffs!

by Niloufar Parsi on

Iran has been very serious about making a fair deal, and this latest offer from the Iran-6 is full of major concessions, and offers Iran a place at the table of big powers. Iran is likely to take full advantage of it.

All the threats made recently are designed to make Iran look like it has capitulated while in fact the Iran-6 are the ones that have succumbed to Iran's demands.


K Nassery

I don't have a glass ball.

by K Nassery on

It's foolish to bluff when the situation is so critical, but I know that Iran wants nukes and  a delivery system.  Their desire to be in the club is more important than economic help for the people.


Bluffing? - Not this time

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

The only ones fooling themselves this time around are the Mollahs in Tehran. We are at the juncture where tangible decisions to stop the Iranian madness has already been made. This regime's time is up. No one believes, nor trust them anymore. The deception and cheating is practiced even among themselves.

Like I mentioned before, it is unlikely that there will be bombing or military invasions of Iran. Rather all indications are, the West is planning all together a regime change through popular uprising of the 50M young Iranian man & woman.
Just connect the dots and hear the rambling.

1. MEQ has been de-listed as a Terrorist group in GB. (Mullahs most nightmare)
2. Syria is talking peace with Israel (Syria will not come to aid the Mullahs).
3. Hamas & Israel have agreed to a ceasefire. (Hamas Will not help the Mullahs either)
4. Hizbollah's best Christian ally Michel Aoun in Lebanon declares "Lebanon will remain a secular state". At the same time, US and France are increasing their military aid to Lebanese military (Hizbollah ability to help the Mullahs will be curtailed).
5. The late Shah's son is staying in Morocco as "guest" of the king. (Ready to fly to Tehran to orchestrate the counter revolution).
6. Russia has no plan to deliver their advanced anti-aircraft missiles to Tehran anytime soon. (provide more free hand to Israeli & US fighter bombers over Iranian air space, in case of bombing of Iran's nuclear sites


I think

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

there will always be people who say "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." You have to realize that even the first time, the deal fell apart because Europeans could not bring Americans around and we all know what matters to the IRI is the ceasing of direct threats by the US. I think given the right incentives and securities the Mullas will play ball. They have proved to be pragmatists when it has mattered, even the Sepah faction in the regime.